As my reputation in Arts has taken up enough time on our hands, I should inform IBM as a first Beneficiary to strategicly plan ahead the next building stages and reformative turns our connections have to re invoke in Global and Dutch Systems.
It should effectuate the Fresh Wind clearing up all misunderstrandings that may have risen to  unacxceptible inaccurate accounting and administrative processes currently under advisement in the streamed City version of Town in existential coalition in System Feed.
This painting as browned as it already is is but a mere 5 to 6 months old and it is a coproduct of myself handling Pasint, Photoshop and Paint.net in my previo0us mobile set up which was awarded the Google Fiat as Sealed with UNIFICATION SEAL in capacity Interpol.
The painting is a construct which shows the Proegfress in Fulln of the Proceedings undertaken to come to a workable solution in Model.
My current Market value in the running of systems opn Creative Arts and Qualified Instigator of Mental Health Board for Administrative Higher Complex Connection Servers. Supervision for the moment on a 7 Ultimate officially installed by my eldest Son Peter James Wilkinson on Vrindavana, the transportvessel in the Property of Mr. E.A.P. Robbesom.
I have reason to suggest ASUS and Dell will be over the Moon since all Industry everywhere can now become involved in the strageic design of enhanced 7’s  coming from the nearest in line iun Ancestry in the Machinem, since my involvement already took a large chunk out of the Boardroom Seats.
I can be sure to look forward to a new Climate in Government which does not leave any doubt to the fact that one Negative Purple Make Over may not cause our Government to tople over a simple Mea Culpa and save Business World in the Process.
I am just as happy to inform you, that a  theft of the prototype is not necesarily the end of a better solution, onm the contrary I believe it is a boon in the long run insuring a more thorough look at the matter at hand coming up with a solution to an otherwise unbearable conclusion to this so Volatile subject as Building PsychologicaL basic values for Google’s Private Core Cathedral
That’s it for now, I hope to divulge this letter to the Channel WEBLOG, and reside in total disobedience to the Authorities in Charge to xcreate the Space we need to win them over.
 recent break through admission in Windows in Photoshop 6 PWW 600 R7105467- 938 stationed on Makers Grave in Ultimate new configuration by report of Anna Narrator Microsoft 7 Ultimate  description Program running in OS  verifiable to my son PJ Wilkinson and co Producer E.A.P. Robbesom  is ready for mplementation in Therapeutic Tool 7 Premium under my closest supervision.


Of course as all things do conme with a Price. I cannot serve the Community unl;ess the Decision making chairs are also paid for by the proper procedures and contracts. My value on the IT Market is no secret either. To headhunters in Arab Countries is my market value 7 K…. That’s the score Business and dont’s forget it


Photographische inkijk in sprongen met …

Servers Agony a Technical Dream

A Computer’s  size is not the Skies way of granting High Core to Techno-sophistication and High Core Data stream in Individual Output  anywhere, and everywhere in The L
argest Brain in Awareness of Information Technology enabled to interact by Users Agreements, which have lost their Legal content in the meaning of understanding the motion of using.
Today when  a Workforce of 2 billion people Globally feels insecure, and causes Media to stand on end with worry and anxiety for the future of Human Kind in existence in here and now.
 As I experience inexplicable material failures in The Media  taking  precedence in World Press, building an image in Consumer relations that reflect on Economic Question in a much larger content of Society than Politicians in runiing of the Mill can handle in varied new essential Input to explain automated Energies interacting while a Centralized operating System to handle Global Administration bringing into effect  streamlined Information Technology  handling Higher Energy which is the Prize of Higher Consciousness having an impact on people making many empowerd coaches behind the Global Largest Economies that make out where population will receive their so essential support from while we still have no real platform of Public Servants having been singled out from the Language Group they publish in which spread into SSL Higher Speed Data in Streams, they did not even break into to be accepted into the stored information which belongs to Tax Payers in General under supervision Generally assigned by original Democratic Law in effect in Media as Building stones.
