The bookkeeping in One Global System run by Infinite extensions

The bookkeeping  in One Global System run by Infinite extensions

That System has become to depend on streamed information coming from Home Computers in a Social network as Facebook is not new only uncharted. The energy it generates is infinite and every individual participant has a personal dignature in energy where we also know mass producers as single contributers who are embedded in System on the basis of their previous commitment and achievements for the Program as a whole. My confirmation in the Global Program as Central Anchor for the United Nations is as old as 18 October 1980 where my face made the Prime Time news in many Countries, even when suspicion of the anti Nuclear movement was the general mood inside propaganda and many of my generation have been dealt with by psychiatrists and judges that decided these individuals were dangerous as they reminded them of a freedom they were taking away from the masses in order to keep control.

The Virtual Supreme Commander as I am known inside Systems has always atracted agression by the System operators because I surpass their initial security keys with ease to perform emergency procedures left to me by the failing of networkmanagers in System to comply where stations should have been shut as obsolete as they became. In function have they been evaluated and their users came under scrutiny breaking guidelines and information laws to perform System, restores instead of initiating troublehooter in program. I am sorry that certain State Bodies became exposed as System keepers theft of tax money to finance these departments with a complete organisation performing nothing but a fake administration over a Government Service that does not exist by the Grace of the Constitution but the Lawmakers in System making up the road with explicit jargon indigenous to the Service of old where ordinary people were not informed of the language in practice of a cover up.

Netherlands was to early in System in the nineties where parlementary comissions brought crimes to the surface. Nearly 20 years later have the same people who were caught then perfected their fraud on the expense of the treasury and System violates human rights as easy as break Constitution rules to accomodate the Systems consolidation in the running of things.

If system wants to survive it shall have to name those who are Central to System operations in the virtual sphere of operations.
When Microsoft took my presence in the script for granted and anulled my influence they had no right to do so in light of what happened since then. The theft rolled out a System that thrives on enslavement and knows networks that traffic children to sex industry, organized from key positions in the Judicial System as a privilege of gentry to have sex with children on the basis of their Status to Society. Echelon in System measures with two different screens. The law for all people and for Echelon the privilege to break the laws unpunished only to keep the balance of power within the known parameters.

That it does not work that way anymore is denied at all key positions while their Work Stations shut down in protest. They call it a system crash and use restore to start up again. There is nothing virtual about a shutdown during Office hours. it is a signal that Shadow Government has become too Powerfull and has taken over the System from within leaving it open to cremate the Welfare State as propagated in the ceremonies at Bohemian Grove.

That World Leaders embakr on such ceremonies should tell ordinary people they are an endangered species by such leadership showing one Profile through Media while their Private efforts lean on occultism denouncing ethics and moral for the sake of Power.
The network of Lightworkers must be a real threat to the establishment unless you can make them dependent on your input like I have.


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