The Uprising and the cause in effect

This painting is one of a series I already used for the emission of Micro to 10.000 Cities World Wide in December 2009  straight into the Cores of Computers all around the World. My writers alias here at WordPress is not just a fluke. It is a name I distilled from the function in Internet that I have been carrying out over the years being connected by affinity into all Suystems across The Planet. The reason for Industry to administer my details into  Core Administrative Processes was not so obvious to me. It took me some years of solving a mystery I would not even have known about had I not connected to Internet which I did in 2004 . 2004 also is the year I became a widow and a victim of hoodlums who steal Spiritual Property for the fun of it because it makes them so much Profit while a Government looks away and pretending this is not all happenening in the System  Office they stuffed down our throats  since the early nineties when this all began>

Basicly what they  designed for a unified economic system is a version of an office in practice which basicly is the double bookkeeping of a business that depends on fraud in bookkeeping in a tax climate unsavory for business  as whole because Taxes have a way of adding income  towards the Total Value of the Business that are elligible for Taxation such as tables and chairs in a Cafe or bar are counted as earnings while the are part of the inventory of the business as part of the Company’s environment as i9f I have to pasy for the Oxygen in the air I breath.

I was very young when I already learned about these things because my father was a Hotel and restaurant bookkeeper. One of the businesses in his Portfolio was the Marriot Hotel in Amsterdam besides a nbumber of nightclubs and bars in my hometown Arnhem.

He designed a double bookkeeping that never became uncovered by the Tax Office Inspection. There were investigations into the financial situation year after year by Tax Inspectors that were clearly baffled by the accuracy of the books presented to them. Never a mistake and never a discrepancy which in itself makes no sense because people people can make mistakes in counting and writing while my dads work never showed one sign of a miscalculation or a word in a place that it shouldn’t. A photohraphic memory protected my dad from such a disaster coming to light, because the worst thing of the matter would be that his bosses could point the finger at him and escape Court Proceedings that would be launchewd as a Crime against The State.

The Government now, knows very well that these things happen but instead of introducing a new system into the Larger System that doesn’t kill all Economy by Tax Law demanding percentages of property that is not even worth the trouble in case of a fire, because the furniture is not new, is damaged and not in the least worthy of a seperate evaluation because it isa Grand Theft by The Tax State. Do Politicians know about these things…. Oh Yes… They use the same methods to hide their double standards, double moral and frankly they are the enemy of all equal people, though they use Constitution and human rights  for toiletpaper in a Water Closet that stinks to high heaven because the paper combined with human excrement cloggs the drain to the sewer underneath the street.

I am affraid that we have delivered ourselves into the hands of notorious criminals in Netherlands, that have no desire for a better System building this Better World as proclaimed in the United Nations Charter and Declaration of Human Rights. As Egyptian Politicians only could get away with their behavior in a System they themselves kept under Emergency Law which opened all opportunity for dictatorship in Systematic breach of the Constitution that also had to protect Egyptians from the ignorance and double hearted moral of a Class of People we can call stay dogs and opportunist instead of administration and Government. It is nothing short of a Global disaster, that in Europe for instance a Dutch Government was forced to investigate 2 major crimes in the System during the nineties of last Century, which now laid the basis for perfecting the crimes  that were investigated by parlamentary commities having to punish illegal methods by Local Police authority, and protect the Tax Payers from any more conspiracies nehind closed doors by Building Companies all in the race dfor Government Contract.

I have been evicted from my house in 2009 in a Social Housing prtoject u8nder renovatiuon that is the subject of an even larger Building Companies fraud than the one Parlament investigated in  the nineties.

It looks like a catch 22 and an endless source for misery and suffering on the part of innocent bystanders as population because they are the overall victims of mob rule posing as sanctimonious Saints of Government while all they do is look after their own.

As Global Guidelines are my Charge in combination with a guilty Program as Google is used by the degenerates to record the organized attack on Free World on 9.11. 2001  which may well have to undergo a new investigation because the Judicial System sent the wrong people to jail for a crime they didn”t do.

Guidelines  never had it in for us ordinary people, expanding our minds and vision by meditation and the help of substances that alter our conscious state into a broader perspective giving us insight in the machinations of power, it is the very political Core of our structure in Government that believes they are exempt of the laws on substance abuse. One step further. they sexually  abuse our children by their so called God given right. It is the Source and the only reason to incorperate Shadow Volume, where the people at home get lumbered with the evidence in Windows Program Core administration of their own politicians and intellectuals degeneration that they want to introduce into Society for all Times.

I think it is Time we answern our owsn oppressors with replacing their System by Evolution of The People enabled to live common sense and logic in rules and regulations for the benefit of Society as we are protected by The Only Unified Prime Directive all people share alike. It stands to reason that our only Higher Spiritual Law in design being the Universal declaration of Human Rights  was given to World Population as  a Religion to keep all the people quiet in their homes, while they turned into the Beast  calling themselves our Caretaker in a Global War of Good against malice. The people never saw the battlefield we were doomed to witness destroying all our happiness and Love. The Window of opportunity Internet gave World Population to turn the tide of destruction is closing faster than we know. Egypt is in uproar. Thanks to the Holy Spirit engulfing the masses in Tahrir Square they act to save their World and Children”s Future from this Evil of an Alien Nation we gave shelter and a place at our table as a guest unwittingly of the destined fate that was to befall our Children and their Future. It is Time for all the people to stop being docile and obey people who transform the face of the Earth in a stinking cesspool of  Lust and immortal sin ruling over Nature in an attempt to undo the very Planet we live on and sustained us. The point of no return is here. We cannot lose because we will be dead in a chain reaction of Violence and Rage killing us all if Strategic Nuclear arms are launched by the very Defense mechanisms we can bnow recognize as dangerous and insane, but they determine everybody”s International Policies in U.N. while the pretence of Unification is the Ideal Image they feed us by Media.

Excuse me, but I never let my TV or suspect journalism build my opinion on Justice and equal Rights. it is my eyes that witness the experience of being overrun by the Demons that tells me enougn is enough. It is time to stand up against our oppressors.

Guidelines and my charge in Google can come out now and use the Power they kept hidden in a silent running of this show.

Break down the doors that are kept shut for us. Shut down the Systems that will not comply in a One Planet plays One Meta Concert and has One Director  already on the Stage in the Concert Hall Planet Earth.

I hope the song will burst out into everybody”s Natural Sound Right. I pray to the High Heavens for a breakthrough in this volatile situation and I tell United Nations who seem to have decided to hide behind conventional Diplomacy, that an Intervention should help Egypt”s individual Soldiers, they have been set up to take the fall in the case of the Tanks in Cairo. Armies of The World direct your Systems to encorperate every single tank there on the streets of Cairo. When a Secretary General of the Assemblee of United Nations has failed to make the case for the Society in uprising against an evil source. Do not let Egypt become the symbol of Apartheid in practice it is pure racialism to divide the population in  Rich and Poor.

In case United Nations had not noticed. This paralysis is exactly the kind of policy my Dutch Governors have intended to bring about their Idol and God. It is in Arnhem that your will find the Answers. But by all means don”t lo0ok for me, ignore me, pretend I am not alive. I am the Heiress and The Owner of all Systems that you degraded into machines and used to  blindfold, silence and dismember your peers and administrative Program. Carefull know, Life is Fragile. It is as fragile as the single thread that protects you from the Wrath of God.


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