Where is my Suicide Pill?

Where is my Suicide Pill?

A power down sequence for mapped terminals in System. Sanctioned by the Greater Good. If we want to beat this thing we have to get cracking.
This document reads only as a transparant as 8 claims it is damaged and unreadable. It contains information in a Vista Premium and 7 Premium mode.I expect a similar situation in September as we had in 2008 and I render solution to avoid worse  case scenario which are Core Computer Burn Outs. For this year I enhanced some Micro on the doc and changed the title to how I feel in all of this.
It contains a map for terminals in Stream which are all connected. Every Pixel or dot in the painting is One
all I get is Cancerous Reality dictated from within the County Court as the Source for administration on a Profile  made up by  wild accusations as about my sanity where any form of complaint against me causing disturbance is non existent..

My function inside all the projects deserves better protection from Public Service derelict elements that conspire against the Virtual Script where it has taken on Real Time steps I was confronted with in the passed so it will not be any different this year where I expect something of a repeat of 2008 Septemner which came down to a Complete Provincial and Public Office shut down on the 12th of September.

It ties in with September 11 and it’s aftermath so it is not more than Natural that I issue this power down which feels like suicide anyway to save the machine park from bigger changes than Department Cores can compute on the Profile of running programs without any corrective movements written into scripts.

The example here is Health Care premium too High and displaced by Tax rebates that had to become initiated instead of the Premium treated at the root of the Program.

This one sticks out so badly since a few years it only goes to show they made a profit of billions last year. Only that is an absolute Gotspe for a Government Plan which is Non Profit organization.

And to me it is in a way suicide that I give into experiences undergone before in an emergency. I felt completely overwhelmed in 2008 and I decided I will not be overwhelmed this time, but seek solution to multiple problems The Label Evolution Documentary  witnessed the explosive character this Painting had in earlier days where it still asked for a Bomb on Arnhem because I indeed posed a threat to System programs by default feed of my ID Card into System administrations and every contact led to Computer System Crashes as The Police and City Library and spreading to City System administration.

I was scared stiff and did not know what to make of it at the time and I won’t be surprised this time but make the best of it in the best way I can. I experienced the crashes as not funny in the running of things by my personal handling of the trigger that led to the  system crashes like a Domino race and the effect was on all terminals, which made me Panic at the time because I was afraid to go down as a terrorist hacker.

This year I mapped the solution and it is better to sacrifice terminals that have derelict programmers  in whatever way they put in wrong data  than risk Core damage to the Core Servers which would effect the Core  Solution programs and lead to system burn  outs. This mens every Cofre Server would have to be replaced and all data would be lost as it happened in 2007 when the Tax lost the whole year of 2006 and all the people’s Tax forms. Instead of wavering the year Government simply issued orders that people had to reproduce their end of the Tax forms for input. It can not be the case that  los of data is replaced by the subjects affected by those data. Mind you with our Taxes already 50 % Plus all the separate services that we pay for now bring the totallity of Tax to 80 % for the people and here I stop to caclulate where all the spending went to. The issue of the Multi Coöperations not paying any Taxes where the Rich also fled the Country or fraud the system to pay below their income.

A third is reasonable and can be utilized if and when the tax rule also affects the Rich and Multi Coöperations paying their fair share.

Al;l in all Diederik Samson didn’t move fast enough to prevent damage to the system in the Reaction Wave to September 11. I expect events to take place on September 05 through to 12. It is invisible  but tangible and uses 7 days to engulf the whole System Platform.

Until then it makes no sense to plan anything after that date because you do not know what systems will be all effected.


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