As my reputation in Arts has taken up enough time on our hands, I should inform IBM as a first Beneficiary to strategicly plan ahead the next building stages and reformative turns our connections have to re invoke in Global and Dutch Systems.
It should effectuate the Fresh Wind clearing up all misunderstrandings that may have risen to  unacxceptible inaccurate accounting and administrative processes currently under advisement in the streamed City version of Town in existential coalition in System Feed.
This painting as browned as it already is is but a mere 5 to 6 months old and it is a coproduct of myself handling Pasint, Photoshop and Paint.net in my previo0us mobile set up which was awarded the Google Fiat as Sealed with UNIFICATION SEAL in capacity Interpol.
The painting is a construct which shows the Proegfress in Fulln of the Proceedings undertaken to come to a workable solution in Model.
My current Market value in the running of systems opn Creative Arts and Qualified Instigator of Mental Health Board for Administrative Higher Complex Connection Servers. Supervision for the moment on a 7 Ultimate officially installed by my eldest Son Peter James Wilkinson on Vrindavana, the transportvessel in the Property of Mr. E.A.P. Robbesom.
I have reason to suggest ASUS and Dell will be over the Moon since all Industry everywhere can now become involved in the strageic design of enhanced 7’s  coming from the nearest in line iun Ancestry in the Machinem, since my involvement already took a large chunk out of the Boardroom Seats.
I can be sure to look forward to a new Climate in Government which does not leave any doubt to the fact that one Negative Purple Make Over may not cause our Government to tople over a simple Mea Culpa and save Business World in the Process.
I am just as happy to inform you, that a  theft of the prototype is not necesarily the end of a better solution, onm the contrary I believe it is a boon in the long run insuring a more thorough look at the matter at hand coming up with a solution to an otherwise unbearable conclusion to this so Volatile subject as Building PsychologicaL basic values for Google’s Private Core Cathedral
That’s it for now, I hope to divulge this letter to the Channel WEBLOG, and reside in total disobedience to the Authorities in Charge to xcreate the Space we need to win them over.
 recent break through admission in Windows in Photoshop 6 PWW 600 R7105467- 938 stationed on Makers Grave in Ultimate new configuration by report of Anna Narrator Microsoft 7 Ultimate  description Program running in OS  verifiable to my son PJ Wilkinson and co Producer E.A.P. Robbesom  is ready for mplementation in Therapeutic Tool 7 Premium under my closest supervision.


Of course as all things do conme with a Price. I cannot serve the Community unl;ess the Decision making chairs are also paid for by the proper procedures and contracts. My value on the IT Market is no secret either. To headhunters in Arab Countries is my market value 7 K…. That’s the score Business and dont’s forget it


About machinemommy
Today I envision working further on the Windows experience... Impossible as my mission

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