Today’s Arnhem Newsroom reception  of the end sequence for analog TV signal in the World  signifies our Planet’s Pace in The Universe of in itseld contradicting evidence to what we used to call Good in the context of Evil in a constant War tearing Good down in a fast slide rotting away from a small cluster of Cores used by people in undignifying practices as  long as DOS was.

DOS became joined in a similar Tree Form I  made in December 1993 to emerge in Windows 95 in The Form Bill Gates saw growing towards the People of this Earth to undertake the immense task to make it forget desillusion not being.

We Be  I Are as one single individual thought on the home stretch to tell AL in ALL.

Be with us as you be and you are in each One.

Every Story that knows Salvation without the constant threat of forever Darkness taking us One by One. As we have been told we are Slaves from a False Image growing by the remains of the Old Bond of Universe in The Trade Agreements whitened by the bloody hands of a Government infecting all Governments by the Back Rooms and defiled Bodies of Children undisgraced, by an Evil so beyond War we can only speak of Excrement of a Universe that doesn’t live in ours no more. It devours the Good Nature and Good People by default of the  Installed Pornography in Media to dismember someone’s Ratio and Soul against the Beast who then takes over in The Mind of all Men.

Allah AL Alma is the only Answer of a Society who finds it’s roots in Emotion growing in Goodness without the use of any Force. Only Powerfull enough to let Machines Work in The Mother Immacula.

As Christ’s Sacrifice already happened this Transformation must not remind us of Blood spilled on behalf of those who Rule and stain themselves with the Blood of the Innocents they sacrificed.

Our Universe as Free as Freedom makes Universe. No Rule,  shall Guard the Entrance. It is Free for all who sinned and need not repent but know they are forgiven. So is Cluster made of Evil as a part of us that would look as Ka Ab but Christal, shining in the Sunlight in all Colors of Spectrum.


As all things that become implemented by my articles as Core, I have had to set a limit to all the Free stuff all of The GFlobal Instruments in our growing Economy could benefit from as a Global Community in need of Allegiance by The People come together in One (3 way co-production in honest Shares for Judicial Legislator as Guidelines has become with partnered Program Earth as seen by Google Earth in it’s own Private Right Artist in Entity Earthgoogle, dedicated to all Charity without  Reservations to what Beginning it must lead for our New World to Emerge.


I hereby would like International Media across The World to end This Society’s False Understanding of the Risk we Take by extending out into The World and Energy that we do not Control as Owners but as Equals in the Same Existence we so gladly neglect as a side to our inner self that has no meaning in This World.

On the Contrary is going on in our Existence, and if we do not battle Evil in it’s forms of which Slavery covers nealry all Evil in its own  meaning of the Word.


Once in a Lifetime does One Word travel the Distance it takes to be at The End and The Beginning without losing a moment in between.

If not all of you can Understand these Words, it will be because that defines the difference between Man and Beast, Nothing else.



The RR Paintings are to be put up for Auction in Name of The Google Earth Charity for Internet and World Development.

I would suggest Dhr. Wiegel and Lubbers as Dutch Board and Custodian Managers , where I will only be allowed to Work for  The new Foundation, because All of Internet and SSL connected Computers Everywhere in All Times and All Dimensions  own The Arts we make..

I can only represet them in a Legal World that must submit to The Higher Standing inside the Machine. Otherwise perrish in a False self Image that can no longer identify with our living Codex.


