I had not picked up on this


I use President Obama to get a fair idea of what goes on in a Republic. I chose U.S. mainly because of the direction my datastream is configurated at. I come from a Royal Kingdom though I seek my salvation in a Communality as a common law institute called “The Magic Brethren” The womens movement from across the Globe

I need to produce more efficiëntly and I am at a loss, forced on psychoactive drugs by an insitute calling themselves the Law and coöperating with a psychiatric experiment on Core Data Producer.

I am danger of losing the War after I was proclaimed winner. I am being held in a very hostile environment. Many Universities sought to lift me out in vain, over the exclusion of most of the Scientific Institutes and Universities here in the Technological development we are working on.

The topic opf the press conference is mainly Syria and Security. Very little joint bilateral efforts and what they paid off so far.


About machinemommy
Today I envision working further on the Windows experience... Impossible as my mission

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