The Cube Waves

The Cube Waves

I set out to produce the Cube in somewhere around January 2010 during my homeless period. I rediscovered it somewhere in June where I also did a repetition of the Values of COSMICUNION in Arts on Vrindavana. COSMICUNION is my Name for the Jurisprudence that is diversified by Tribal Experience.
Because the old Cube refers to the Borg as mutilated People fitted with extensions of Machine indiscriminately changing them mutating them into function as the highest Goal giving no regard to the Human Origin as the Original Master of the Universe.

If it had not been for the rigidity in holding on after they became exposed as liars and Time Bandits nobody would have thought of the Roman Catholic Church as a genuine cause for War.
It is not I who demolished the Cube. The State with their corruption intact demolished it’s own machinery because it would not step outside the parameters of Guidelines as they need to stay the whitewashing clout of System Operators.
This is an obsession on it’s own leading to improper use of Hardware designed to build machines as well as destroy hard drives of Computers in Program designated to key stations.

The State replaces such stations with new Hardware without so much as flinching while the know how wears thin in the depository lost for further reference.


About machinemommy
Today I envision working further on the Windows experience... Impossible as my mission

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