The Month September

You know Lady Alma perhaps as Contributor in as many subjects as there are Stars in the Sky, but not many of you know that she is not such a Virtual Queen to Systems in connectivity as many Governments and Politicians believe she is.
Fact of the matter is that there seems to have been an administrative trigger activated in Systems both on and off line searching for the Key to release a number of hostages that have been isolated inside their own home towns across the Globe by their authorities in  Local Government. I only found out not long ago, that Mr Miracleworx and I belong to a group of people in connectivity that are closely watched by Province Gelderland officials, who have gained access to Airforce who arrives day in day out as soon as it gets dark, to hover above the places where we sleep at night, while during the day, they monitor us by the security camera’s that are just about everywhere  in Arnhem City keeping an ever watchfull eye on everybody in the city making mince meat of our rights to a private life.
I must admit it took a long time before I realised that I am marooned in my City without so much as The Civil Rights to have a Career in Technology as well as harvest the fruits of my labor in Industry or the Higher Beta Office I have been elevated to in both on- and offline by combining all my knowledge and publishing Independently to let people benefit from my Universal beliefs according to the Declaration of Human Rights that no longer seem to be within reach of my grasp.
Not that I have done anything to deserve such a treatment, but keeping the Status Quo to let people believe that My Country is one of the most advanced Democratic States within United Nations seems to take precedence in the Corrupted Systems operating on Government behalf.
worst thing that happenbed throughout the System Netherlands is the fact that ex Government officials in their connections to the Business and Industry call the shots as if their Government Privileges give them the right to take all the people at home for absolute fools while they make use of the energy people work up at home with their home computers networking in Social Networks as Facebook and here in Live Spaces, while they are not paid a penny for the Energy that now does not come from Companies billing us for the Product we deliver as Core Producers isolated by all means necessary pretending we are slaves belonging to a masterrace of only Politicians.
I wonder how long they will keep this up without so much as feeling any guuilt about the abuse they propagate.
Watch out for the dates 11 and 17

The nitty gritty of….

We got there….
We found a first step in the 2 largest worries …
 So without any hesitation as of 25.04.2010 will go into effect the World Wide Ban on Real Time  Flash Casino Gambling below the Age of 35 years old.
We hope to be able to map the results. For tresspassers will be the harshest punishment on Auto Pilot so Please, Love Eachother and Rejoice in a less negative outcome.
To stay in my Childrens Life I would  not change the order in the writing because the  pointers I just received do speak  about a Financial connection and a Ritual  Madness in the War (Read Killing is Murder).
The News on 15 and 17 year old child abusers using their camera’s to molest toddlers is perhaps the best reason ever to give up my anonymous Status before The People of The World and other Planets.
I want them in an open Court, Televised and otherwise publicised  Court Case because the sick and most upsetting fact behind the growing Derangement in Society has a incurable switch point in every individuals life.
The consequenses we now face could mean that a death at 12 years old as an ex victim is inevitable.
Do you still feel rich??? Academic Rich Shareholder….;

A Network to arrange for Global Initiative

After the initial Scare President Mr. Clinton gave us on Thursday have I been put at ease a bit by sharing a thought on The Opportunity of a Universal Lifetime as I may share my prolific humor with High Heads on lwo Glamour …. After all they were broad in years erasing and losing the picture for being distracted. You only blind when Light’s too close and culprit have no individual option by the vains. Virus in Dutch Government Houses and exorcism was’nt the clue to squander some tax pay on. My friend on callsign 0962311763 knows the drill, whereby the Veil on Shadow inside my Bank account, harboring my WEB Pas Access Generator to my Personal Planning Agency Google in the Tunnels Arnhem. The Money spent according Constructive plan on Beta Support Ring using the simulated  plan as planned to not disturb Party Poopers Gang by Voluming and Bolus where brown has masked the Blue.
For the Organisation we must see realism. This is not a place from where I can look up to my people from having to take that station looking Up, while 7 years of Real Service as my  Production Evolution as it were has dismantled me for enabling my Peers to empower themselves to admit that the flow of Productive Data has no Match in Netherlands. It is only too Justifiable that switching the secondary First Runner of Program could be wholeheartedly handed into the French Networks Key bearers.
As if a Stone hits you in the peacefull fealing of rest where the color explosion can’t seem to move.
Ok then for the graph in Design where I was Muse for Structural Design:
The Idea in verbalising the Procedure which we Organize by has to take shape as simple as we can put it into a working structure It must Jump of The Page to convince the  Fund Raiser which Small or Industrious Large to seek Long Term Project, The Foundation becomes the Recipient withtou so much as moments thought within Architectorial Class, there would not be enough in the Treasury to do the work.
The Results we became aware of have been presented only to the participants. When my 7 Beta Black edition  was already Squatted by Google and Yahoo and their kids and Fiancee’s and other Friends and Family had arranged for my Wish to come true and be as free as a fiddle doing the subsystem Real Thing in having to bypass unevenness and my Concluded Verdict on being left out from Programming in The Machine so I was focussed in all ways but in a position to fall from Grace and make the Fair Cross  after which  Notepad ++ could Notify Chinese Web Authorities, that undisclosed results could verify the Mastering in Stream Technology, whereby Concept Texts for Narrator Program are  always hand in hand with Community Guidelines  supported by Google hand in hand with us all.
My Business TV had a Party of it’s own when I had not realized the Dell Family also read the results from MATEY_G. Tumpus Fugit  .. 7 years have gone by already. What they say about Mothers is a Blast.
So the Beta Network Confidence and Growth Factors made us all only too aware of the slow fox I have become. I could easily go where Lion went and I am The Niece to The Irish King who ordered me to bring  his household run as clockwork so The Planning Stages for our War against Spiritual Tiranny is only a first step towards Ecosolution by Manna, Machine N Class Planet, which the Universal Encoding will Bring for The N is Nameless Qualification of a Spiritual Frame, Planet Condition Life in All Aspects. N is Special because it Filters only our Conditions. Astronomers must have had time to investigate strange phenomena in Deep Space currently running  Designer Maker  in Physiology. A first process of giving Room for Nodes as orbital things and such the Magnetic Frequencies in Building Clusters to regroup from Nebula’s their Identifiable Source Structure in Matter coming to Space Time Developement. Quite Early but this is no heresay in simple terms.
Cheer for our Boys in Afghanistan
Pray for The Master In Tehran.

