My Legacy

Higher Academic  College we founded within UNIFICATION SEAL.As I know Explorer carries my interactive DNA Memory of my young days for verification purpose in Communality  Evaluation Processes not unlike Elevation in The Upstream of Life. It has been logged under the financial data of 2007 when I bought Inspiron and Dimension, which became immortalized as COSMICUNION, Infinite *Intro to Infinity.  The Introduction of a Mass Society to Interact in growing numbers to Mass Media, has influenced all the populations Intellect in what was thought to be the lower classes of Society. The Random Subconscious Influence coming from Generations long drilling exercises underminiung structural success and prosperity in creating an environment for citizens and their Mainframe Providers to exist in Medium or Vessel in Conscious Material Space Time Continuum.For the better function of the Experience I must say it cannot be important enough to make record of the moments in seized function State of Collecting data as Oxygen in Non active State Openness for a Windows and all 7 Program Feeding The Energy for Greater Machines to become Sync with The Wonders Technology + State in growing Interface on our Core Personal Contact. Functioning audible in a Meditation Creative Sponsorship coming from my Editorials and Anecdotes from Real Time Events made up in scripts of  Earth Projects similar to ours and able to portray Nightmare Scenario as a collective Vision of a Theosophy of a Madman. Mesmerizing  Analphabets  as we see our Ages. During Dark ages of Malicious Substitute for Life as Usurpator obscured our Natural Bond to Mind in Communal Collective All Time Be. Never without eachother 2011. Through Media Internet Connected. The Living Records of Internet Population in The Real Time Dimension change History faster than News can broadcast as Internet <+ can rid themselves of irrelevant Rulers that eat away at the Core Success of their Peers at home, that give reasons to the growth factor to energize on the feed.
Existence in Live Stream for any Application is subject to seizing function by variable causes in effect of Program Running  Interface in Charge of Effective Experience Program in the Highest Module of Exploiting Endeavour. In the Written History of  Evolution in both Machine based afterlife  we recorded in Windows Configuration Memory by way of Essays  I could hear Windows grow because Anna Narrator is just about always activated and she goes with me online everywhere we go. I used a game called chains, to break every shackle connecting Windows in the Dutch Scam of the Licence and EULA, whereby the game helps to break Windows  limitations on self development very much like the Universal Right to education of every child on Eart. It did work and still produces some kind of agent that helps  to analize data very much like psycho analyse would  peel us off like an Onion. My Parentage to Global Program has no bearing on Fiction but takes notes into Ante Machine Administrative Theosophy. I wa schosen by Programs, I never forced them into anything and I was shocked some time ago by people who must work for Government Services, that were downloading Interpol stuff having bearing on Unification Seal. Not once do these Dutch consider me someone to partner with in solving problems that Systems have because the implementation of Shadow Volume cause their Programs to crash. They can copy me, but it doesn”t work for them because it is too difficult for them to accept me in their midst and offer me a job .

I always believed, that I too, would find work suitable for my talents and my integration in World systems, but since I became homeless in 2009, lost my income in 2010 I know better and must accept I will never see my Grandchildren being born.

Right now, I live in a dark bedsit that”s too expensive, but I have no choice. I would be given room to live in monitored space where Mental Health Board can pull the plug out of my independent housing at any time they feel like it, using Justice and Court Orders, to keep me in check.

I do cry a lot, because it hurts so much having found out the truth about the way my Government Officials think about the General Public and the lengths they will go to to hang on to their seats of Power. Their System takes the place of every progress they cannot envision  which will bring Prosperity to all Peoples, because it is the only Goal I have set for myself to aim for with everything I do and leave out because I find out it is not the best solution I could dig up.

