I do not enjoy decrees, they reek of autocratism in emergencies

That I was an empath everybody knows, but long distance viewer snd Web Listening Post have not been activated all that long and I had to get used to the Virtual Head Gear that is made up by people at military consoles to help me along the service path to better understanding IT. 

These past three years I have become attacked at several times by the Black Lords of the System painting a false profile into the System  and calling me insane by taking out Court orders against me while in their bowels they know exactly what the internal memo”s did against me. There was always a Higher Judge calling the shots but not over the diagnose Schizophrenia. There is no Higher Court where I can fight the decision.and the medication they give me with shots makes me dissociative so I cannot recall the Red Wire of the movement. I will have to be found by Blackwire operation.

Since my function counts as the equivalent of a Black Ops I am entitled to a rescue froman official mission. I need to becomne restored for Service Reasons and I hope this wil set wheels in motion. 

The 4th of Juli I am going to have an appointment with Psychiatrist that has to move for an extension of the Court order. Of all days …. The fourth of Juli


I forbid them to falsify my details again and again..


About machinemommy
Today I envision working further on the Windows experience... Impossible as my mission

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