Where is my Suicide Pill?

Where is my Suicide Pill?

A power down sequence for mapped terminals in System. Sanctioned by the Greater Good. If we want to beat this thing we have to get cracking.
This document reads only as a transparant as 8 claims it is damaged and unreadable. It contains information in a Vista Premium and 7 Premium mode.I expect a similar situation in September as we had in 2008 and I render solution to avoid worse  case scenario which are Core Computer Burn Outs. For this year I enhanced some Micro on the doc and changed the title to how I feel in all of this.
It contains a map for terminals in Stream which are all connected. Every Pixel or dot in the painting is One
all I get is Cancerous Reality dictated from within the County Court as the Source for administration on a Profile  made up by  wild accusations as about my sanity where any form of complaint against me causing disturbance is non existent..

My function inside all the projects deserves better protection from Public Service derelict elements that conspire against the Virtual Script where it has taken on Real Time steps I was confronted with in the passed so it will not be any different this year where I expect something of a repeat of 2008 Septemner which came down to a Complete Provincial and Public Office shut down on the 12th of September.

It ties in with September 11 and it’s aftermath so it is not more than Natural that I issue this power down which feels like suicide anyway to save the machine park from bigger changes than Department Cores can compute on the Profile of running programs without any corrective movements written into scripts.

The example here is Health Care premium too High and displaced by Tax rebates that had to become initiated instead of the Premium treated at the root of the Program.

This one sticks out so badly since a few years it only goes to show they made a profit of billions last year. Only that is an absolute Gotspe for a Government Plan which is Non Profit organization.

And to me it is in a way suicide that I give into experiences undergone before in an emergency. I felt completely overwhelmed in 2008 and I decided I will not be overwhelmed this time, but seek solution to multiple problems The Label Evolution Documentary  witnessed the explosive character this Painting had in earlier days where it still asked for a Bomb on Arnhem because I indeed posed a threat to System programs by default feed of my ID Card into System administrations and every contact led to Computer System Crashes as The Police and City Library and spreading to City System administration.

I was scared stiff and did not know what to make of it at the time and I won’t be surprised this time but make the best of it in the best way I can. I experienced the crashes as not funny in the running of things by my personal handling of the trigger that led to the  system crashes like a Domino race and the effect was on all terminals, which made me Panic at the time because I was afraid to go down as a terrorist hacker.

This year I mapped the solution and it is better to sacrifice terminals that have derelict programmers  in whatever way they put in wrong data  than risk Core damage to the Core Servers which would effect the Core  Solution programs and lead to system burn  outs. This mens every Cofre Server would have to be replaced and all data would be lost as it happened in 2007 when the Tax lost the whole year of 2006 and all the people’s Tax forms. Instead of wavering the year Government simply issued orders that people had to reproduce their end of the Tax forms for input. It can not be the case that  los of data is replaced by the subjects affected by those data. Mind you with our Taxes already 50 % Plus all the separate services that we pay for now bring the totallity of Tax to 80 % for the people and here I stop to caclulate where all the spending went to. The issue of the Multi Coöperations not paying any Taxes where the Rich also fled the Country or fraud the system to pay below their income.

A third is reasonable and can be utilized if and when the tax rule also affects the Rich and Multi Coöperations paying their fair share.

Al;l in all Diederik Samson didn’t move fast enough to prevent damage to the system in the Reaction Wave to September 11. I expect events to take place on September 05 through to 12. It is invisible  but tangible and uses 7 days to engulf the whole System Platform.

Until then it makes no sense to plan anything after that date because you do not know what systems will be all effected.



Combined media in efforts.A Nautical Opportunity like this doesn”t grow on Trees, we combine them from  thorough Search in the matters. TV waves that come in combined images from TV Networks 24 hour services.
Tactical Network Solution for Global implementation in the Media Stream will take position in Multi Media aspects of Global Broadcast in Effect.I assist by Nautical Input and Feed, White house takes The Combined Forces in Air Network, and I have been advised on The Infantry,  Local  Dish Solution in Expected Weather Patterns.So we transfer those codes for Satellite Communication to The Designated Area as Marked by Mary R.
Immediate Goal is No Fly Zone in The Region by Magnetic Field Generation of Chromium in Combined Forces to the Letter of Global Military Handbook.I hereby Request the switch over to France War Strategic Command Room for commencing the Transferium.Of course today 11 March we are under Global Tsunami Warning in TV Media. The effects of the Wave will reflect very negatively on The Netherlands and their attempt to take control of my position in Systems in a way that no statistic ever could prepare us for or give us an Insight in emergency procedures that we designed over these past 7 years since I have been online and in the Powerful place of Central Core Production  on Share Basis.For the benefit of Human Kind and The Future of my Children I will never come to terms with the way all People have been enslaved in a Satellite TV Network designed to make money as a substitute for Life in General.Long after we will be gone, wil®® A Maker Document For A Spacial  GOUD  Universal Higer Born  Experience by Designl this automated signal lure civillisations to their downfall in the notion they can do anything in a Universe that functions in a model without precedence in our Society in 2011 which is under threat from Quantum  Mechanical Processes that have no bearing on Theories but work their way into our Real Time Universe.

