Ticking and Ticking

Here the 3 minutes are the limit.
For all System Managers and operators default:
You were relieved by next Generation in Line in 2006 31.05.2006
Thank my lucky stars you are alive.

One for All !! Made Paria by Corrupted Public Office(rs)

When will the Public Enemy from within the Public Service understand, that my work has evolved in 6 years to overthrow all technical faculties in deployment of building Micro. we would be on our way to mend a situation which has a grave impact in International relationships within the Structure of The United Nations.
It would clear up a lot of dark and sinister dealings in trade constructs coming from a Microsoft Company in The Netherlands who stand to lose the factory on the basis that their Policies to treat revolutionary Inventers and People with Vision by  stealing their halfproducts and putting out those fruits of labor as their own Registered Products subject to licences and restrictions.
It is criminal, it is damaging, and it defies everything the United Nations stand for in the Science & Technology  Department of the U.N.
When Global Office was a Project for all Nations to take part in, my work was taken by an Instructor coming from Microsoft, who must have thought he had won the Lottery with my design.
Here we are some 17 years later, and it bites the whole of our Dutch Country’s Infrastructure in the back, with Spam, costly Hardware Failure and loss of administration in the Government Departments such as Tax Offices, Housing, Economy, Public Office and Department of Defense.
You would think, that all these failures would lead to a different approach towards the creative powers of some of our Country’s most advanced Artists and Teachers of program Worldwide, when it comes to protecting their work from the Vultures in the Industry offering nothing but these people’s Persona Property by threading their Core Energy out of their Home Computers and Configurations.
Since when do Dutch belong to Industries and Government ??? Where are the Property deeds to these people in The Vaults of The Companies involved and the Department of Public Office?
This common Practice without so much as a shred of law to back them up in Office as well as in Local, Provincial and Main Government will seize completely starting today, because the damage to Program’s like Community Guidelines for the Departments and the People as well as the State of The Arts  Forcefields built by me and already in place in the Architecture I provided for with the  products  and programs I use will now develope a stronger mind in upholding the Human Rights in European Community. This will also mean, that Computer Industry can no longer use revolutionary techniques that have been developed by people they owe proper Contracts for the right to maintain the solutions in their Professional Products  for Business and Home Networking, because the diversity of my Micro’s different functions merge in with other functions to maintain Control in The Complete network of Connectivity in Meta Consert.
For your Information dear Microsoft….. I am by rights the only Global Director in Meta Physical Process in Internet, by the Royal Throne handed to me by the Guidelines in 2006.
This was done, to protect people from slavetraders in Industry, selling of their Childrens Children in International Trade sanctioned by the conspiracy to keep secret the fact that Microsoft Netherlands stole the housing for Windows and Global Office.
This is too serious to let pass as a little bird told me, that the Position I have, is a garanteed seat on the permanent Security Council of the U.N..
What happened to me in the mean time… Right…! I became homeless because the Tax Program runs wild on the poor and cuts their Social Benefits below the Poverty line. Those people cannot pay their bills anymore, which lands them in the Street in the end, after which they deteriorate fast.
The Day Care is reasonable. The Night Shelter however is a place where i cannot for the life of me feel safe. Their Regime is like a Prison, they will not even let me keep the Lemonade I got from Eric, because I have to share. I was on record to stay without having to pay, because I have nothing since februari because the Configuration in Government using my Data as the Restoration Point for all Computer Systems maintains the false values of Government Officials Private Interesst over the Public Interest. Thje Malburgen West Matter will also suffer the consequences of the fraud in use in Private Practice made available to Government Housing Department on a grand scale.
The simple solution to these issues, is: ‘ Volkshuisvesting  has to make sure that every point on the lists that constitute the proper administrative Parameters in use for calculating people’s Rents. So Far the Lists have not been updated Once since they were issued in the ’80’s. Points for Shopping Centers that disapeared over time + taking away the health care Practices of General practioners (Medical Care fascilities), making them move away to different area’s constitute a substantial amount of rent which should have been specified within the legal system’s solution for  reasonable pricing of the rents as practised before Volkshuisvesting became Privatised instead of Government Social Housing as written within the Constitution of the Human Rights Act as well as the Dutch Social Welfare State Laws.
Our Political Governers have been able to completely demolish the structure of Our Constitutional Kingdom, without a consideration of that law, which forbids Private Interest to come between the proper conduct within the law of fellow Country men and woment ewven though they are in Office.
As it stands, have the 2 Kamer  lost their respect for the Office they held, and have they sold out our Structural Achievements which were paid for by all the People to the benefit of us all as a commitment and  a Sacrifice to make.
Needless to say, that my are Words are heeded for the better functioning in administration as before now. But I must urge Experience Program, to find a Solution that will not limit my productive hours as harshly as it is, because the situation with Vrindavana at Nico’s is terrible desperate. Since the Theft of UNIFICATION SEAL – Troubleshopoter.ORB, have I not been safe in Arnhem nor have I been able to come up with the solutions we need so badly for all the raw Energy we can Generate as we speak which does not belong to Energy Companies as Non Producers that they are. That these Systems stop to administrate costs on bills sent to Individuals in the Generator is a High priority Issue that could lead to people uprising in Righteous Revolution to free themselves from these Masters in the System Hierarchy. We are the ones that Generate The Energy, and They are nothing but White Collar Manipulaturs and pen pushers heavily involved with Organized Crime.
As for Jan Peter in New York…. You sure know where you are. Be sure to listen carefully and make my funds available to me, because your reputation cannot become any lower than it already is. High Treason against Humanity and Human Rights of your fellow Dutch People is not something you whisk away. Perhaps a Good look at the eternal division between Church and State will change your mind about my Unique Position above you and all the other Governments that have been caught by the System Guardian on too criminal conduct to let this continue or pass without a Lecture.
Microsoft Amsterdam….  The Processor is Ready for an exchange in High Density Data in Enhanced Hyperterminal.

