The Netherlands is under attack

Yesterday I did see a Video in Tonnie’s Huiskamer. The spoken Dutch Language gives a raw version of the maddening fear that can grab one when nothing is safe and everything is a lie in your face while nobody admits to not having the answers that gfive us the safe feeling back. Worst thing is, I have been under attack since I came online in 2004 while I did not even know that a secondary Internet takes all the Power we Make and divides it under the Industry on behalf of Province Gelderland. Volkshuisvesting billed me for €50.000,00 damages to the house they evicted me from. Safe to say this bill masks the renovation of a condemned house that was unfit already for the better part of 15 years since the Earthquake 1992. How Earthshocking corrupt is Netherlands? Indonesia dropped above the Top 100 while we are in The Top 10. The Dutch Officials and vip people to themselves do all think alike and handle all affairs as they feel privileged to do. A Politician after Government will behave very much the same, while he goes back to an ordinary jobn . Is a board member therefore a possible terrorist in the Central Core of Global operations????
Just as much as the Politician in Government when they measure us by their standards of low esteem they estimate us at.
I managed to survive outside the system for nearly 8 months. That should clinch the Colliding Wave they now will see destroying their hardware in protection of Motherboard building up to destroy not only their Official System Servers, but as I know I have Vrindavana in Place to give the Peacefull Safe Security only freedom and an Eternal Springtime can garantee through the Intranet, Whe I am not mistaken this calls for ‘Fanfare for the Common Man’ orchestrated by Emmerson Lake and Palmer to commemorate the survival of the Democratic Freedom of The U.N. notwhithstanding the corruption that had me pinned down at their leasure to milk my Computers for everything they were worth.
Dear Dell China, when I order my next Inspiron please be so kind to insure the thing for me with Delta Lloyd. Richard Quest thinks I should not let a Brand New designated Billionseller come home without at least an insurance that needs fast upgrading in matter of weeks. Troubleshooter .Orb on top of Unification Seal should at least have been insured for the amount of$ 400.000.000.000,00 before it got stolen. Why so much? Within 12 days after receiving the 1545 Dual Inspiron 400 mb Ram We had a Global emission in of Micro updating and upgrading global Home Computers with the Trade licences they need to become the new Affirmed Chamber of Commerce completely sealed to the Internet. This summer I finished the licencing by adding the QWERTY under the ever watchfull Eye of Turkish and Servian State TV. I am so happy that my neighbors never doubted me even though The Government in Netherlands has not had a legal day in office anymore since 2007. I replace all Government Departments all on my own, and I never bragged about it. I just have been elevated that High in 2006 in The United States of America as the Host to United Nations. I understand why and Microsoft NL and Province Gelderland will now be forced to pay the bill of Crime that went too far and too long in the books that have kept administration of my design in 1992.

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