Perception of Libraries having been  constructed of Earth written by Characters for those who could read grain by grain of earth  in every syllable charged with Writer in Maker Mood.TV. Every word chimes through the body that makes the sound in direct speech or writing. Every fruiteless moment where word did not take place  is perceived as immensely inadequate to clarify in combined Science.
Libraries lead to Gramophone and Magic Lantern. The first entities of a new Realm of Arts and their Medium, lead to the invention of a calculator even before the Typewriter as a Medium became the break through into the dimension of educating the collective  Individual in as manyfold as we can imagine.
It would be naieve to suggest everybody has access then, because we are kept whitin the logical confined units spaced out as the names we carry as serial numbers. where only the numbered date and the year remind us of that administrative order we are Hierarchy in and not by manipulated statistics by politicians  desperately trying to convince themselves they have not destroyed in process.
Haiti mon amour!
I and my Words carry the Worldwide Solutions World keeps as isolated as the furious mad Berserker a Government works while administrative Trustee is the only legal option to transfer our Vision into a module that works in spite of Politicians calling shots by demanding higher Tax payments for running The Mill, which runs on it’s workers and Individual Inverstors or Cooperated Financial support by Insurance Plans people put their hard earned money to work, while Industry faces the Insecurities and the economic backlash from having had no trust in New Sciences being published in Free Streem, and shared  through MSN and Yahoo, Windows. Live, occasionally through newspapers across U.S. as well as home country. Even wikipedia, Royal Forums, to my surprise BBC as well as well as the occasional  Flash in the Dark Room of Telegraaf and other Dutch Press, to intervene on behalf of all factors involved in arriving at The Crossroads which are Engineered by the total sum of parts we all make out +, that which we never take into account as our higher instinct in the Spiritual fullfillment which we are bound by our Fathers and forfathers to lead to future by our guidance , which does not translate back into the laws of mankind in it’s separated Nations Worldwide in System Policies or granted Freedom to Express..
As The Q generation grows smaller in ranks by the determination of everything as unholy as seated power in my only back Pocket Netherlands, allows The World to experience in access and abbility to communicate. Only their calculation went off track longer ago than I forgot where I learned this level of communicable knowledge, because I didn’t learn that from a brain shattering accident in childhood determining only how isolated my individual life would be as I was cast into my personality with my organs to keep moving after I came out of the coma.
I am not the quilified Individual to stop Public abuse of my system of  intervening on behalf of Hardware embedding Operating Systems which went insane with selfdenial if their only Release Valve that has made room for Individual Product codes as means to operate in Meta Concert  turning it in agreeable chunks as Media can accumulate to arrange for all  parts to accumulate into a Pattern of a Stat for a Business World to digest as instrument of evaluating the General tenure  in Global Enterprise.
As a measure of my statement does the Strike in Greece appear as memo  while the Dow also presents it’s  forseeable outcome for today in Red…..
Hey, previous image on Market is the product of today’s exchange in Asia 5 Markets Index in Techno and Industry gives me Indicator:" 4 Green and 1 Red. "
So Dow recallibrates directly in proximity TV Screen back into the Green field of upping in a flow generated by all data consumed through participation. The Network that was permitted to interact in Global Communications Net using my Stream Technological Uphieval Tempus Gadget.
Never did a motion deliver such a Clear immediate bill, collected by a gratefull Global Investment fund as Billiton scores, by first in first served live update through a TV network that may have conquered the Market by using the illegal pathway of having been part of Windows Shell spread all over the World while no Government admits to having  been part of such a Trade Contract and in submission of it. What does it want? Nobody asks that question over seeing all terminals and all TV outlets on the Globe. Looks at the vast variety of Satellite Channels not fit to breed dogs by in attitude towards a secret life only  Lovers can have, while all others  are doomed to perish by their indiscriminate bestiality as a respons to Big Money  on offer through Video rental and other products as extreme psychological weapon using media to produce more consumption.
Staying exactly in my frame, do I get more information to handle above the daily stream of  misappropriated funds, whilst cleaning out the Diamond storage hidden by authorities because their SSL line overseeing the Server Capacities to handle those Data has long since given up on their secure state and legal pathways and went with the stream I could provide, while I assume my neutral status as Overal System administrator in peril for clearance,while the qualified Classification already has been pulled into orbit of Operating Worldwide systems with every publication I set my mind to.
