The European Emergency

The TV Network  faces Greece on the matter of their willingness to act.
As I percieve the Live input through Channels, have we entered battle stations and the fight against the falsified Signatures….tttttssssssststststststs
The Answer to the Q if The Euro is too big too Fail????
The answer is No  provided EU will come up

 with a Bail Out for Greece on the basis of the  now complicated matter that no signature Brussels will turn those keys in the former model.

The immediate Judicial Circumstance makes it imperative, that we proceed as planned. Therefore is my Judgement Bail Out.

There is a Judicial Vacuum our present construct needs to overcome for The Love of God. Get those Beasts in The Hague before they destroy us all.

Google will not justify any other action.


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One Response to The European Emergency

  1. Lady Alma says:

    IU undersstand . And you were so right. The ESP Network you made for me has discoverd a plan in working towards an immediate arrest whereby My downfall will be becoming accused of Spying for an enemy Nation, In my ex position Department of Labour that could end ugly with me for instance comitting suicide with a concret blok to kneel on, because my feet have been cast inside the hold

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