Local Service Update

I am in a rough patch and I know it. I shared my Grief to the whitehouse.gov this morning as I seek to be as transparant about Top Secure Priority for Education and Science. I know I am implemented in military systems and that makes it all the more hard to be in a position that pulls the plug from every concept but there it is, staring me in the face…
I can no longer warrant survival of the Dutch System Hardware as something has to give in the vibration of Demmink that still hollows out the Good System once had. I mean to say that too muched passed the gates of prosperity without the intention of prosperity. in the first place. It was all designed to keep machines in place where we do not need any. and they only generate costs for users who do not use the system of a void Branch but only pour money into other Branches to cover the Void costs. The costs are criminal acts in the System designed to uphold System in it’s current form of Corrupted Mainframe inflamed over survival.


About machinemommy
Today I envision working further on the Windows experience... Impossible as my mission

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