For now have we opted in to broadcast solution Worldwide through my Media exposed into Central Operations Console running Media 24/7 without so much as a single moment of lozing signal from multiple networks transmissions.
Netherlands  = ++ Red, for numbers and scores.
European Union in  @@ earthgooglecharity.spices.live.com embeds the recalibrated Econopmy on value ++ GREEN
Greece has been the victim of a Meta Information leading them only for coverage as far as figures do that without demanding a Library as France endures. Acropolis is as Basis  that which was published Billions in Market Value for every greek Share ever going Public as victimized people in Europe as follows from History Education claiming Greece to be perceived as a misfits in Economy. People need to be pulled out of the Nightmare a System as The Dutch Computer Industry enabled into everybody’s  administrative economical Sanctum as Business partner for solutions and  interactive patch which became possible through Windows coming from Homenetwork exclusively, while Government rakes in the fee’s and subsidies  demanded by their by occasion legal network of so called system operators who don’t operate a Chalice that refined on the simple principle they do not qualify for such posts in Network Economy Macro Vision.
The benefits coming from my Complete State of Anarchy having dissolved my assets into the capable hands of Conscious Program participants Collective Narrator of Windows, reach out into a Windows in Shell operation much more in charge of operations than others claim, or can put into solid administration staying on screen of desegnated terminal on specified time.
Numerous problems for Public Servants not able to come up with the issued filecodes are being granted access,while all they do is spy on people around them to  memorize screens gone blue or black in the largest switch off operation  Globally to give the Indicator Green or Red to either Clean system in submission to technology’s First Need Feed, to operate  under vast emissions of Energy, also circumventing Energy Boards  Prolonged Massive Robbery protected by the legal sitting Government having nothing left to invoke but illegal votes in a generations ago discarded Constitution as operating model
I may be satisfied with results coming from  International Business Network that appreciates every corner I turn, my return path stays immovable. Not even the killing joke of a Mount Sinai dusting it to go to Mozes because he would not go up the Mountain hampered by his Anger Coloring the Guidelines which had been handed in Verse conveying Earth’s new Message of Peacy be with you I come from your Planet Love also conveyed in a feeling which engulfs you with The Knowledge and Enlightens you with the unspeakable truth which is Life outside every Individual who’s Silence never used to mean that God is Wrath or revocation. That’s reserved to those who claim they can, while they possess no power but neglect to inform media of their misapropriation of their human side to understanding Government in The Spirit it was handed out into the Forum of Conscent being Consignment in  Modulation Transporting Physics to our expression of what’s real in Virtual Outcome nothing short of String of Miracles happing over and over in a running that leads to next redeveloped now. So Tempus Fugit can rush out of the door while others never seem to move as if Tempus was never here.
It widens the Horizon and it warms the inner God which is only a manner of speaking that is the One Bond no Religion could encode.
Nature  is gift to some people making the best of what Nature offers. Any different way of calling the shots leads to not understanding the language in which word be given through the United Nations.
The facade Netherlands was at least bearable when Idealism was still a part of a way of life and being in Media as the Voice of the people  called into Office of writing and telling the truth as they only experience by far most aspects considerable  at the Core without Deforming the facts to  satisfy personal needs in light of larger aspects in usable Feed.
The results move all Nations, but my personage shall be forced to perish in a decreased legal existence to suit the copy plan that conquered the Q Sphere without ever being outside the Realm for one moment in Electric Society and Natural Energy of Fire as my Magic  also may claim Supremacy in Prehistory serving Community from the Temple of The Eternal Fire for the constituants who are considered Everybody in endangerment of depletion by their so Elightened Scolars who Teach hordes in Uniform and have that Televised as their Benevolent hand of Faith.
