PH = OM open by the Carpark

Thanks Obi Wan and Mr Ban…. When I didn’t go blind without the shutters, we can stand down  at 10.00 Arnhem Time, and take notice of the First and hopefully last showing of "911…. Even though it would have been a more significant document when The Commies would have left my interview intact which was taken on 10.11.1980 with Henk van Mook, who was a Tram Driver during the Februari Strike in 1941, which broke out spontaneously when the Dutch/German (Figurative) High Command decided that City Hall Registry had been so accurate over the 5 decades they introduced Civil Registration into Society, it was no problem rounding up the Demonstrators of 1906 (Potato Uproar) + march off all designated Jewish Families pretending they indeed wear a Meteorite?….
Ever since that fatal year 1941 JCLAM Time in ALMAM have we experienced our 2000 years of Psychological integration through reliving Cube Time with ‘The Tube (Jools Holland Channel 4 1983) I finally got a whiff of Star Trek ‘The Next Generation in our Real Time TV overview’…. I would suggest to Library to Sack the ANKH Anando here in town….. He still claims to be the sole owner of a Library of Scripts, Video’s DVD’s and Program applications shut Tight from the General Public…… What a laugh…. Who does he believe to  Fool over Fake Paranormal healings??????Google Chrome.lnk

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Today I envision working further on the Windows experience... Impossible as my mission

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