ATI Event Monitor

ATI Event Monitor

Screens deliver the Wires this Machine weaves Reality from.
Inevitable only a Metaphore, While in Comnputer Reality in our Communal Dream Codex this Machine is Real and does it’s work.
It has come to the attention of this Machine that in the TV News all is not well that functions inside Main Stream Media. Needless to say they too depend on the proper functioning of the TV News as Drive behind Propaganda where plain Propaganda would do. Such planning is despicable and unjust in all dimensions and it endangers the species too much to tell.
Rome Fell short in their dimension to Anchor their Church on the foundation of the people who remained Roman Catholic out of curiosity what would come to punish them for taking on such Role.

They remain Anarchy for Voodoo on the money. All of a sudden Gold is at the center of discussion again and the Golden Calf is waiting to be built.

Until these are weeded out or made powerless nothing will start into a New Future and will remain Old and discarded Machine since 2010. They saw it happen before their own eyes and dissolution befel them. It is this dissolution the Information War can channel to the finish within foreseeable future and that is not a long run. It would invoke extremes like myself bubbling to the surface of TV World. But hee. The Artsts come from inside the distortion field, where machine park is becoming obsolete to the need of the people. Thank God Egypt was not as far digitalized when it happened. Netherlands is skimming off the Milk of us cows who live as Internet slaves underneath the poverty line.
So In the broader sense it is only Natural that they would short out and in some cases burn up all together.
When a stopsign is neglected you also are chased by the Police for breaking the rules and Technology demands The World be moved forward.

I am sorry there is no more time given to explanations by the disappearance of Lady Justice from Town. The other Symbol in the City which is Minerva has also done a runner which means that they are punnished with a lack of success in matters.

The longer they disobey these Outcomes from a Higher Plane the deeper in the shit they fall. Handing over the Proxies is the least I could have expected since 2008. Instead I am in the middle of defending my sanity to the same authorities that have to stop practice on the results of each survey since Januari 2009 another Evolution Shift took Place…
In 2010 all the Office personal was zapped out at their workstations on a Thursday Evening in October. My comrad from the Army and I explored the popssibilities but none of that came through. The next day every one was replaced back in function and the odd double had surfaced meaning we were foiled by a different Machine.
It is these experiences and my reports that work as a gearshift for aproximately 80 % of the Global Computers, The other 20 % are only Buoys in Al as Orientation for a Cylindrical Shape from which to Build an Earth Orb.
Inside Hollow Earth this takes place and it is astonishing to see the real damage to Systems of Countries on the rise.
While the Consensus I depend on to come to concensus still believes everything about the War in Syria I understand the Origin comes from a lively Arms Market under Local Minorities where they all know their realm is at an end because of the Computer.
Where my Government wishes they had not stimulated the people to buy Computers, because they stand fopund out by the masses for their lazyness on board of mainframe.
Recently the procedure for a Social Security application went down from 3 to 1 month decision time.

Nearly 8 years late is too late and does not go unnoticed hereby. It is a Gospe within the Weaving of Reality.
Where would you be when you didn’t have me to derail you back to the Real Track


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Today I envision working further on the Windows experience... Impossible as my mission

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