Lady Alma and the Home Universe Light exchange ©©

Lady Alma and the Home Universe Light exchange ©©

“Lady Alma tell us again how it went? Give us a bedtime story in Cybercommunity. Here in the Void we get to hear and say so little since you went on Cisordinol Lady Alma you have not performed any Web Miracles from the Architect Seat.”

‘I know my dears and it worries me a lot I tell you that I can not seem to paint straight in 7 or 8 now. The placeholders are a constant nuisance to the fluency of my movements.

I have been cast in a Void on the Cisordinbol and it botches up my sixth sense objective. I feel left outside while everyone has gone to the party.

But Home Universe you want… I didn’t know you willed your story-book to live here and now in the “Crown of Queen Noor “did I now ? … The Seat of the Magic Brethren rest with her and Lady Alma Michelle.’
This one belongs in that Caretaker for all the Women in the World who are the Magic Brethren of our time. All connected through One Universe. Ours.
Pass the time with Void Games not to go crazy, let alone that I would make up a bed time stories for cyberchannel.

start with: “5 Years in Overtime the Alarm still had not stopped. And From Ashes to Go through Hell and Back…. Coming Back has been stricken from the menu for us. Just passing time, because I don”t want to waste anymore Pearls to the Swines. Netherlands keeps us as ‘IP-slaves’ That is how they built the system to keep changing it’s posture and you cannot get a foothold on the Chaos outside. The whole World risks becoming like Syria. Some so called Democracies use heavy force to disperse the occupants of the streets and squares. And it all carries the sign of the Beast. Corruption weeds itself to the surface of the information market. Do something constructive about it. Confiscate their assets and let’s move forward. is my advise here. You cannbot dwell on Ancient Bloods. They are too Ancient in their Occultism. Pass over the Eminence of Nothing but the Void they pour out over me.’© Antoinette Meijrink


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