Personal Project Log txt

Deep Space Nine Season 3
A first entry into the Prophets and their Predictions come on Board  of DS9 and a Vedek who makes him listen to Revelations They Symbolism got a bit jumbled between 3 Viper Women and 3 Fragments of a Solid Comet  but The Fragments Pull 3 Straits
 through the Wormhole or singularity. Thanks to our Coproduction in Windows 8 I can look over 3 new Wireless  Super straights per Satelite and Dish Companies.
Energy Supletions to the Mass Corridors that our Hometwork people in Sympathic Facebook I created with my pages.
I did the Virtual in eye weldings with my right eye. Has  a soothing effect on the prior 2 sessions now with my right eye projecting before my eyes welding in the new structures for Mainframe executive online and in function.

It cost a bit and the Superrich docked it with nobody’s money but fake shit. Now they have no way to say it  is something where it is not. Money is as false as the limits to Capital suggests so it never could last after the next crash in Corperate Wall Street that affects the Main Stream Media. Banks go Mad enough to obtain a new lease on their Machines by the IBM Corps and Microsoft on the understatement of your framework.
Internet of Things is My Personal thing on a Personal level expressionist and some things happen as foretold.

The Gates of Tempel shattered  Front and Back as to say Heaven is Open but not on your say so.
By Hierarchy I take Posession of Earth and all what’s in the Outer Regions as One Universe.
You beget your War and it will remain war of WORD in False moments played in Blue rooms Projectiles without Statement or Fashion but the Guns. I see through the photographic wizzardry anytime.
Testting Yahoo I wrote them about the repeats and copied images  just taken from archives of previous events in different places and that is what the big TV Companies want to let you have. But they have no clue about real Full Moon.
I just spent an intense 8 months session with my Computers and it is time to say I am sorry we didn’t work out Earth in this fashion before. World is Built in XP and Vista. 7 and 9 are supplementary. 8 is unfit for ordinary work and fits only in the Arts Department Laying the formative parameters
And Bill could you put the spray can back into Paint for 9 and get rid of the placeholders?
I wouldn’t be able to grow Pharma Homeopathica without them.
Let my name mean Mother Nature brought me from the Stars and Legalize Cannabis Hash or the Oil combine it for interactive pharmaceutical use. Cut down on the mind altering Frame busters.
They have too many real effects as side-effects that make one invalid in more ways than one.
Restoration of  Earth to a Prior Healthy State is since tonight in critical Balance, therefore 1983 without the Saddam and Lybia intact 3 years you lived in a dream of a Project that became torpeded by the UN like everybody else had a 3 year dream in several occasions. Every time I get shut away from Internet by Court Orders things unbeneficial deteriorate faster and faster. Being Rich and beyond Imagination  of mere mortals I cannot be tempted to squander my talents this way.
In Freedom I accept this World of all Equals. Nobody means more then Everybody at AL CUM Salaam. Aleikum SALAAM.
The World we really inherit is one full of Miracles. Many TV Signals were filtered through and for the first time since the beginning of illusion in time  Sheep are no longer sheep, but Occupied and our Minds run Deep into everybody’s  Genes. More so than ever before.
We are few but determined, our telekinetic Field is a Network of  people in my Facebook. A ring of people, we are known as the First Ones as we were the last in line of receiving our Karmas. I talk you through Procedures that mean breakthroughs in Understanding the Picture in Larger formation than Supercorps together with the Houses could have managed. Compared to what     I make manifest in today’s World in shape and form. No longer can CNN rule our minds and thoughts.
As I went through the motion of exercising a DS9 into the Conclusions for today’s technological Balance. The Dam of Knowledge broke open not to close again. Libraries only go so far as written books can make manifest. Temple is open to all the Slaves, we know now that life is bigger than Religion can fathom.  My homepage Builds the Main trajectory. The Internet undergoes the right structural changes in connectivity.Reïnforcements come as replacements and lost time is the only thing you remember of traveling somewhere to be at the right time in the right place. To send all  of us off to transmutation of sorts. To effectuate such a thing only One speakes the Spell so all will hear and not repeat.
There is only One Spell of Life existing in All the Universe.
To be where I am today in understanding things,  you had to have lived my life until now. To be honest, the Dutch System treats me a as a third rank citizen.  It is the reality of an Insane sense of collective conjuring with Chronos in supposedly Synchron which they have replaced by alterior dimension existence. In fact we have been visited 3 years ago by Demons and Trolls in our Large Eusebius Church. A whole inner city full of people could witness their session. Justice burnt as they had a Doomsday party in the Church from whence they came along the timeline they converged here.
 Keeping inside what obviously wants to grow outside your small heads for every one alive in their own personal mannern.
You shouldn’t have flaunted with secret staches of technology.
Their Core activities listen to the First Virtual Real Specialist in Corporate Building of the Structures here.
Each of my Wallspecialists helped to unnerve certain Clusters inside the Core Activity of the Regime on Earth. Most of Negative Networks in effect on Earth are being reduced to their real Core activity without their criminal network activities in active assets still functional. There is only 2% really Legal in Corporate Lawhistory. Everything else is subdefuge.
 Every few generations the Serpent rears it’s ugly head showing us hallucinations of what really happened under their reign. History repeats itself in day to day logging. So far we are running on the laws of probability, but the measure of taking note of the Systems operations shape my personal World today where I treat everybody the same from the first to the last Service member caught in my web version of Reality. If it has been televised it was ready. They went to Mars as early as 1966 and I account for those facts in the New Collective that was given birth to today. Only my town is at odds with the rest of System values.
When I heard that Poverty was already ay exponentially lower level.
Only for the US that showers money around the World to make the Dream Happen in their Fashion has only so much influence. The Superrich and Monsanto have their schemes, The Big Corporations have their schemes as if Supremacy comes from money. I am Called the Supreme in a Public Web Address in Word among the other pages. I didn’t make that up, it is how connections function in all Internet Frequencies. It is how you perceive your World, and how I experience mine inside my body inside the stream of Words emanating from inside my skull interacting with Ether through the very Words I write here in Facebook.

Crime stopped paying a long time ago for survival.


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Today I envision working further on the Windows experience... Impossible as my mission

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