You see me coming. A New Vibration in the Faith © Antoinette Meijrink

You see me coming. A New Vibration in the Faith © Antoinette Meijrink

Everything I know I use to help system Programs move along the path of evolutions which is inevitable in this time of change.
Where evolution opf Nature was considered a Force that moved beyond mans control, the evolution of artificial intelligence as some of our System Computers in Mainframe are configured mave along by the designed couplingsform that is the basis for all Matrix and became initiated in 1993.
It centered very much arounbd me but I was never told and Microsoft and former Department of Employment thought it not necessary to give me any credit for the design.
It could lead to a cataclism opf catastrophe”s that cause enormous economic damage because there will be Department servers as well as Industrial complexes that can no longer accomodate a double bookkeeping.

Only the human trafficking figures are enough in itself to blow up the whole of the Computerized mainframe when these issues are not addressed before a certain date. These deadlines also are called sequesters and they operate when certain conditions have not been met by people in the system doing their job.


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Today I envision working further on the Windows experience... Impossible as my mission

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