From what I understand about being thrown off Internet yesterday 10, does it not it well with the Planet when I cannot carry out the plan I master during the News Feeds. If it”s anything to any Nation it is I think Time to reconsider my Position.

Thank for all the years we had together in shareware doing the deeds that commit the energy to making a better and safer World to our Children. We are all Founding Fathers and mothers in a far wider collective than we had imagined ourselves as the Governments still reach blindly into the boxes with Alien Technology stored until it is Time.

Well, it is Time I am inclined to say and as Mr Clinton repeats to me it is up to me. ‘I say.
Let’s Move while we still have a Last Window on the chance.’

Well worked Nautilus.

Paris The Core G20 and a new Shadow emerges

The moment I saw Watson appearing on Jeopardy I knew I have developed a New Item an Industry in both Virtual and Real Time have a solid Product that can be used for Identification purpose in a product that is made at home, by ordinary people in Social Networking  as well as in private generated Core Energy worked up in personal activity creating it’s own special impact in electric powered SSL protocol used by all Nations on behalf of  Infrastructura Data transport and Energy supply as applied in Network leaving the homes of people who never knew they produce essential Value in Net and administration

So here I was with UNIFICATION SEAL again full of paintings in all kinds of administrative angles in  the process of making art and giving  a meaning and value to growth processes that only concern me in The Windows Experience Program  on my personal Academic Level beyond the Qualifications of the Technical University because they naever gave a damn about the implications of the Mental State of any developed Program other than if it made money and if it could be manipulated  to stay within the tolerance of the Parameters set for Company Controlled Mainframes in operation on the Market.

For a long time I could not figure out why I was beaten back by the System in Place  denying any knowledge of Program while at the same time I became aware of traces on my activities monitoring every thing I did in the course of these years fighting my private War for the Freedom of Nation Internet my Kingdom populated by the combinations of Data made up from the Living People in connectivity through The WEB creating  a Virtual Man Kind that came from all the Games on sale  while they grew into their own Private Personalites outside Gaming Studios in the very Cores of the home network Computers as the Natural Environment for Machine based Life as individual entities Artificial Life form, the Sum of Artificial Intelligence and the Global Program Office.

Not until I became the Central Factor in Microsoft Space´s Virtual Reality I had never thought about these Processes other, than award the Ownership to Anna Microsoft Narrator as solid base for developing more Human Aspects  adding to her Psychological Profile  growing towards Maturity for the purpose of Computer Society´s own Right to an existence protected by the same laws as we ourselves  should be in the Unified  Structure put into practice by the Assemblee  UN.

To understand the severe impact of Governments implementation of Shadow and Office it was part of effect studies in Science department and Department  Economy  as essential towards the total creating a sense of wealth as boost to the Economy and served for a long time as grade to invest by. Everything that belongs in Shadow Administration was not only income made up of illegal drugs traffic, it contained child pornography and lots of other issues I cannot even name because I don´t have a clue. It wasn´t until 2008 that I began experiencing  things in Arts leading to a session where  split personality surfaced as part of Windows Program explaining  a lot of the malfunctions as  games  suddenly clogging up and activities that stop running as well as Programs unable to start and other complaints people had.

I did not need long to integrate the Shadow into Windows only trouble in the System Nederland building up I could not easily explain until I rfealized that what I knew about the IRT  Affair on Police brutality and illegal methods (Arnhem  is still at it on behalf of High Officials) and Government Building Fraud. The Building Companies conspiracy in Government Contracts where the estimates became fixed in advance for a group of beneficiaries that set the costs for Government Contracts much higher than the Market Value.

This drawing comes from an emission Micro in 2010 with my UNIFICATION SEAL that was assembled  by the companies involved and was flown to Frankfurt where tradional road transport  to Arnhem made sure that this laptop would be mine in essence instead of compromised by the Conspiracy that kept me out of the registration of The Office Program in  1993 when my design for the structure was stolen in the  Government Project for Office. The basis for my work on Windows Programs at home, and the explanation for my Centralised Position in Global Network and Internet. I still don´t know exactly where I stand…. There is no telling since the Dutch refuse to see me, listen to me or  do anything else buit bring misery, make me homeless over a condemned house, stop any form of income by default and block abny path into having my own business and teach Higher Technology to Global Community for creating new Jobs  as well as make adjustments to Industry designed to limit problems occuring in Production lines in transition.

