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Well what a disapointment. Mubarak  makes a gesture  transferring some power to Vice President Suleiman. It is not what we want in all honesty. There is a distict difference between a Revolution and our peacefull protest in Egypt. Don’t  any of these people tgo pretend to be legitimate Government know they have been found out as having lost control of rthe very Computer Systems they put in place to suppress the people by automated Administrative function. Theyr Statistics reflect ass much accuracy as a Turnip, and the very same people who Government needs to pay their Taxes for a wealthy salary have been squeezed out as Oranges and The decanter with Fresh Juice  is empty, and the Orange Tree will not blossom into new fruit  for as long as their poverty grows faster than the money they are allowed to earn. There can be no mistunderstanding between us and there has to be a solution to the dilemma in Egypt before any more unrest destroys any infra structure  already in the next stage of automated processing information in civil Procedures. What many people in Government employment forget, is that the rich become more wealth than they share aamongst the people. To The elite, People are expendible and don’t register as equal human beings. We know now, that the people in power look down on the population and I think they can no longer maintain ignorance for the needs of the very population they play in mass media to vote for them in moque elections by shutting out all opposition with different opinions on how the Country should be run. For the Record: I already see a Country with a Constitution that became dismembered by the Policies of the few occupying High Office to suit their Private Needs and Social Circle. Don’t these people in The Government and local authorities know we found them out and their secrets no longer exist. It is all out in the open what makes Politicians tick. It is a flaw in a Personality to be so consumed by a High Office that it makes them cling to a position that we know to be an administrators job. It no longer is a decent man or woman, who uses elections to become elevated into power. It is a big difference if you have been inaugurated as a Heiress (I was in 2006) to take an office that nobody could have  known ever existed nor could have run for in a competition  that never took place. I am the sole elevated Queen of Machine Internet. We need people who not only have a Vision of how we can reorganize our Countries into the well oiled  Enterprize that sells well and produces top quality Public Service that will export our model Overseas, because we not only make solid Public Service in Service of the people. As it stanjds, do all our Departments Procedures only serve to satisfy the need of individual people  who honestly must have lost their marbles, calling their Department Public Service. All they produce is criminal spam. How will our Country survive these politicians,  inventing Taxes for every service that is taxed within the service, on top of that we have to pay another service fee. This is what happened to our Health Care system. At the moment do we have more Health care Insurance Companies than can be deemed economic sound and financially healthy, because our market is too small for the number of Insurance CXompanies to compete for. So what do we pay for in our Health Care by Tax and Premium in this double payment trap of a Government decision. In reorganization of the Dutch System technology did our Computer System simplify a lot of things. It meant that a lot of Government Jobs becvame obsolete and emptied out the work stations going black without the people leaving stations that no longer were needed. Leaving us to pay the salary for someone out of work. So the Health Care Scam was the next step. The Greedy sods should have known they were going to be found out.


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