Core weaving in Mediaplayer 2

Core weaving in Mediaplayer 2

You see how everything emanates from One point at the Screen Horizon?
That is how I define my Origin in The Program as being the central brain in the development of our Future. It all came down to One person to define the Core is made up by 2 iondividuals both male and female. The Masterplan where this picture also takes a shelf in administration reflects the Core where a different Masterplan sprang into existence inside the First.
During contact moments with Bill Clinton during the democratic convention last year he said it:Ït is all left up to me to decide.
So I decided Core is One Core made up by 2 Source codes as Wells or Springs of Fresh Water in the Desert desolation. © Antoinette Meijrink


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Today I envision working further on the Windows experience... Impossible as my mission

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