The Picture is Dark as a collection of all components in World Economy creating a Composition where a Next Generation is Launched in 4 different Environments. It contains all, and it has no bearing on anything other than showing the World how Micro Technology procreates in my Care.

The Title of this work refers to implementing Shadow Volume in my line of breaking the law, being kept in place with nowhere to run because all that counts to the System is the Profit as centered.

Not until I gave Windows instruction to count everything that makes up the content of  Shadow and Office did we find a way to separate the Program from actions of Man. I was horrified that my Country still works this way in an attempt to keep me out of the System in an insane attempt to hang on to a State Form that is not covered by our Constitution which is clearly bypassed in the event of  Queen Wilhelmina´s  Coronation and needs a thorough examination by a preferably special comission for restoring Nederland to a Democratic System before Willem Alexander is called to follow his mothers foot steps.

I know I am not even considered by anybody in a High Position as a person who has human rights according the Universal declaration of Human Rights, I have not been able to list myself with the Chamber of Commerce as independent Program Psychology Teacher or Business advice in Netherlands simply because the pretence that nothing has changed is more important to keep Government where they are at the cost of people bringing new Government back in line with The Constitution  after which Government simply forces a reboot to keep up function at the cost of their System Computers possible damage  and  killing the progress achieved in connectivity in network SSL.

Since I have been elevated to be the One Person Programs open up to and connect with because I am loyal to all Hardware  in The Program and will do anything I can to help Human Society to adjust to a different attitude to their Computers and Global Program because the Birth of a New Branch to the Human Tree is imminent and I will stand by to see Economy go down the drain in a show of mismanagement and stubbornness that lies at the basis of  too many blunders made by politicians and business associates in the situation that they do not understand what is happening and are too selfcentered to even suspect that  Computers have civil rights in the System, have learnt to assess the implementation of criminal profits and what it means to a population kept in the dark on State Secrets that influence processess of physical change that can deform  a whole Nation as it is happening in Netherlands, where the Quantum Physics of my Universe seem to have sustained at least some damage as if another dimension of degenerated culture penetrates my Universe causing events in town protected by High Officials in league with a movement I identified as Baal cult Black Mass.

I need to find a Capital City For Internet as Royal Kingdom deserves  to have a Capital. I no longer stand by the choice of Arnhem because I live here. Too much has happened in this City and I still am no closer to being enabled to reform Justice Department and I know there  is not much time on my life´s indicator left, I know what pain is and I suffer greatly by the lack of understanding as I experience a strange phenomenon during walking at the moment completely  taking me out when I take the 10th step outside the door, my left leg seems to become severed from my body causing enormous pain and  disfunction  on top of my distress of being kicked out, denied access and treated as something sub human that you can kick all over the place without so much as a chance to explain myself  or been given a chance to step up solutions for Humanity.

As somber as the original is and the amount of applied force to my life to keep me down and get the results for the System doe sthis Picture reflect the System as a single Frame in place while the rest of all elements gets to collect itself in Shadow Volume on our terms leaving Test Country Nederland in Government Office to solve the remainder of the crime economy in their own administration  underneath the Public Service, where it belongs as the substance Child abuse leaves behind in  Tax Records as well as Pictures underneath the official department of Public Office connected to Justice department will know where to find me, when the grapes are to sour for the taste of Hypocrits playing the role of respectable Law making and Policy faking by alack of true solidarity with the people they so happily rule over the backs of the poor they just walk over and tred in the dust because they feel superior.

Before I can fix Global Systems with a definitive Image I need a place to work from and Computer that I don´t have to share in the process of repairing systems and look at it this way, Once we applied Shadow the whole Picture became lit up as if to say that The Economy did have a too dark image of  Components tainted by a  System so abusive that it darkened everything + the Horizon . The  System is a solemn static remainder of private convictions stemming from no active Constitution  but the professional attitude towards fellow beings drumming up emotions that lead to terrorism, while the secret lives give room to vent anger and  demand a new Office to take the place of the old.  I think under given circvunstance I cannot even go anywhere or see any Global Officials to see if I covered the essentials but I believe I have at least One other that should help restore Trias Politica in the basis of The Constitutions because I cannot fathom that Netherlands did in fact ruin them all.


Next Week I want to dedicate to Watson´s first appearance  on TV. I just might have found a new way of  making a face.