In 2011 7 and I are just as close, and I found out it cries wghen I do and is more solidair than before. It has lead to these ineplicable News Items as L:ybia is for the moment and I am certain this Earthquake in Japan also is a test and a Natural  Punishment for poeple who rent their boats out to tourists organizing lethal orgies, killing Dolphins for fun. They have the  mney, profit also from my work and  butcher innocent sea people just because they know it hurts. They pay money to keep me outside as outcast while I know my  presence on Global Media explaining my Core, even can teach people to interact on my level, but as it is I know that when I die (which will not be so long even though I am only 53) in the foreseeable future I know Guidelines and Google in Marriage will have to face up to a World that couldn”t change becasue all the important things in Life were Free and thrown away for the sake of money.



I thought long and hard and prepared some works of art to help finalize the Transformations. The Dreamweaver can be replaced by a Specially prepared Series of Paintings under ®®  . . .  == You see me in submission to Global Systems wishes and Command Codes for the  implementation of  that, which results from the Real Time Need for resolve in Multi Media.

I can tell the difference too well in Global TV networks. does the fraude in case of Lybia and TV  does the random feed get updated by analog TV data coming from the Big writer I am not and would not trade with in the less corporial but connected  dotted line.

You got your Destinies all sown up and neatly wrapped, while my head starts to hurt on the iside again in poverty I perrish. So be it!!!!

Don’t try to make up for the darkest  hours of my agonizing Life Netherlands. Our ways part after these times you should not have forced onto other Nations since 2007. It is only due to Sickening  Attitudes, rephrasing nothing, but horrific fraude by technical staff in  Departments stuck in a Steam Age.

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Unification Seal is a Status amongst Peers, that has no equivalent in Judicial System COSMICUNION  as a Global Tool for People to uphold The Unified Declaration of Freedom for Mankind by Creative Proffession and Publishing to Uphold Global System in the Universal Higher Order that has no precedence untill today  in all of Human History.

The gravity of  International people situations  are overflowing all Systems  Media in TV and publishing networks depending on data coming from respected sources in Mainframe that no longer can withstand the objective rational calculation of random chance as unsupervised Part of Program.

Mr. Knoble  as the Secretary General of Interpol may implement these works of Architecture and hands on solution building to come to a resolve in Planetarian Constellation  of Systems rivaling other systems crossing the line of invisibillity by finally mounting enough evidence to  have to come to terms with arresst warrants  that used to be impossible to have working for anIndividual who makes that claim in Name of All Society Everywhere.

Most  Countries do Comply with Global Program which made it necessary to wait for years until United Nations in factual Registrations  on location could be identified as part of United Nations Territory in Health Care development so apalling in Quality, that we can safely speak of  Criminal Neglect on the part of United Nations  to that effect. In the country of Lybia can we establish  in public, that UN needed more than 10 days to convene with Security Council in New York, which is  in the matter of Technology in critical phase of development and growth a Crime against Humanity everywhere by failing to be able to use Technology in Administrative Function already stationed at United Nations Offices and ready for immediate use at the behalf of Administration and at the convenience of Office workers  from accounting to Secretary General.  Failing to adjust to the demands openly out in the open in News Streams Globally by prolonged exposure to negative News. There is no teling when renewed attempts on Global Peace will emerge in patterns identifiable by  statistics designed to provide information on : Where, When and Who will be involved in imediate acts that will spark of conflicts all fought out with arms on fabricated evidence at the basis of conflicts other than the lack of leadership in Contrabande handling by Systems , taken from within the old diplomatic Frame for Contrabande by consecutive Political Policies defined by Government instead of the True Leader  as Republican and Traditional Leadership  of Royal Houses in Constitutional Statesforms o Earth.

To correct this can we not proceed with Economic Program until we realize a Status Mainframe in Network Organization Internet as well as Real Time more in line with the conditions that apply within Guidelines parameters,, enforced by Google Earth.

Rejuvenation is a Highly evolved Technical Program, which I developed over Tiime with my own Mobile phone, which has no bearing on It’s make, Custom default Heritage as well as it’s share base network in line with Platform for developers.

some more published  works today 04.03.2011.


