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Page reference:”The Global Emergency Handbook”


Sifting though the administrative knowledge of my personal database which stretches my whole life and also has Pathways in the Pons card age makes it easier to find discrepancies in the Social Structure of Netherlands Society and it is a long hard look at an anti Social structure Mainframe correcting wrongs by patching it in hindsight of mistakes, but doing nothing to correct the mistakes that led to the situation patch in system. Only those who can find a way with the language in use can possibly find a way to a patch on individual basis but the bulk goes unseen

As all Bad things must come to an end this is a cause for Harware Failure in the near future causing systems under the strain of a multidimensional Universe streaming through every Console connected to the Powergrid. It cannot be avoided and to cut into the damage I have published a selfdestruct sequence that involves Vista premium and 7 premium for as far as already in use. The Productcode for Vista is a German Matter while 7 Premium is a Chinese matter for surveillance. It is the cheapest solution I can make on the basis that the Product Code can be used again once we weeded out the shadows. It is cheaper and preserves the Newer Systems that already have been put in place through China Dell. Do not regret the shambles it became. The chaos of measures and Legislation changes were to much on a frame of that limited basis in the whole. Microsofts claim never measured up to the Greatness I represent.

Netherlands is a Test garden and I cannot condone the tampering to Department Core Systems who’s experience is the Model Basis for a GLobal Institute System. It works through the hook up into all kinds of administrations depending on the Dutch Core Stream that I provide and not the System.

 What Netherlands was in the Seventies? Discord, and it is way to prefer over what it is now a clique of frightened Governors having given themselves to many system freedoms to operate under Social Welfare State any longer. The Universal Seal dropped off when Lady Justice went missing here and this situation has to become stopped or we lose the Planet to individual Countries warring about Natural resource before long. After so many Misfits Harvests we have not the reserves to stand any more of this.



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