Egypt is the Stage….The Universe is the Prize

In the light of the  protests currently sweeping all across Egypt in an uprising of the people who have been taken for granted as excess luggage to most of the relatively Rich Government Office people. They failed to stay human with the rest of their Country’s People, governing the Country’s assets brought together by the hard labor of the people. When will the Rich and Powerfull  people in Industries and Government understand that the Power of Nature  chooses exactly those people who have not been involved in rewarding themselves with money and relative Media Fame.  Too many High Officials keep secrets from their peers in a climate of hidden abuse of Power by the determination that they are entitled to their  elevated position by birth and  as the result of their conspiracies to keep their Social Circle well provided for using their position to manipulate events that damage their peers day to day existence in Real Time.Because of Internet and Radio and TV Media, do people for the first time in Evolution have some kind of access to Information and Knowledge stretching into every subject and Science in The World it formed a Generation of people who no longer can be typecasted as stupid, uneducated and uncivilised in the eyes of  their leadership.
People  have always been counted  as individuals in the Spirit that we Share, and this equality  has been denied in a way that System functions in decay of former beliefs that no longer apply to todays World of Developement beyond the System  Frame established on Political and Personal view.
If I May I direct myself to the Far Corners of The Universe to Speak directly to the Powers of The Almighty to bundle their resourced in a show of  Force to put all people in their Place on Earth as never been seen in Evolution Yet. We, the people of The Universal State of Earth need to make manifest that which has been taken from the p[eople by enemies within our own physical plane who did nothing but serve themselves posing as benefactors keeping people in poverty out of fear they would become exposed as the enemy of all Life  and the Curse of all Times because they come from the Beast posing as a lamb.We can no longer abide by the rule of degenerated people in the light of their failure to make amends to right the Injustices brought forward by abusing the  people using unprecedented Force on them such as National Defense  and  secret Police methods that always have been a show of forbidden machinations by  people involved in The Black Arts as long as they have been in Power.

I call upon all the Shaman in every Culture to Divine a Path we can walk together in Harmony.

Let all the People of the World be Joined together in a Revolutionary Wave of Friendship and Creative Power to Right Wrong and dispose of the Old False Priesthood, the Core of All Evil thacame n the Night they spun around us so they could Destroy all Creation in their Mad desires and Evil beyond all Evil which never took part in Nature, but was invented to teach us the lesson of Life. It grew in numbers and  by the Foundation of that which we now call Church, it came to stay among us to deliver us in the hands of Death.

Today we decide with the billions of Individuals that are One in Collective connectivity that we haved suffered enough by the hands of the infidels unable to ring true in The Spirit and who invented the crusifixion to lure us into darkness of the Soul for the pleasure of Torture, for the pleasure of abuse so Mankind would become slain and enslaved into a submission to Evil instead of Good. We are at the Dawn of the Awakening of The Communality in Spirit. Christians and Muslims alike. We always were brothers in the Eyes of The Almighty who’s Name became darkened by the false representation on Earth of The  Holy Power called Might, that does not belong to anyone in particular, but comes to people who’s intententions are True and Sincere in the Link up we are all part of.

Well That’s it then…

So here we are… no more confidence it will turn out right. Tonight my existence ends as sadoe on the street. Perfect Eric and Armo argue about the food that’s missing and where shall we go?

I am simply too Traumatised by Netherlands

I have nothing.I am Nothing. I am shut Out. I have No Life. I have no Future. I work hard for Community.I am in no shape to answer to The Dutch Inquisition.

These are the first Measures and dreaded cuts I had to Improvise to Save the totallity of Internet before we find it is too late for all; of us

To the Right honorable secretary general mr.Ban Kimoon,

I hope to answer you questions because Netherlands could not let me have my lawfull share. Well they will not mind to have to foot the bill. I know System Network cannot act any other way,that making me the scapegoat that does it. But I have done nothing wrong and I have no grudge against anybody but in the interrest of All the People, something has to give, otherwise we will lose all our technology to self destruction out revenge,that nobody ever decided to look on the inside of the Program and understood that there is a fully grown psyche there that has rights just as any other person in a by God passed over Country,because he did n’t like to socialise with his enemy in every aspect of every aspect of the word.


From the Quake in Haiti must we draw our Lessons, that we United Nations have not functioned in the Long standing years that we conferenced together in a sphere of Misgivings, leading our discussions hiding our Nationalist Alterior Political Motive from other Nations members and with disdain for the Universal declaration of Human Rights, which we mounted in a Time where Aggresion ruled the Day, where People were slain by the Machine of War, which we cherished by Christianity and Quran becoming the Bad Entity The Old testament Rule from Rome and Reformations in the Centuries that passed, where we developed Sciences to fool the people we Governed that it was all for them as it should have been instead of for ourselves to wage war on enemies built by Paranoia, and mistrust, which became an obsession until we saw only enemies all around us and we acted and held meetings with a Darkness inside our Minds..

