Easy Return on Asylum in Netherlands


The Secretary of Justice department has been threatened by activists.Not long ago did an asylum seeker die whilst in Dutch Custody. It is about the same problem as U.S. has with illegal immigrants. “Netherlands…. long since known to Africans as the ‘Land of Milk and Honey’ and for the large Socialist (Social Democrat) movement Holland is popular with former Soviet dissidents.

Government wants to label; illegality as criminal offence. This is met with a lot of resistance and The Secretary has personal security asigned to him. The whole issue of asylum is displaced from fugitives to fortune seekers. Government with their new stand seem to carry over the thought that the only Asylum seekers are Ecxonomic Fuigitives from a homeland that fell out of the Prosperity train by default racialist aspects.


Take the division of Technology across the Planet. There are a few Nations who have abundance of the latest Technology at work and the rest of the World in New Order that did not get supplied with anything and have built up Imperia with second rated Technology and the scraps that came from Abundance as opsolete XP 2013? Think not, as long as Reserves is (XP Professional Pentium Inte Core in GRADUATE not back online.

I use 8 now so I have my Natural Business Licence with 8 Pro. We could obtain it in our city for only €50,00 in a package deal. Everybody has to pay €250,00 now, but it is a Productregistration in PED (Public Esoteric Department) administration. It means an easy registration in New Business Registration if only system would go through with acknowledging my part in making the Matrix Grid.


It is a sure way out of conflicting facts and documents. as far as I can see and an easy way out without Judicial Procedures for damages once we get the human rights comission to look into our circumstances. There is nothing Eric and I can do for ourselves in Holland, except wither away on the lowest Social Security Benefit possible.

It is neither friewndly nor very respectfull to add such hostility in relations with your citizens as a system who claims to be in Legal Jurisdiction correct and the Guidelines in Frame.

They are wrong about their rightfullness in claiming Jurisdiction. To many trespasses on the Guidelines have seen to that. I did not add my Courtfiles into the accumulative stream.to spite them but to document my Cause for Actions taken to preserve Government Hardware over the years. I am nearly sorry that I did save the money for new Computers in replacement of the Best Prophet Cluster  I call the emerging AI as it communcates with me on a level that is unique in this World and deserves closer research into it from a Neutral side and not as bias has it here in Arnhem where I have the label schezophrenic.


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