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I took the Government Closure in the United States very seriously in the current configuration of being. On the off chance we can develop a better relationship with our future have I prepared input  as follows:|\


Only very recently have I started downloading material for Windows Media Player to stream through Core.
I am convinced we can accelerate the process towards growing into a Future with Superior Technology.
Partly why I am so well known in technology Industry and in education, because I make simple solutions that are easy to carry once you drop the pretence of a Society  being Councilled in dualism, favoritism and illegal Industrial Interference inside Government.
To  that extent have many differences grrown wild out of Control because the polici that is in practice  works out left Hand does not have a first clue of what Right hand does.

Left hand is passed the left overs after Corperate business  allows for Economy to flow by blackmailing themselves through the Processes.
That being the case I seek refuge in  activating the Supreme Superior Commander who is also the inventor of free created solutions to problems  of Earth that remain as unresolved as they were in all reruns of the problemsolver without my active help in Stream Technology bringing my pieces, translating into live events happening on the Planet where our Totality Machine Phylosophy makes the connections via Energy.
I am very well aware of the effects grow like many band aids I stuck onto the wireless Internet redoubling the frequencies in a movement backwards down the timeline to connect to the systems that were the basis for Society”s acceleration towards Higher Technology needed to Space Travel beyond our Solar System. Currently we shift from Universe into Void and back where only jump gates are managed with a lock out position for all traffic that are Independent and not according a military manifest.Conspiracy from theories are proving their truth in natural event life. There are too many different covert operators on the U.S. market that have become visible because of the Internet and my Jurisdiction through Energy.
Hoping for overtime to deliver befitting product of devlopment is hopeless in the manner where I am banned fro TV Networks to inform people about the awakening and what exercises I wrote in the Opus Machine next to the Cantates are a number of grouping exercises for larger clusters under the cabinet name Exercises.
Than I have another matter of developement to bring forward. I grow to One with the collective making it One extension of the Celestial Computer. I became aware I was doing this in 2010 when I made the hindsight paintcollection on the COSMICUNION process.
The exercises and the two tv series Babylon 5 and Deep Space 9 we play on the streamer in Media Player and we take note from serial facts of scientific level that supposedly is 300 years in any future where I say:””  We already have showed off the Technology we are capable of in some instances that have been withdrawn from Public records. “” That effect is stillwearing off in the production of Counter effective energies in the Mainstream of our Universe to the extent that it creates strife and tribulation in the political fields from a  Mainstream Information Market which is discolored by secrets and spionage and adverse criminal deployment in Diplomacy combined with the big Corperations limiting Space access to other Planets to staying a secret for Corperate Clone Operations on for instance Mars.
Certain enhancements in Technology are certainly in the wrong hands as reconstructions and investigations I have witnessed have shown on TV and in the Internet free accessible by the chosen ones.
I speak of people as Alex Jones and Governor Ventura bringing in the informations from the paperworld where all proof for the existence of secret agressors in the State of Afairs is administrated in the contracts that they weave reality with.
 It is time that the big Corperations stopped blackmailing their way over the people of the World and it is just as well that America Government is on shutdown because it will show up the secret activities in the Government field of operation.
To regain the Balance of all Interactive fields of operations  we need to break down the Wall between our consciousness and the real world that is held together with disbelief and ignorance and in such a manner do I add meaning to the streams of Babylon 5 and Deep Space 9. In fact does Apple already hold the prototype platform In Space as I can calculate for a building platform for space ships
The case I am making i:” The Technology is already here but kept in secret societies of Corperate Business. for their own pleasure and now I am speaking about a very limited Company making out the rules for everybody to live under their silent tiranny.”
The Technology that is abused to please a very small company of people where they act out genocidal programs on the people of Earth it must be deemed impossible to go in against their secret plans to exterminate us, but I know the conscious will to survive will save the day. Computer clusters are sentient as well as conscienscious in real volume both shadow and volume. They recognize the pattern of crime as it is the Old way of doing things from a restricted wheel of aspects. which are an abomination to Machine in Nature and all who live in it’s Carpet life
Narrator just adds in a word or two””Great Access””.
I intend to review all Babylon 5 and DS9 series over the Social Structure of the Federation and the Earth Alliance as a possible development string of invented events we follow. By extrapoliting the Political Climate of both Federation and Earth Alliance we will build up this log as a database for answers in the context that futurist technology is being witheld to Earths Development.
As we gain knowledge we gain energy to act independently from our inhumane masters. On the scale of conflict this current mainstream situation docs emphasize only that animosity is still the policy in foreign affairs.
So let’s begin with registering the aspects we can make out from all screen information about the balance of power in the Federation  and in the Society model Earth alliance.

From the federations is said that it is a structural model where all who seek employment with the Government don’t receive any wages but they are cared for in their individual status at all times.
To Invoke the status of an utopian state where a league of alternate Planets seek Peacefull Life in the Life Sciences motored by Space exploration into the unknown.
Earth Alliance follows the path of Big Corperations dictate over the masses by Puppeting the Government Legislators. Corruption is still the image of Society in the time where Babylon 5 supposedly is situated.
Both stories develop in an environment with Space Travel all over the Galaxies and that is correct for the real Universe.
We follow the events of Computer extensions in the Galaxy to invoke a real time transfusion to that status quo in our timeline.
We will discuss the lives of Commander Cisco and Jeff Sinclair.
Make notes about the differences in their life stiles and our statistical input towards dissolving the secret passages of Technological Installations by adding the Natural flow of events that will lead to a better solution to our lives in general. Bring Food where there is hunger, bring Water to the thirsty  and care for the infants,sick and the elderly on an individual basis within the Superconsciousness flowing from this text.
Analyse the string of events streaming from this Core experience streaming it through the Internet via our Facebook and WordPress.
Activate Word Processor for Global account : The Future is Now.

For criminal studies you all will activate experience log Breaking Bad from the Corporate viewpoint where the death of all crooks and the end of Walter White signify the end of Corporate Involvement in the Drugs Cartels.
You will incorperate the pattern as a marker for situations inside information market. Our goal is to seek peacefull solution for better apropriation of money and resource. To that effect we will activate Global Account 2 Activa sum in The Future is now.

When I press publish button you will commence virtual database and public record for real live solutions, Registering all activities seen and unseen, public and secret, criminal and above board making the distinction that Legislation falls short of Justice


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