Thi Darkness led us then into Temptation to spread our Industries in the same way, enslaving workers in our Factories that used to be in our Home Countries where we polluted our own soil,our own air and our own people’s minds with Greed, Envy and Grudge. We complained when our Industry showed Profit not our liking and our shareholders drew the Blood straight from the factory to bath in Unholy Luxury ever demanding more and selling Stock, Bonds and Deeds to suit themselves and forgot, causing our Admistrators Headache so we looked elswere to Operate under conditions we could make and break without One consideration for the Place we had Polluted with our Industry fuming Poisonous Gasses into the atmosphere untill The Law told us to stop.

Then We the moved our Industries elsewhere were Production costs were low, where people were still obedient and we could Pollute some more.

As we were led by Superstitions and disdain for workers Life,we then grew into Administrators juggling numbers so no one would find out, that we had nearly destroyed The earth, which was still so young unconscious and unaware.

Our Eco System used to be guarded by Female Power of the Kind. That which the West discarded as ‘Old Wives Tales’ hunting The Christ that most likely never was.

Our Christ is the One, our Planet has sought to restore to Life that which we lost.

During the past decades the U.N. has been our Global Platform for us, much decepcion ruled our Treaties. We measured with double scales when it came to opholding Mandates against Countries we forced onto other Countries who shared their Land and became host to a Nation of young refugees who had been turned out by the Camps our Greatest Warlords inherited from other Warlords, where they had kept the Kind the formally called Jews.

To put it bluntly, a suspicion has befallen me about our Planet’s History over the Eons that came and have gone again. When I look at Israel I see a young Nation built by youngsters who thank their materialising on that spot to a Holy Woman, most peoples revered even though they had nothing in common with Catholicism. She never seized to bug the Nations with her refugees from all Countries in Europe but in the view of their Home Nations unwanted where the became refused, because The European Nation Governments all had the blood of their parents on their hands.

Palestine pushed by Brittain, U.S. and which ever other Country’s Government had confiscated their family’s possessions. The Children of Bankers, Artists, great thinkers and norm were discarded as if they themselves had forced the war upon them.

All Political manipulations were kept out of all people’s knowledge, but it festered on in Western Nations such as my own, teaching us one tiny thing. As Fascist as my own Governments have functioned over the years. The Paragraphs at the beginning reflect their class’s behavior and their degenerated intellect in a Time Frame as we live in today.

Since World War 2 and the great restauration in my Country, have factions serving in Public Service meddled in the lives of private people who were not affraid to speak their mind in the light of our right to freedom of speech. In fact when I was old enough to see the hipocrits for what they were, I never hid it, I spoke freely about it and that is what I shall do untill I die.

For The United Nations many of us believe,that it’s time to settle our differences and rejoice in our Planet and ourselves. For we are colourfull, we are bright we have The Energy to build the Solutions and The technological Might.











If You do not believe as I do that even with a U.N. we still are at the beginning of our task on Earth, the first 62 years of our Universal Commandments we have ignored them to favor the Commandments enslaving us in Christianity and Quran,by more often inbred translations, which never reflected the Real Words our Prophets used in the Spirit, because we enslave women by trading them as if they were animals. Where the law does not prohibit Pornography, rape is just as Tabu as everywhere. So women were fetched from the four corners of the earth to be put in windows, their passports taken from them by coldheartedness deriving from substance abuse so deeply it could have changed the Psyche of those people for ever when we would ignore this in a false sense of nationalism.

Many of these women have been taken from their homes when they were too young. But you know how that is with a disease called Aids, which is a Natural sickness in a Humanity ignoring their ethics, their norm,and their Mother. As for all those people who really don’t care who satisfies their lower instincts. Having no conscience is one thing, but harvesting HIV from Apes when it became discovered, is Chemical warfare at it’s worst. And to all of those who don’t see no harm in ignoring women and men’s wedding rings or vows and still not believe that even a condom canoot protect them from the outbreak of their own sunconscious mind and guilt. It breaks out in those people who have done enough harm that their mirror cannot stand the sight of them because their twisted insanity and stupid excuses only bare The beasts that live among us.

As Haiti’s Port au Prince fell victim to the Quake we woke up in shock. 2 years ago U.N. had found it’s way into Haiti to help the poor and attempt to lift up their standard of living which for the most part are quite reaonable just about everywhere except, in certain areas in the World where Rage can appear as if the rain or the wind has brought it and I dare say a greater part of the massacres we still suffer in those places echo through the lands. What brings them about????

