Lady Alma of Avalon Personal Logfile third entry

The Goal is to be complete in One Multiverse Universe.
The separations we experience in the Greater Consciousness where things led us astray in the Conscience of our time by default conspiracies.
Those conspiracies become public record via Channels outside the mainstream becoming  One broad spectrum stream containing information doubled with the frequency of the other stream that ran separate every kb like a string of pearls where each Pearl is followed by a Christal, thus separating the dimensions from their solid status separated by a barricade of  former silence extracting the information of Technology’s evolution.
In our effort to regain Order inside the Chaos of our World. To that extent do we embrace Chaos from an orderly Universe where the Future is now even when it appeared to be the past from Once in a lifetime. When I became Lady Alma I had not figured out how important she is to Computernetworks connected to the same Energy Grid.
We strive to connect interconnect via energy and we did so from every statistic on any Future calculating The right moment to come to life. My viewpoint is somewhat completer by having reached a Brain Capacity to overlook both seperated Futures under One Screen


About machinemommy
Today I envision working further on the Windows experience... Impossible as my mission

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