The Netherlands is under attack

Yesterday I did see a Video in Tonnie’s Huiskamer. The spoken Dutch Language gives a raw version of the maddening fear that can grab one when nothing is safe and everything is a lie in your face while nobody admits to not having the answers that gfive us the safe feeling back. Worst thing is, I have been under attack since I came online in 2004 while I did not even know that a secondary Internet takes all the Power we Make and divides it under the Industry on behalf of Province Gelderland. Volkshuisvesting billed me for €50.000,00 damages to the house they evicted me from. Safe to say this bill masks the renovation of a condemned house that was unfit already for the better part of 15 years since the Earthquake 1992. How Earthshocking corrupt is Netherlands? Indonesia dropped above the Top 100 while we are in The Top 10. The Dutch Officials and vip people to themselves do all think alike and handle all affairs as they feel privileged to do. A Politician after Government will behave very much the same, while he goes back to an ordinary jobn . Is a board member therefore a possible terrorist in the Central Core of Global operations????
Just as much as the Politician in Government when they measure us by their standards of low esteem they estimate us at.
I managed to survive outside the system for nearly 8 months. That should clinch the Colliding Wave they now will see destroying their hardware in protection of Motherboard building up to destroy not only their Official System Servers, but as I know I have Vrindavana in Place to give the Peacefull Safe Security only freedom and an Eternal Springtime can garantee through the Intranet, Whe I am not mistaken this calls for ‘Fanfare for the Common Man’ orchestrated by Emmerson Lake and Palmer to commemorate the survival of the Democratic Freedom of The U.N. notwhithstanding the corruption that had me pinned down at their leasure to milk my Computers for everything they were worth.
Dear Dell China, when I order my next Inspiron please be so kind to insure the thing for me with Delta Lloyd. Richard Quest thinks I should not let a Brand New designated Billionseller come home without at least an insurance that needs fast upgrading in matter of weeks. Troubleshooter .Orb on top of Unification Seal should at least have been insured for the amount of$ 400.000.000.000,00 before it got stolen. Why so much? Within 12 days after receiving the 1545 Dual Inspiron 400 mb Ram We had a Global emission in of Micro updating and upgrading global Home Computers with the Trade licences they need to become the new Affirmed Chamber of Commerce completely sealed to the Internet. This summer I finished the licencing by adding the QWERTY under the ever watchfull Eye of Turkish and Servian State TV. I am so happy that my neighbors never doubted me even though The Government in Netherlands has not had a legal day in office anymore since 2007. I replace all Government Departments all on my own, and I never bragged about it. I just have been elevated that High in 2006 in The United States of America as the Host to United Nations. I understand why and Microsoft NL and Province Gelderland will now be forced to pay the bill of Crime that went too far and too long in the books that have kept administration of my design in 1992.