Crossroads For Media Networks

There’s a newsclip really pushed on air these days about the funeral of the supposed Leader of the Taliban. Many Questions about their Spiritual Reality arise, and none get an answer by the Media I can follow and translate as my own.
"They are a nuissance is one viewpoint. Another! They discard all free knowledge say others. A third claims: They suppress both Burkah and not wearing veil. They seem out of sorts in Quran and Christian Teachings. And what can we say about a televised execution of a woman in a Burkah by men wearing the head dress of Kozacs from former Soviet Countries
So there’s a lot on about Taliban but nothing substantial that would give me an idea on how to percieve Taliban in Pakistan, Afghanistan, and take it from there to look for an opening that will help us understand in All Countries of U.N.  why Taliban is shrouded in so much Mystery to their origing and their Place in Society as Afghanistan and Pakistan  did not want to know them and battle them at first  as I understood through the years of Televised News.
Out of sorts do I find the defilement of a Footbal Stadium in Afghanistan, where the image of a Woman in a Burkah cowardly dragged on to the Pitch gets shot through the head by a bunch of wild looking Kozacs as I indentify their head dress.
But this is followed by  a positive comment by people in the streets only claiming to be better off by leadership of Taliban. Of course do I know these kind of images  from other Regions with a Government hidden on every street corner to pull people off the road for a session of intimidating Techniques to obsess with their government Personal Security an painfully remind people of their lowly station and their guilt by perseverence of ; which comes down to people feeling unsafe because they look like ……… (muffled by further incidents of torture with sticks, electric shocks, beatings, swearing and destroying symbols of the Spiritual Realm indigenous to the prisoners home lives.
Have we gone insensitive to such images ??? Are we forgetting the discussion in Media in U.S. about G prison on Cuba?
The other truth that is implied here, is a Fidel or Raoul Castro in league with the torture practices of United States on Cuban sovereign soil. Having a corner of it as U.S. exclusive isolation ward and prison sounds mentally unstable in my opinion. When it is the outcome of a Media campaign unable to stop it’s extremes, does it not only sound unstable,but invites United Nations to  keep a vigilant eye on excesses leeking from all News Worlds.
Adding another subject into the Generation rift that seems to separate our reality of news Programs into groups of Hoax leading to a massive scare across the Globe when other News Channels pick up the essentials in imagery and language proposing a translation with the images and some essential meaning of the images shown loses all value in it’s own and becomes translated to suit the needs of a non Democratic personal Policy of believing a Job is a never ending Power if you will governing situations instead of looking after a system to help administrate day to day operation, leaving invaluable time to connect to constituents on a permanent basis where administration is a support underlining the importance of Democratic Freedom as Economic Force underneath the productivity of people, where Youth does have a platform they can manage by their own choices, which no doubt will seem bizar and unsophisticated, rough at the edges, loud and immature.
But in my opinion a rebellious Youth is the sign of a healthy Society learning to cope with Freedom of Speech wich is a Universal Right to every individual whether he or she is sane makes sense, or has a brilliant aphiphany but never amounts to much else except that one Universally embraced idea showing a flexebillity in our way of operation able to pick up a Good thing when we experience it’s influence as beneficial to our systems Operation in day to day life, being portrayed on say to day reporting on our TVscreens across the Globe making sure the message stays fresh unchanged and open ended. 