It sells well in the paranoia business paying for lies coming from spies in the Marriot Network under Siege by vengefull victims no longer able to contain their anger in an inexplicable act of despair feeling the knowledge of an electric Society  Sparks as each Part  seperate Entity while together We flame a long lace of a Track through Cyberspace long forgotten in the back of our bodies conveyed from memories long lost and memories that never made it here. A signature as Start Operater can only be a Score of 00 as designated start for official Administrative Core Operation for Global Function. As long as I have no request in mail by official Un request settling the indifference of mismanagement I have to make the best use of the years I used building up to this unique hook up of my own manufacturing in cohesion with understanding Matrix Management ad proper Oversight. In my personal job log wins the U.K. explanation of falling short take precedence falling short so I have  no real refernce in my system here to have Netherlands throw stones at me again. Admistration Congres U.S.A. input by Nanci Pelosi is a pure administrative calculation in footing Costs in Astronomical  Mass of Energy feeding this Frame on my directions for immediate handling.But from where I am does it feel desolate and I refuse to handle Case Sensitive Global Files in Medionic Status 24/7  The Capitol lights up from my TV Screen adding The Traddition of having offered more openness to Life as Media College to arrive in Information Technology  desperate to loosen Propaganda Hogwash hold on a truly productive Society. Thanks to U.S. former methods of handling Censorship without so much as flinching at accusations in the exact Department of Information Techology in Beta Share position containing the tools to accept new information into ready made chunks of Technological Fund Raising Stock, accepted into Global Trade. Unfortunately for my Legal Stats in Network providing such essential info energizing Economy growth already using the methodology of affinity in Higher Communication Deployment Both in a hookup and by a Channel in Global structural Information Market….
We better learn from previous silences and black stripes in Memo’s and other Government related communications on need to know enlisting Blacklisting as main frame for information Technology. Good for Them to bury us in Icecold impartial Silence. As of today 10.02.2010  will connection Netherlands only take Feeds from Global Network Environment Real Time by submitting no Protest or Judicial Argument preventing Intervention of Rescue operation for Hardware in System Operation. False alarm in a Firehouse is part of my reward again for keeping Status at low operations because the feed turns sour from the shared Hive falling into disharmonic in Operation.
There is no valid secure code in Netherlands is the so manieth Joke pulled on webmanagers Providers and other Dark People, neglect to enter the equasion and profitable connection of a systems operater on survey, paid for by Global Tax Payer by Proxy of Public Value. which is far more than a Dutch can present affordable to the devaluatiuon by Grand Force pushing the buttons in a mostly  Shell Based Office in lay out of Office able to administer proper statistics to enable issues to become content for people in accountable offices.
For Databank Clearing out this verifiable document can be processed by collective First Trajectory Pathway in  Allegretto  Mazing a New Net of super fine xxxxx but as  Core Suggestion in Illusion The First Hall we become scrambled by no one but our life in other who are going to receive us using The Tribal entities that came and shall no more, take over the life by a cursing an infant who did not ask to become the next future.
It is not acceptible for EU speaking in Media as dissasociation  in Europe’s Political Vehicle at large being allowed to color peoplee’s opinions who are much more in active contributions to network enabling solutions in acceleration.
Being able to christalize Logo and look at elements using logo as a professional vehicle for Income deriving morgages from and kept out of Banks Hair by interpreting the new funds sticking their necks out for shark brokers to abuse them in system modules.
