Shutting down the Bandits

To be your expert in Crime versus Technology  and Global Prosperity, I never needed to travel far or deviate from my self experienced Windows Developement Experience Program.
My findings about The High Level Security and Human Rights breeches committed by the complete  Government content in rules, laws and regulations built up by the corrupting elements chosen into Parliament and Government Demissionair. will shock the United Nations and Security Council, where my place at the table of negotiators has been filled up so kindly by Mrs. Hillary Clinton who’s actual job of State Secretary actually does forbid her active role at such summits by her own political choice to act on behalf of United States Government in Administration.
This must be a unique opportunity for me to pleed my case again within the Global Network to get me out of The City where my Doom has been sealed by none other than illegal acts and criminal conspiracy of all the Higher Public Services and the people behind office and illegally holding on to a Windows Office only responding to the solidarity network I established with Elm Computers providing Internet to the Community on the bast terms I know how, and under the constant sabotage of the Larger Telecom Companies having divided no free market in Telecom service as well as Energy suppliers stealing from the Production lines within the households of the people themselves.
For United Nations sake!!!!
Get me out of here. I shall not last out the week. I’ve been cast out to starve and die because no maffia in the world will take up the hit. 

About machinemommy
Today I envision working further on the Windows experience... Impossible as my mission

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