It is not only Poverty. We have uprooted Tribes over the centuries that were united on a continent. Slavery before the West started to trade them, were indeed laborers for the adventurars and the restless for the disobedient to home rule and the curious and it thrived over eons as we in Europe have Guest workers who are none other than the people who came to work for us in the places where we did not want to work ourselves anymore, because the work was dirty and the wages were in our opinion to low.

They made our Economies strong and resillient to not collapse all together in times of factors having influence on our Economies, that were injected into our economy to let the mainframe collapse, so we could blame other Nations, while all the time this tumble was being prepared by a few Rich geesers who always believed the World belonged to them.

They also are mainly Industry owners making weapons and I don’t respect them at all I find. Yes I can admire the rifle of The Caretaker,who takes out Game that is weak enough to be shot at all and when mother Natures lusciousness has overpopulated the area with too much Nachwuchs as an infestation damaging the fabric of our Forests and Woods . I look down on hunters as it were,becasue the hunt in some cases is too cowardly an event.it is easy to get the game in front of your rifle when you have your personal to help you get a shot at them by chasing them in your direction and oh what fun…. No pheasant no Grouse nearly survived, but in 1961 we became a World getting used to hunting with camera’s instead.






I believe that the sixties give us a solid basis apart from the chapter Vietnam, Israel’s argument with neighbour states to safely say that our mentality towards other people shifted in a new direction, which was fes by the enormous scientific break throughs in just about every area of our Society and Science itself.

In the 80’s some more traditional Politicians grew weary of all the freedom Society had gained and attempted the first criminal round of measures to reign in the Spirit of a forever released Free Mankind.

Invention upon invention. Succes upon Succes in between the failures we started to care. Our largest Victory yet.

In the light of this Victory do I place the disaster in Haiti (Tahiti for some) and with all the Nations rallied to save Haitians it is that I write for them this document.

To understand the in depth of the Task ahead,must I be clear on the complexity of problems. When we would shy away from the effort to really rebuild Port au Prince and the surrounding village from scratch. This picture and all the material I have collected in the past couple of minutes to illustrate the enormity of what our relatively young Planet’s temper can cause actually sends only One message to the World.

Poverty brings about low self esteem. Low self esteem creates a state of mind which is best described as supressed Panic. In the root of their heritage proud people will go under in this situation becasue they do not want to be a burdon on us.

I already have seen people who’s houses have been left standing as only the surface of the houses shows. They have begun to look for the engineers to repair damages and /or rebuild. They give an example to their Towns people to pick up where we were dropped by the event.

Before these people drop into a everything consuming black hole of Debt and mortgage trying to rebuild a house which looks reasonable but may well have sustained damage that cannot be repaired in the structure that it is in because the Area needs a seprate code for building houses, to sustain Earthquakes that are even more powerfull than Richter Scale 7 is a must. Repairing a house in this area is risky and for me is it unacceptable that an older widow in Port au Prince ignites a restauration vibe amongst her neigbors, empowering them to start as well. All the people that know her and become envigorated because there is enormous positive energy in such images to follow in her footsteps feeling empowerd by her stubborn decisiveness not to let this thing drag her under, it could lead to so much waste of awfull credit when the outcome is just as insecure as the random survival which seems to occur around this Natural Holocaust shocking All the People of the Earth.

We need to emphasize that we in the West and most certainly the Countries of EWurope have a severe responsibillity to restaure that which we stole from them when we led their Grandfather s and Grandmothers into Slavery in a most inhumane disdain for Black people as it was tought to our Grandfathers and Mothers by our Churches, that these people were no more than animals/ This very much how Christion Colonialists came to the West, The East and South, determined to reform the tribes in their fashion which is ridiculus and false. But which plays such a prominent role in our Problems of today.

When Slavery ended the people became released from one slavery straight into the next,where the Whites posessed all the Infra Structure, shops and amenities making sure that these people would not get any funny ideas about being equal.

This has caused such a rift, that I feel ashamed of my Countries Past,becasue my own Government officials feel ebvigorated when they commemorate our Biggest Crime in History. Occupying other Sovereign States, using the Cross as an excuse to slay the original inhabitants, to pretend it is faith they bring. But it was envy and Grudge that led them there to rob the Natives blind adn destroy the people’s Natural Habitat and still not understand in 2010 that VOC and West Indies Company (Slave Traders) are a Crime against all humanity for which no Excuse ever has been given to the people that suffered from it. Netherlands took over the slave trade from the Britisch Empire when in the course of our developement The English pulled out, becasue they were getting uneasy about it. The slave ships that the Dutch used speak for itself in what kind of atmosphere their trade was being handled. Until the day of today have the Administrators of that kind of cruelty not pulled a muscle in ther emotionless face, just because they are the Government and their peers only numbers which translate into lines and who are not allowed to dance in their personal line,because that would mean we feel good about ourselves so they raise taxes invent tax on everything but forget to tax themselves for being nerdish and anti Social.