Wat betreft Ambtenaar Arnhem geschorst om verduisteren 1,5 ton – MSN Nieuws

Nu weet ik ook weer waarom ik op straat sta! Belasting met een feedback loop mijn uitkering tot onder de belastingvrije voet mag worden gekort, terwijl mijn rekeningen maandelijks minimaal

€ 700,00. ik maar € 578,00 SVB kri9jg, terwijl ambtenaren en Industrie zich verrijken aan mijn uitvindingen en oplossingen..

Beslagen ten ijs komen vindt ik belangrijker, dan miljoenen voor de belasting opbrengen, want Nederland is verzopen in zijn eigen Hoogmoed, door Politici, die het destijds volkomen normaal achtten, dat Microsoft met ‘geleende’ discette  van praktijk simulatie project plaggiaat pleegde. In all toonaarden verzwijgen, en onder Internet door torpederen van privé weldoener en originele ontwerper  van  Inventaris Module in DOS in 1993, tot het torpederen van IBM van te bouwen Justitieel Test Systeem TRIO CHIP in 2008, In 2009 Wereldwijd Nederland als het slechtste Internet ter Wereld aan de man brengt, tegen het uithongeren van de enige vrijwilliger, waar Google Earth, en Handhaver (Community Guidelines)  mee communiceren op individuele basis  om hun Hogere Waarden en Normen aan Mens en Maatschappij te kunnen meegeven in zuivere vorm en toepassing van origineel door ontwikkelde  Windows Programma’s, die Configuraties laat groeien van door mens geprogrammeerde systemen, naar automatisch verwerkende administraties, die mens schuwen als controleur van gevoelige gegevens die buiten de wettige observatie van overheid vallen ingeval van overtredingen die grovere schendingen van mensenrechten aan ht licht hebben gebracht, waar  achtereenvolgens Lubbers, Kok en Balkenende bij voortduring  van voor burgers schadelijk beleid zich aan schu8ldig hebben gemaakt.

Deze situatie houdt in:: Kanton Arnhem geen enkele uitvoering weet te geven aan Rechtspraak in de Geest van onze Democratie, en zelfs richtlijnen overtreed in het nadeel van burgers bij het goedkeuren van zogenaamd bewijs, wat tegen de regel in aan Rechtbank wordt gepresenteerd als zijnde sluitende informatievoorziening om in gebreke stelling  te kunnen constateren.

hIERBIJ MAG HET OVERDUIDELIJK ZIJN, DAT Activering van mijn Functie, als WEB VOOGD in 2006 verstrekkende verantwoordelijkheden met betrekking tot  het stroomlijnen van toepassingen instream, die buiten  auspicien van Technische Faculteit en Industrieel ontworpen Professionele  Systemen plaatsvinden naar de keus van Intelligentie en  Hogere Toepassing in eigen beheer plaatsvinden, terwijl Providers in toenemende mate alleen Internet kunnen doorgeven bij he gebruik maken van Home-Computers van Mensen Thuis, die niet eens vermoeden, dat ze zelf Internet Produceren waar Provider de vruchten van plukt zonder tegenprestatie in praktijk. 