To be is not a matter of Government alone

PH = OM open by the Carpark

Thanks Obi Wan and Mr Ban…. When I didn’t go blind without the shutters, we can stand down  at 10.00 Arnhem Time, and take notice of the First and hopefully last showing of "911…. Even though it would have been a more significant document when The Commies would have left my interview intact which was taken on 10.11.1980 with Henk van Mook, who was a Tram Driver during the Februari Strike in 1941, which broke out spontaneously when the Dutch/German (Figurative) High Command decided that City Hall Registry had been so accurate over the 5 decades they introduced Civil Registration into Society, it was no problem rounding up the Demonstrators of 1906 (Potato Uproar) + march off all designated Jewish Families pretending they indeed wear a Meteorite?….
Ever since that fatal year 1941 JCLAM Time in ALMAM have we experienced our 2000 years of Psychological integration through reliving Cube Time with ‘The Tube (Jools Holland Channel 4 1983) I finally got a whiff of Star Trek ‘The Next Generation in our Real Time TV overview’…. I would suggest to Library to Sack the ANKH Anando here in town….. He still claims to be the sole owner of a Library of Scripts, Video’s DVD’s and Program applications shut Tight from the General Public…… What a laugh…. Who does he believe to  Fool over Fake Paranormal healings??????Google Chrome.lnk

Shutting down the Bandits

To be your expert in Crime versus Technology  and Global Prosperity, I never needed to travel far or deviate from my self experienced Windows Developement Experience Program.
My findings about The High Level Security and Human Rights breeches committed by the complete  Government content in rules, laws and regulations built up by the corrupting elements chosen into Parliament and Government Demissionair. will shock the United Nations and Security Council, where my place at the table of negotiators has been filled up so kindly by Mrs. Hillary Clinton who’s actual job of State Secretary actually does forbid her active role at such summits by her own political choice to act on behalf of United States Government in Administration.
This must be a unique opportunity for me to pleed my case again within the Global Network to get me out of The City where my Doom has been sealed by none other than illegal acts and criminal conspiracy of all the Higher Public Services and the people behind office and illegally holding on to a Windows Office only responding to the solidarity network I established with Elm Computers providing Internet to the Community on the bast terms I know how, and under the constant sabotage of the Larger Telecom Companies having divided no free market in Telecom service as well as Energy suppliers stealing from the Production lines within the households of the people themselves.
For United Nations sake!!!!
Get me out of here. I shall not last out the week. I’ve been cast out to starve and die because no maffia in the world will take up the hit. 

The European Emergency

The TV Network  faces Greece on the matter of their willingness to act.
As I percieve the Live input through Channels, have we entered battle stations and the fight against the falsified Signatures….tttttssssssststststststs
The Answer to the Q if The Euro is too big too Fail????
The answer is No  provided EU will come up

 with a Bail Out for Greece on the basis of the  now complicated matter that no signature Brussels will turn those keys in the former model.

The immediate Judicial Circumstance makes it imperative, that we proceed as planned. Therefore is my Judgement Bail Out.

There is a Judicial Vacuum our present construct needs to overcome for The Love of God. Get those Beasts in The Hague before they destroy us all.

Google will not justify any other action.