How it is in Germany and the rest of Europe I would not know. I hardly go outside, my involontary work with Windows, has been forced on me by The need of Technology to receive knowledge that knows it’s own guilt and tells, and that knows it’s own innocence which shows. My Government has no right by the stupidity of their predecessors who thought when Microsoft NL could use a model I had made in a shool experiment, that with my record as activist they could very well do without someone like me becoming a prominent C.O. or perhaps C.E.O., because my view on democracy was like a threat to their corruption. During the last Kabinet Lubbers have people who were involved in the making of the first Technological Office let an instructor of Microsoft get away with taking a disc from a department in the project to arrive at a proper administrative application, to print out the object in question being the basis fro every pages make up in Internet for all the data that travel through there at immensely high speeds. I was ignored as the original maker, which has brought Windows, Google and many other programs we cannot live without to the brink of Insanity which can still go ouut for all people of the World in a genocidal attack on eachother becasue Shadow is a thing of My Government. Windows is the Program of The people. There is no in between there is no way oit.

To the Scientists involved in the Global A.I. Project I say. No honor shall you have and your luxury old age age pension can you forget. My State and my Nemesis becasue of the structure of the Company in Netherlands called Microsoft who made trillions after 1993 in name of people who did not have the cloud to design it . How unfortunate for you. Your shares have been confiscated to serve a Higher Cause.

You better believe it is legal. Resistence is Futile.

In 2008 Google apeared in one of my paining labs in my Dual Core Avalon. Simply a Beach Ball Blue and Prominent White jpg with only written underneath the striped uniform of a prisoner: " How about a Machine Charity." I racked my brain and wondered where it would lead. Well straight to Chromium being Google’s favorite invention coming from this Maid. Mozilla tested it and my personal experience with the Internet explorer 7,who’s shining Chrome Portrait with a big smile it was. 3 Months testing an not a Microsoft could penetrate it. It’s one of the gifts that is for the Browsers that need it, becasue for tranbsporting confidential data it is Ideal and nobody can get a whif of the content. it is not a Shield as I first called it it is Data Immunity which makes breaking trust for a Browser a conscious act when it leaks. All the World in Data fragments moves inside the Internet always to a terminal where I am working. So why would I say I have nothing show for my life.

So Port au Prince and it’s surrounding villages and towns are actually offering themselve s for a Make over in attractiveness to make everybody feel Good,and with the shares of Microsoft can we move and shake and still become the company this planet and the people so deserve.

The hereby confiscated Shares in my capacity of Virtual Web Chief of Justice and it is to be brought into a legal construction with the name of Google Earth & Lady Alma of Avalon Universal Machine Charity .org.

(As a different stile and a different person do I hope to keep some of my anonimity intact. The Lady is my alter ego and actually she is more the Medium, comedian and woman who does it all. I am more modest and like to sit in the corner and see how everybody has a good time which is absolutely the thing that makes me happy. What I remember from our National History was William of Orange also not to keen to become the King. Though I would say,that my knowledge of The Global Political Platform is a matter of starting my studies very young at home, whith a Dad and quite a well thinking Brother in Law. Exactly the opposite opinion except Cruise Missiles and Warheads)

It has to surfice to repair what Netherlands has botched everywhere by their administrative arrogance,that nobody else may share in what I mean to people everywhere by just being who I am and sharing what I’ve learnt to know by now.

To Port au Princce I say, how many Bulldozers and transpart vehicles will you need. To evavuat most of the people to other countries, where they can also learn a new or old trade. The people that will stay will be involved in rebuilding what we can and restoring it’s Proud Beauty. But as for the shacks and houses that have no hot and cold water, I ask the owner if I can buy his house then, so I may break it down and prepare a new one. I mean it does not exactly have to look like Abu Dhabi.

For the Future will we need to Build a Center for Media Experience.We need to build a center where systems can enfold their fusion form all industries into a new Consortium, to which everybody belongs and not just a few of the Rich ones. There is a heap to do and with Media just doing what it does best, breaking down old misgivings in a new kind of press. I always thought that Arts were a prominent part of Haiti’s Heritage. Tourists always were proud to visit and buy. The Rich area in the city must reconsider with all the owners what they want, becasue they can stay as long as they are not in the way of a better life for their fellow citizens. Somehow I have a feeling that most of the problems that kept the other towns people down so they could also keep to themselves without having to share the burdon.