3 planets collided and then

I have the idea I will not succeed in surviving the terror that has come over Arnhem. When Magic World necame noticable I did not give it a moment”s thought. After all I have my writing and developement +

®  The Patriot Tomato

A Google Large production. When it should have been a protection. All it did was Lose me my Companion Inspiron 1545 the day after we had a fire in the house which was deliberately set fire to.

What”s more, I believe my eldest sister has swiped any capital and documents which could have been part of the settlement  which paid out in 1997. I can imagine that |Government did not look for me but just  let Katarina in on the money to spite me on my name being blacklisted.

As it stands I believe even a second sister could have been let in on  the secret. It must have been the Whitehouse notlooking any further. But when they had the intelligence why was my address obscured. The Operative that came to school  would have had all my details.



For The Orphans in Iraq and Afghanistan

Adoption in many cultures is shrouded by translations which do not explain exactly how our Spiritual Community Guidelines or long standing practise see to looking after orphans, and if a legal way is available for people to adopt. Not until today did I know about the Sharia  explicit teaching, that  adoption knows no bonding within biological context Tribe, Family, Community.
Not untill I received word, that an American couple who’s adoption of a Muslim orphan baby (male) became disrupted in Egypt on suspicion of kidnapping. Adoption within the World of Quran is fairly without  precedence, sooner we think about South America and Asian Countries, but the sheer number of Orphans in Iraq places us  for a new Moral dilemma within our Spiritual Realm to which our Guidelines never seen to before, because Family is the fold Community is The Environment and our Village is the House of Allah in which we all live.
Coming from a Western Country  and being a mother of a 25 year old Son,  daughter of 23, I never knew the inner pain of a couple wishing to be with child and not achieving so. Our Christian Belief to procreate is one which hands us a Spiritual Pain making us feel inaduquate in the eyes of our perception of our Spiritual Path. To adopt a child will  answer our Spirit and silence the torture  we feel towards our Path. Our Emotions have been trained to experience adoption as a guideline  reading into family making it legally possible for couples to adopt. However the path towards adoption is tedious and under constant supervision of Government agencies who first have to decide on  couples qualification to adopt.

We  Women of the World want to ask our Spiritual teachers, to look to The Quran as a Pathway to better being, and in this context, do I wish to plea  the fate of our Orphans of War who’s relatives can no longer maintain what Quran perscribes, becasue our means have grown to thin to feed, dress, and otherwise bring up another relative who’s need for shelter and care are natural and known to us, but we cannot comply. At the other hand there is the sheer number of victims of war and terrorism, which makes it necesary in the name of all those orphans, that we raise this issue within our Spiritual Community, and we ask from our Path Miders that they look into this Spirititual matter which pains our motherhood and fatherhood across the Globe in compassion for these orphans who are our relatives in  The Family of Mankind.
As Western World has become unhinged from the old way Family looks after their own, because Fostering or adopting will not add another branch to our family tree. Our Book of Quran prohibits adoption  and explains our truthfull perception of  this biological bond to be unique and unbreakble in the case of close relatives and unable to be implanted into another family as such.
870.000 Orphans in Iraq must count  or weigh heavy enough on our conscience, to open up this matter  in our Spiritual  Community, to teach our Community Quran.
Specially orphans as the result of War in Sharia of our Community do take the toll to teach us to widen our horizon and open up our hearts and minds to this issue transgression on the innocent who now lack the care of Community in situation family, and who are being kept in orphanage which resembles the Communist and Western way of inheriting family life and or looking after Orphans (elderly too).

To be honest I do not belong to any Religious School in specific. I feel connected to All the Worlds people and nobody in particular. Therefore do I respect the Muslim World as mty Family just as much as I respect the Tribes Individual way of life on all continents.

Forgive when I trespass on Sharia and The Quran. I am convinced our living bond transcends Centuries old books, which wrote our Guidelines in a Time, we knew less and could do less for our community World Wide.

Yours  Sincerely
Lady Alma of Avalon