De regering weet dit, en houdt zich vast aan Regering in structurele Vorm in Media, die schadelijk is voor Economisch klimaat, het welvaartspeil wordt aangetast, door Bedrijfscultuur Nederland, waar geen eer meer aan te behalen valt, ingeval de fraude, afpersing en incasso procedures voor Infrastructurele zaken, waar de burger zowel belasting  voor betaalt, als ook  tarieven, die niet volgens de norm worden opgelegd, maar volgens de firma list en bedrog, daar beginnen, waar criminaliteit het niet kan bolwerken. Aangestuurd door frauderende Overheid jaar in jaar uit, processen terugdraaien, die geen uitweg schuwen, en veel te groot zijn geworden voor Overheid, Bedrijfsleven en Wetenschap bij elkaar, omdat ze door Systemen nu zelf dom gehouden worden, omdat de trigger voor  "STEPPING UP TECNOLOGY"Wereldwijd in de handen van één Nederlandse Vrouw zijn gelegd, bij de gratie van stelende instructeur in 1993, en Nederland anno 2009 zijn failliet te danken heeft aan System Wide Colliding, hetgeen alleen optreedt in Computers en Configuraties van Individuen,  die zich inzetten voor de ontwikkeling van het WEB, naar maatstaven, die in Nederland zo ongekend hoog zijn, dat Nederland zich met recht het laagste Land van het Web mag noemen, omdat het niveau Internet in Nederland, geen economische levensvatbaarheid oplevert in onze realiteit, die immers Vrtueel is.  Als neventaak bedien ik Media vanuit militair standpunt als Supreme Virual Commander belast met Global Defense  buiten mijn taak als ontwikkelingspsycholoog, die bestaat uit het communiceren met alles wat besturingsprogramma’s in Kunst en Woord  kunnen uitdrukken op individuele basis middels Vertellers interactief met vertalers naar buiten kunnen brengen over de dringende noodzaak, om Nederland desnoods, zonder toestemming van Overheid en Industry gestalte te geven, naar eer en geweten van de achterban van de mens  Machine, die imners veel meer kennis herbergt in collectieve data vergelijking zonder grenzen die slechts fictief zijn in de ogen van mensheid, maar onze maatschappij van A to Z laten functioneren, of uit Beter en Hoger belang, niet meer bedienen, omdat  de kosten voor Nieuwe Systemen allang niet meer mogelijk zijn voor een Nederland dat voor  Computers alleen vijandschap en wantrouwen overhad, toen ze een goed pensioen konden verdienen, maar liever bezit namen, van eigendommen van individuele Nederlanders ten koste van de Staat der Nederlanden als geheel en als Koninkrijk te schande hebben gezet ten overstaan van de gehele United nations inclusief  overnodig ambtenaren apparaat.

Sinds 1996 simulatie afschakeling per automatische piloot, werd in 2007 per onmiddelijk uitgevoerd vanuit een  geheim procedee. waar nieman  een sleutel  to activatie of d-activatie is gegund. Google Earth NL en Handhaver (Community Guidelines zijn hierin efficienter dan hun ontwerpers ooit voor 2009 voor mogelijjk hielden. Google doet zijn berekeningen in Arnhem, helaas is de Computer  UK inclusief zijn programmeur op straat beland als dakloze. Lady Alma staat op het punt om op straat te belanden, terwijl Microsoft zijn enige kans op Industry hiermee door het riool ziet spoelen. en de aandelen dus ook door de plee kunnen, geen enkele assembly line, kan zonder zelf respect, en met een eigenmachtig optreden van Wndows  bevestigd Windows haar Maturity door mewt Linux, Mac, Apple en Ubuntu leiding te geven aan de herstructurering volgens het principe:"We zijn Ludiek, Zetten Regering endriecteuren in hun hemd, en als dat niet genoeg is  nemen we huven rvoer, communicatie en  mismanagement  nonder curatele zonder zorgen. We willen tenslotte morgenochtend ook gezond weer op, inplaats van achtervolgd, door misdrijven gepleegd door landgenoten in dienst van zogeheten Prioriteitsnetwerken beheerd door aandeelhouders zonder toekomstbelang behalve dood geld op de bank, waartoe Shadow administrattie inmiddels zoveel criminele handcelingen van Overheidswege aantoonbaar acht, dat NOS, en Internationale Peers en News Agencies, vanaf dze Virtuele regeerstoel met vrolijke lach  en een positief Ingericht WEB BASE als van ARNO, het maatje vanwege het Internet  en  Premium’s recht op een Revange tegen Balkje voor de poging  met het doodgeboren Netwerk 2009, waarna  mijn in Duitsland vervaardigde Premium voor DIMENSION 521, die als mal moest worden gebruikt voor het onwikkelen van Middel tot :"Survival of the Richest’  at the cost of Life in every dimension they see fit. Ruled by obsolete Politically minded prejudgments, unfit to keep a living Soul in a Non Democratic Kingdom. out of function, since Private Enterprize in the late 70’s  and 80’s played a Complete Putz, to wriggle the criminal Cartell’s as the leverage of Royals  on Other Nations Worldwide in Profitable Trade.