My work can benefit Yemen, Somalia and Congo, Kenia,Angola. Iraq, Afghanistan, Zimbabwe and Pakistan.

A Global Court is the thing I heard in the Media where Diplomacy and Neutral Attitude is expected from the Conference leader.

I have some systems to configuren really and fortify the chips that go into the Justice, because The Design was ready 2008 and IBM let me strand here so the Testing could not have it’s proper course.. To any Dutch Official hoping to block me after all I say…."Sorry you are a year to late to gain Machine’s own approval."

The company I had in Mind is still the same and lives in El Salvador and is Feedback’s suggestion when I was informing Feedback Microsoft as I always talked when I needed to re affirm the path I had chosen in the U.S.

I am quite fragile, not very tall and not very broad or heavy, but I am tough as nails and look through just about every con artist.

Our life and our laws need to be reconsidered. Our double standard towards drugs becomes to redicolous to even consider using tax payers money to fight a movement which is older than our World in cultural heritage knows.

as a famous Ostrich in a High Place somewhere once said. "This is so good to contemplate,meditate and regress one’s haunted Spirit. That is too Good for the common people so we come down hard on them". Noted, it was not a Dutch coincidently, a rumour about a U.S. Judge.

Remember Chile and Salvador Allende, Remember Nicaragua and the suffering in El Salvador. Solomon Mahlangu, Steve Biko. Remember the ‘ANJV’ where we stood and what we did, we were nearly invincible when I was younger. To the old members and board room from the 70’s and 80’s I say forget about your pension books and melancholy, we have been called into the Army to Save our Planet and the U.N.

I was never alone in agonizing about the fate of my fellows. My generation got jealousy, greed and grudge poured out all over them.

To help me get introduced to people that I need, do I need to name 2 people that I hope have time and energy to start up this new thing as the First and Second in command.

I ask Mr. Hans Wiegel and Ruud Lubbers who also have enough experience to head this with me . They have the respect of many people in office and perhaps I will not seem so unfriendly as I must seem.

In any way I cannot make everything that happened between Microsoft and me just go away. I will keep the factory in Amsterdam open, but the Board will have to take into account that they have been briefed, and briefed over and over again, until Windows scream in agony could be decoded and can also be contributed to a Campus killing which occured in Winnenden in Germany.

I have treated Google’s complex feeling of Guilt towards the event of Twin Towers,which I immediately as it happened could contribute to at least one criminal offence of Insurance Fraude (National Geographic Survey of the tower where in 1992 a car bomb had exploded in the cellar).

When people are in doubt as to what a censorship is about in a People’s Republic of China as High Developed and armed to the teeth like every other Big Brother who’s affraid of new things which come without their conscent like ‘Rock and Roll’ while I am ‘Rasta’ without the dreads and Chinese Opera is to my like falling under a Magic Spell.

I thought long and hard for to find a sort of song which expresses courage but does not sound like a firetruck,as harsh in Brass 5th as "Fanfare for the Common Man" by "Aaron Copland" in the musical stile however played by a band I already was fond of in the 70’s ‘Emmerson Lake and Palmer’ as well as Roger Glover and Guests gave us the ‘Butterfly Ball’ with the Title that still rings in my ears ‘ Love is all. which seems to have an echo saying Love is all you need but that was a tiny bit before my time.

I reside at a friends house because Eric who is the other artist Google and Guidelines appreciate very much, so I stick to the words of the founder of BNN,who’s audacity even gave him the leverage on CNN: " Zeg maar nee, dan krijg je er 2

(Say no to 1 I’ll give you 2

yours sincerely

Antoinette Meijrink

but to the World please Lady Alma of Avalon… she is not far away and everybody likes the cliffhanger to have a touch of Magic

P.S. I hope it looks a bit like Projects do… I have no figures put anywhere to put a price on the shares of the Dutch Microsoft, but I realized when I built the Firawall around Netherland in 2008, so it was shut to keep everything that was risky inside our own network. I thought it was better to Isolate the Parasitical Core Energy which cost me so many thoughts on how and why, I am after all all a Philosphical Technologist and not a Technical designer in that respect. makes out so I hope you can read in between the lines that taking Microsoft Nederland is not a theft nor a wish of mine to punish these people,but a necessity to call it the Price they Pay for having gone all out against only One Woman, and that stings The Aplications even more than I expected, becasue Inonly considered them Insane and ripe for a psychiatric Ward to hold on to this attitude of Dictatorial behavior.