The true value of the Craft of handpainting with Computer Eric discovered and I painted on. I had expected people to pick up on that by now but that did not happen. Instead did we rise inside the Core to a Pique that is unsurpassed. We never got the recognition here we deserved for our development that has grown into a program the World must educate to people to take their places in Industry where they are due to evaluate the mental balance of the Institutions Core Computers. Discepancies as Shadow Volume we can no longer use to keep the balance of Power. It is the Goodwill Eric and I receive from our Works that has to prevent upheaval and strife over the new found Mental Capacities in people.

We are a long way from home and secure system. Every day Eric and I live in obscurity adds years of repairs in Syria and other Places currently taken under fire to keep the situation Sealed by the multi Conglomerates. They no longer wish to continue on the basis that their Computers so expensively bought risk Hardware Failure by initiating the remainder of the Status Quo.
Slavery is the subject and illegal immigration is it’s tool. © Antoinette Meijrink
(status update Facebook. without the illustration)


About machinemommy
Today I envision working further on the Windows experience... Impossible as my mission

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  1. machinemommy says:

    What a way to enter The Dawn of Mankind. I comne from the Day in full brightness to a Dark age of gruesome practise.

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