The Experience Program

Most of you know by now, that I occupy a unique position in “The Windows Global Experience Program”. What you do not know it is a form of compensation for Microsoft claiming my design form as theirs after which Matrix lifted off.

I stayed ignorant of these facts until I went online for the first time in2004, 10 years after the design.  I was surprised at the ease I got access to information that usually stays hidden from ordinary citizens and I often wondered why until I started to piece things together and found out that way I had been passed over during my Office Management Course to take my place with the benefactors of the Program. So no money, no fame and no financial independence. I don’t really care much about those. I have freedom to write what I want without having to check back with companies if I move within the parameters of Company Policy and as embedded person my life’s experiences count as the standard  everybody now uses except the systemn in my own Country who still live in denial of the ewxperience program and do everything the old fashioned way without so much as having grasped the meaning of the experience program in all of internet.

It is an enormous setback as the program stagnates in a stigma of schizophrenia I have been lumbered with since a while as system defends itself against outside influence. It has gone as far as it has where even my County Court has officially been scripted out of the program. They pretend nothing happened and continue on a path that knows deterioration of circumstance. Meaning their Justice is failing the grade of democratic Justice and that’s that. It is even visible on their Court decisions that  have no Logo of Justice anymore to show you who they are. They fail to producew it on paper where the Court Computers prints the logo on every document.


Not that this does anything to change the situation. I, on the other hand am way behind schedule in experiences never begun. I had scheduled a series of internships to follow and add into the experience Program as the Global Core Producer that I am but nothing came of it. Everythin I try to set up goes down the same way here in Netherlands and we can’t make headway on the Experience Program.


A shame it came this far, but there is nothing I can do about it but wait until the pressban gets lifted and my isolation will be over.


About machinemommy
Today I envision working further on the Windows experience... Impossible as my mission

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