Bingo for Translators

To arrive in Technology means being with the Program, Solution & Accelerator becoming merged as accelerated Solution Building.
To achieve the highest outcome possible in accuracy in tranlation.  Words from People’s Texts have we chosen to implement not just one translation in a specified active Translator Program,  but to let all of the translations in sync available in every Country during the specified time-frame available for evaluation  pass before the Forum able to build a working model from any of the Translations on offer.
Until now can we say with confidence, that exactly this definition translates into practice the better option  when we look at the Fuinction Translation has in the total sum of Nations determining the day to day administrative running our Planet needs to be solvent in Operating System.
For a number of reasons to do with the aspects of Personal Interest and Good Governing, may we not conclude to implement our personal condition in Hierarchy,which would lead to automatically empowering my Authorities as having deserved a seal of conscent to their Policy of implementation of The declaration of Human Rights, which they have put aside since J.P.Balkenende took office, took office again after failing once, twice and for third time.
We now know, that we have to avoid Government interfering with our efforts to build better equiped Translator Programs online, because they could alter meaning to suit their Policies. To avoid such machinations taking place in our step up in Technology will this text serve as instruction for Worldwide use in order to help people helping their Country stepping down and put an end to Propaganda as Government abuses the Media just as they would trandslators.
It had been better, when J.P. Balkenende had stuck to the official resignation from office as he did in December of 2009. As it stands does he look more like a mixture of Locust Tick, and bloodsucker than he ipresses us as a human.

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