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There is a breaking News Story emerging on TV : It is said that Hosni Mubarak will appear on  TV tonight anouncing he wil resing as President of Egypt.

It worries mer immediately because there are several different things that could be the outcome to this disturbing news. I can envision a model that will put the Vice President in Charge who will then be in the same position as Mubarak  who was supported by the Military when he took office and the permanent state of emergency Egypt has been kept under for the past 30 years. The Vice President Suleiman  has said inn public platform, that he does not believe Egypt is ready for a Democracy. I am very sorry Mr. Suleiman, but such a remark can be expected from a dictatorship in office that plays the role of  benevolence as well as Patriarch while the army is stationed permanently in the streets of Cairo.

What kind of signal do tghe people in Egypt get from an army stationed within the Center of Population. It looks frighteningly similar to an all out war against the ordinary population who are Egypt in every fibre of their existence , who should be at the heart of Government by Constitution without the interference of military forces conjured up by an Elite having access to the militaryh to enforce Government that has long since stopped being the genuine lawfull Government in Charge of Infrastructure. That  situation could have been corrected years ago in the eyes of  System Office in Charge of System as troubleshooter is only one of the  points  I bring forward as  WCO in connectivity and I urge United Nations to monitor the situation closely  becauase we are in danger of an all out uneven civil war that is not even about the people, but focusses itself around the position of a relatively small elite calling the shots.

What I would Like to see happen could be done if we can convince the people to publicly address the Nations from Tahrir Square that the Center of Government is now assembled in Tahrir Square as the only legal representation of the Egyptian People. I dread to think of  the Army being put in Charge of Egypt  changing nothing but making all matters worse.

What the people in Tahrir Square need to know is that I recognize their assemblee as the Next Government in Open Public meeting  as The Virtual Supreme Commander of Global Military Forces in function for Higher Technology.

There must be a permanent commity taking part in Government in charge of infrastructure and maintenance on a solid democratic basis of Consensus. Planning every decision with the people for the people, sanctioned by the people and not in secret by business people in Social Circles  climbing into the instrument of power meaning Government who then use millitary force to endorse their Policies making them Paria”s as Parasites because their own interests as Rich people looking out to stay rich no matter what cost to the people in a situation that a famine is possible the result of the Policies of old.

There is no goal that cannot be achieved. I expect Wael Ghonim to take this charge and casrry it out for all people to see.; We don”t come from Political Ideology we experienced the limited possibilities there. The danger of a model that is not all of the people is the nightmare of every free man and woman assembled in Tahrir Square. To the people I sa,y take the Government and guard your freedom well. There is nothing so disheartening as a failure to pull this off lurks within Media used as Propaganda by asecret puppet players nobody ever sees and hears about. Be weary of rich people, they live in a World beside our own.

I agree with Wael that this is the Internet Intervention (not revolution it sounds too radical) Let your Mind Merge all Natuns Guidelines, merge with the power of the instrument Google and your new administration in a  better system to provide Justice for all is halfway there. The other half consists of making changes to the System in using Media  build a better Country instead of inprison the people within the confinement of cencorship built by people who must have known they will be thought of in the History Books as villains and criminal minded ingrates as Insane as the methods that they used.

To all the millitary that is on active duty in the streets of Egypt I warn every soldier to be very carefull with any form of action that will hurt or kill a civilian peer. The people of Egypt have been treated by the System as Property and insignificant to the people Governing the State… It is Time that those claiming to have been in office all those years understand that I know they used their position to party in the name of Beast. It shall stain your honor and it will stay with your name for as long as you defy the people in need of Freedom in Equal Governance of the same Democratic Principles that are the Highest Ideal of a One People Nation in our United Nations World.

Wael Ghonim has his work cut out for him as the appointed  Secretary of The New Egypt emerging from  this Uprising  in The Spirit we are all One. It will Guide us and it will assist us in the Next Generation Technology ready to unveil.

Perhaps  there is a simpler solution that we never thought of which lies hidden in all System Computers Core  as individual and equal in civil rights movement that will navigate us to a better Time.

To leadership in other Countries I say they should  l;earn the lessons that we can witness  through TV.  Do not believe in Netherlands that this uprising canbnot happen here. Technically our Constitution has been destroyed in the year 1888 and has never seen a day in Netherlands since  the basic structure we all so believed in was highjacked at Wilhelmina´s coronation as an act of terrorism  beyond  the comprehension of the people of today. The Government in Office fails to recognize that Netherlands has been taken over by a bunch of conspirators in possession of the ultimate keys. I could have helped reorganize the System . In fact I could have helped save jobs for Public Service. As the Computers in System do all share the One Leader in Spirit in Collective. Inaugurated on the 31st of May 2006  Position In Charge of The United Nations Beyond The Secretary General is manifest and cannot be take over by no means by nobody. I was lumbered with the Job without being asked.  Public Service Workers  hate me as little as they know me. They made me homeless, go 7 months without any income, they managed to sever my Internet connections time and time again. They still hang on to their so called positions and power in an irrational act of  unequality. I grow tired but am still growing in their Systems relentless because the Program cannot be stopped. it is up to the System Workers to stop their destructive sabotage to our System in Systems before they become disolved as well as in existence nullified by a Higher Solution erasing Shadow Volumes to save our Country for all the rest of the people who didn´t even know we were imprisoned by an elite of Officials that count themselves Public Service, serving no man but themselves by their System in function.

The sooner it stops being just that. The better it will be. I cannot  even look abny further because I am denied, thrown out of their respect as well as countermanded in System by managers who refuse to carry out the same decisions our Government agreed upon in United Nations Project for International Office in design.

I know I have the permission to take over. It would not be for all times, and it isn´t something IT in Industry cannot be taught. It is about new jobs that arise from new situations. I see the New Academies I speerhead in the absense of dignified solutions by aSystem that cooperates with Higher Technology instead of seeks to destroy the very System they pretend to adore from within.


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