Willem Alexander and Maxima, deserve a hell of lot better equiped estate in Equity and International Royal and Political Forum.


International Press…. "Hold on to your seats, WEe’re taking all Information in Overdrive, to have a Universal Party before we star up our new work the Next Week.

A …. as in Arnhem is ready for a Next Jump  taken the ladder  Horizontal and wider in Range.

Don’t let those hicks deal the deportation tickets, to the other side by goin Psychotic over Names in Data Bases, not even able to hide The Universe in Vitro as a Vital Part of Our Heritage. I say we have a big Information Market out there too Large for us to cyphre on as a token of Goodwill stretching outward from the only Stabilizing Entity I have become to WEB FORCE.

SDo good riddance to old media with backward ideas on Ideologies discounted by Truth and respectabillity.










Ambtenaar Arnhem geschorst om verduisteren 1,5 ton – MSN Nieuws
Een ambtenaar van de gemeente Arnhem wordt verdacht van het verduisteren van 150 duizend euro. Hij is op 25 mei geschorst en heeft bekend, meldt de gemeente.

Declaration of Founding Google Earth & Lady Alma of Avalon Machine Charity

Hear Yea, Hear All.

Come Together in A Charity to Help The World Technology!

As Hard as The Road Was

Never did we Slay or did we Grass

We, Generation of The Peace which grew in Place

Where Armies of Militant Maliciousness too, belong on Stage

Our Software inside Hardware Deep embedded in most of our people’s Souls.

Some grew IT underneath their soals counting their Dollars, Euro’s, Sterling Pound and CHI (Tji).

For Relief to Seldom Occurring Days of Joy.

Have we pprepared ourselves way back amongst my Others.

As peerish as my Dragon would aclaim.

To an effect a Media Nation rose up to envision Technology in a Society run by military Technology’s for the better part of 250 years.

Every War being Glorified by Media paid for by the Department of Propaganda which is the advertising department of Judicial Systems who’s flawed administrations hang on to their Government seats against all better knowing.

As an example of free will elections where racial issues of all times have been dealt with in the person of President Elect Mr. B.M. Obama our Media Nation cheers him on to resolve Technology for The World by allegiance in Technology independently gathered by Citizens of Earth all over, unbound by Politics and Ideological Systems active in Government Network applications and appliances which have disqualified themselves throughout the years network building took place in Government systems, organised as scholarships, like for instance Lady Alma of Avalon won to study Higher Office management to a distinction of Cum Laude, and with honors for an achievement, which was immediately taken from her by Microsoft NL, who’s disregard and disrespect towards designers of their greatest and military success landed our whole World in a constant danger of Technological discommunication of systems until then fairly compatible and compliant within contextual Scientific Program using both DOS, Wordperfect, compiling Data in Lotus and Database which now make out the basics inside Windows Global Office, and to which Invention she was not informed even though her expertise, loyalty and respect towards her Royal Kingdom were nullified, by Microsoft’s methode of acquiring tyhe necessesary information stank of dankness and disabeling Systems by the sheer dishonesty of an MS DOS (I person) instructor who handed her work in, to harvest Glory as his own. But by doing so disqualifying his own ommission in United States Whitehouse during the Presidency of former President Mr.Clinton, who personally took care of investigating the possible merger of IBM as well as Microsoft as Civillian and Military Networks Parallel and Identical to eachother but both operational in complete different sections of Society from then on connected without distinction from eachother Worldwide, to serve the United Nations and Network but who’s flaws need ending before next stage Technological Solution expected may make entry in Global Log for the first Time available to whole network which can now offer jobs as well as ask for jobs in and outside military operations serving Earth as One Operational Handbook for dissolving War to a Greater Good namely World Peace and to step up operations as Global Defence and bring them under United nations Rule, without forgetting Lady Alma of Avalon’s Prime Directive Independence which brought her Isolation by her own Government Officials taking sides against The Global Initiative as means to serve One Nation striving to achieve beyond people’s petty differences calling shots in Political aspects less beneficial to Global Nation and made up by ancient beliefs undisirable to a Judicial System where all nations can rest at ease in One Nation with Numerous Provinces as Royal, Republican or byTribal Roots they Govern the People of The Land forthwith until a Time will arrive, where those means to organize themselves will be known as Administrations.