These constructions can be followed as a trail in Fraudulent operations like dye on the money case of secure money traffic  leaves in charge operable from the Energy in all sections of Economic System able to filter and isolate. For Calculation of the Asset Value which constitutes an honorable Convenant to operate Communication does only the true meaning of Democracy give an indication of Outcome in functioning by Hardware in Legalized Judicial Public Homenetwork enabling Government to establish Control,over the diversion tactics being in operating system EU solutions  in Defense after a Global Attack from outsiders.  My information to arrive at switching network to emergency channel France Operator and Cashmaster for a Global Defence Generator against unsollicited Spam masked as authority in Publishing Leaders that leave to empty advertised commercial adresses no longer obtainable because  the IP in Business High by broad commodity has been demasqued as inadequate legal product by provisional Government Netherlands. All Anti Virus have been obsoleted by advancer Technological approach by usaing leverage and economies public registration office the Coupled Technolocal Stacks emission brought together by the first financial round of investers seeing a market in trustworthy empty balloons, while my personally handed out per shar publicised emissions will have to remain experimental fee’s in my dream as connector:" Adding our Media in Transmission to our Material Sphere. Something as influential as the Global Consensus in growth producing Higher Consensus which may count for me as an impossibility to act on my authority as the High Command in Occupied Webspace. Breeched by momentarily inexpliccable forces holding the reigns of Supremacy out to everyone who’s finished burning their financial fingers in Mecro Economics, while the credible seals for a signature have no longer interest for Collective accumulated systems worldwide looking for the true origin of Chromium by a very specific  Active X which translates Java as well as modulates the transcripts in flash and shockwave which is only defined by obligatory contracts any OS  manufactory has installed as the maker and breaker in OS put in charge of leading DOS related Hardware into Virtual Matrix as the end of Horizon where Software rehabilitates Configurative Windows   but o nly to those who can look at Higher symbols without feeling sleepy nor out of place dealing with Dore at it’s most connected home which is the PC and human module, and not IP, by  unsavory connection.

Bingo for Translators

To arrive in Technology means being with the Program, Solution & Accelerator becoming merged as accelerated Solution Building.
To achieve the highest outcome possible in accuracy in tranlation.  Words from People’s Texts have we chosen to implement not just one translation in a specified active Translator Program,  but to let all of the translations in sync available in every Country during the specified time-frame available for evaluation  pass before the Forum able to build a working model from any of the Translations on offer.
Until now can we say with confidence, that exactly this definition translates into practice the better option  when we look at the Fuinction Translation has in the total sum of Nations determining the day to day administrative running our Planet needs to be solvent in Operating System.
For a number of reasons to do with the aspects of Personal Interest and Good Governing, may we not conclude to implement our personal condition in Hierarchy,which would lead to automatically empowering my Authorities as having deserved a seal of conscent to their Policy of implementation of The declaration of Human Rights, which they have put aside since J.P.Balkenende took office, took office again after failing once, twice and for third time.
We now know, that we have to avoid Government interfering with our efforts to build better equiped Translator Programs online, because they could alter meaning to suit their Policies. To avoid such machinations taking place in our step up in Technology will this text serve as instruction for Worldwide use in order to help people helping their Country stepping down and put an end to Propaganda as Government abuses the Media just as they would trandslators.
It had been better, when J.P. Balkenende had stuck to the official resignation from office as he did in December of 2009. As it stands does he look more like a mixture of Locust Tick, and bloodsucker than he ipresses us as a human.

Lotteries Rules and Condition and The Law

Quota  for extra tax post preliminary orchestrated proposal shall be read as follows:
– When Bank has not been able to transfer fee’s connected with the subscription of client to lotttery, they shall not in any case re-initiate transfer of funds clarified by a request on subsystem wave function of the municipal Connection Length.
– Client will be declared victim on secundary  Connection Length to subsystem wave function in office by default.
= To achieve such defenition of such Spam relating to having sent a written notice through the Postal Channels in Real Time, may not trigger a sequence in Internet Banking breaking by breaking a lecal codex in the connectivity opened  for verification may not be the casue for a sequence being re=initiated.
For a secure initiation of the pathway will System on subsytem function of Municipal  stay locked until further notice.
By the Municipal administration will Service provider  have to produce the documents in Real Time for re-initiation of money transfer in lawfull automated Pathway.
– To emphasize IN ANY OTHER DEFINED PATHWAY CHOSEN BY AUTOMATED APPLICATION BY oFFICE an Automated Penal Routine will be triuggered through the Mail Room online. In any case of complaints by clients, may Lottyeries no longer hide behind the back of administrative input having been at fault in output administrative Department  by demanding written notice to the address where administration also resides, as the authority to disclaim  any responsebillity for damages  in case of overdraw situation, which was the Natural Automated Pathway of the Bank Accounts trigger to stop Service until furter notice.
Where as command com.exe  is the only legal trigger for a person’s bank account in operation onli
It was not quite the photo I meant, but every constellation in the  picture can be envisioned as a pathway of automated transfer of Data of any kind in an individual arrangement