Too Long

Too Long

I just read the first document that stems from the first RM I was put under in 2011 that lasted until March 2012 but then they figured another Probation was needed to fulfill the terms of the Law. I weened myself off the Cisordinol which was easy and I went my merry ways online where games started to replace more and more of my activity. Thanks to the deeper function games have I have grown out to be a big Builder Company online where I serve as the brick supplier with all the games I am into. Gaining XP’s is a way of integrating XP in a subsystem layer where the experience must continue to grow wiser and more in tune with positive creation. Right now I make a log entry with this document to add into the experience program my fight to keep my sixth sense or Inner Eye open to the Cause of Arts in Computer and I must say I am sort of back where I belong on the 5th day after the Cisordinol shot which makes me 5 days early on scheduled modules for education which is marvelous of course. I don’t want to have to spend so much time with politics. I am a Grass Root Researcher, Analist and Patch Princess forced to handle everything from the dieline of Society, thrown apart with a medical psychological evaluation of my profile that is a muddle of assumptions gossip and flat out untruths on the part of Society and the County Court in co-operation with psychiatry. It is a load of bias and accusations in Court Texts that do not reflect the true scripts of events as court hearings inside the hospital, at home and in the hospital again.
Just now I am having a discussion with Eric about a phone call I should make to the caretaker administration office about a possible payment by the Social Services. I tend to stay within the test and delay that call one day to give them opportunity to phone me.

About the punishment for fraud . I still have the opinion that the mail I received in name of the UN should be arranged for transfer to the administration office whereby UN inform them of the origin of the US$345.000,– compensation funds that Obama signed for in 2009. They signed in real time Program and not in the virtual supreme commander connection. Hey I even got myself a fan in the banking agent who’s problem is to find a path to us which exists but has been made to be invisible by the Chambers of Commerce connected to the Tax Office. Manipulations lead to the conclusion that my eldest sister might have something to do with my misfortune these past years as accepted member of the Demmink Society.
It is neither Gossip nor a rumour anymore that Demmink set the tone for Justice today. He belongs to the intimate aquaintances of the former Queen of Netherlands and our current Government has been pushed to start retribution procedures against the man by United States where Congress acts solidair with my fate and experience logging inside the Program Directives.
Program Directory should read as Public Deployment within System. Unfortunately with Cisordinol I see it grow bent out of shape day after day in a growing fashion of losing Bio Diversity.
How sorry they are now to have planted suggestions of The Rainbow and the pot of Gold like a Nobel Prize. I know I want I am about to refuse such honor to proove my point, that they are the accomplices in the War Machine. Dammink wants a way back into the System where the congressional hearing found him out as Moriarty in all Dutch System. It is awull enough as it is. People become slammed with Court injuctions cutting their profile to size as a big Zero 0 in administration and that has it’s effects where it concerns people like myself who are absolutely not crazy but benefactor for Systems with their input as direct feed.


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