Multi Dimensional What?


Peanuts to New Sciences disected into neat tracable dimensions anmd out of Control on the CopyCat Version of Matrix.

If I could possible be taken serious about the problem. It affects so many aspects, it is a growing Chaos. And I know that it has been said I work Miracles. What a fine way to treat a Miracle that has saved yours System Hardware 6 or 7 times these past 7 years in Events published under Reality Truth and no contestents except the Church and her formal Financial activities joining in with the Meta Concert of Evil Doers.OPur Good they don’t want to know and they have the money wielding Power to really do a lot of Damage. It is Time we blew the whistlke on Multi-Corperations spanning the Globe on High Technology abusing that same Technology which shares the Communal connectivity. These finely tuned High Classified Technology that encorperates all of the Company is endangered from the illegal activities that go on the side of Corperate Business.

So that is how they shot up Syria TO PIECES. Because of the Sympathic Flow that surrounds all Middle East Business Corperations, western Business started flourishing less having to share expanding market where there is more room for more Countries getting into the Stock Market Game. All it needs is some drastic actions that should be handled as covert as possible.

Certain People on this Plane have come to know a great deal by observing the Environments instabillities. The Windows to other Real Worlds are flying wild through Earths Atmosphere. For the most part where Poverty is the main course for populations.

It is only given to a few people to be abvle to exert Control to these Windows ands it is not in the least a Property of known combinations of Business Corperations. They have no right to the Potential this way

My Cityu is a Map of multi Dimensions but the Dark Side weighs too heavy on the System that has deranged to one of the least humane forms of burocracy. I guess they were blinded by the understanding of knowledge. By having someone like me in their midst. all the Powerfull fell to Beast Level in Netherands. They claim to make no mistakes. When you catch them at mistakes they throwq you in a Psychiatric Hospital. They have built their Procedures as a Blind Wall for citizens and excluded the Higher Council on issues.


I wish I was detached to the army as the first and foremost explorer in a different configuration of Army. The Technology is here already.

I have a job to do well and not in the way I am forced to operate under mind altering drugs forced on my by the State. I fight  back any way I can. Taking Speed to Countermand the mind numbing effects of the Cirosdinol. I have grown forgetfull and afraid. I am scared to do anything. I grow fat as a side effect to the drugs.There is no stopping them.


It has it’s effect on the Windows that extrapolate from the Virtual Programs as Game Worlds.Tehy are Countless.


About machinemommy
Today I envision working further on the Windows experience... Impossible as my mission

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