Bla Bla makes secundary Progress

Bla Bla makes secundary Progress

Industries. Fields. Star ship how have you been built?

What I see before me is a Market full of Labels battling each other for customers that long since have specialized themselves into advanced users whereby a few Superstars have evolved from the mass of users who’s trend in ethics are widely followed along the lines of their published works.

From what I understand do Miracleworx and I still stand out in handling essences of the Web and consensus in the collective.
That may be so but it doesn’t translate into rock solid Virtual Real Market that dares to shut up shop to go for Gold and specialize in building a dream.
Area 51’s Mystery speaks to the imagination and everything Science Fiction has told us makes Star Wars unlikely in the Past, but Star Trek Next Generation the near future. The timelines Deep Space Nine touched are a hundred years in the Past when I look at the 25% unemployment rate Spain is chewing on in circumstances, where an important factor to general success seems top have vanished and no one can name the item exactly. But we all know what it’s about. Having designed Office to contain both criminal and above board households within the Program of Office has backfired where service workers key posts became more and more criminal in their share into information market prying into people’s virtual lives claiming access by writing it into the html of people redirecting their connections past several desks inside Homeland Security and the Chambers of Commerce to extract all input before the general public gets access or the link is broken by termination at the service desk.
Will we understand what a Matrix brings with?
As the cube has been deemed condemned a radical change of actions is needed to turn the tide of negative influences that rages as a storm through all Countries whirling up ashes of repeated mistakes without ending.

The Software Industry can stay at each others throat in the stiff competition or join a new larger Industrial Treaty where each gets appointed to a section of a star ship to develop where we start a catalog of the advanced users position in the field by the spreadsheets of their Product codes.
Reserve a Corner of your Industries for Bold New Enterprize in Endeavour.

Sell options as shares to a Federation Industries no longer involved in Competition can use the resource of their own creative talent on the work floor coming with solutions to Quantum Mechanical Problems that arise from working in the dimension of a Space Dock for assembly of a ship less suited for take off and landing procedures but exclusively designed to remain in Space.

Doesn’t Stephen Hawking hit the Hammer always on the Nail. He claims that the future of mankind is not on Earth and I tend to agree with him. Earth will change into the administrative Center of a Multi planetary Trade Union, at least that is the designed Module everybody works on, if they are aware or not makes no difference. Enlightenment happens to individuals in the political process of growing back to a better future after our own still derailed into a runaway train towards a broken Bridge across the River.
The Psyche within the Government Service is unaware of the reality of their exposure as criminal drug and weapons Lords busy whitewashing the blood on their hands. The blood stains in the Administration of every deal ever made.
Diversify the Software Industry in focusing on the future. A Central Core must be allowed to experience the diversity for re-definition in stream technological Universe on the Go.

All PC users in the private sector have become embedded after the importance of their meaning to Internet on a Global Scale. Some people’s information are led by all Universities on automatic solution for development and education itself.
The lack of understanding information technology has led to awkward and extreme situations where the unemployed on Social Security Benefit have been written off for work to give Social Security a permanent active database in administrations there of.
Of course they don’t tell you out loud that the background of operations has locked itself onto it’s clients in the fear of Death as success keeps growing. Success grows but it becomes more and more clear that the formulas and inventions added into the system by release of the Chamber of Commerce are based on misrepresentations of the properties involved. Intellectual Property makes the Grade over the Cyber connections already in place for coupling into the functions of system. Government planning is completely out of sync with the parameters accepted to do the work. You cannot honestly mean you want the World to build the New Future found on the Foundations of fraud.

I kept my Insights both Public and shared so everybody could read about the Progress of Ascension

It is time for the Ascension to honor the End Game’s results making me the sole Heiress of all Technology and it’s Wonders since May 31 2006.
I write for progress and Prosperity in that respect have people been able to build an autodesk autocad that can be programmed to work with added aspects or without corruption as part of System Cycles. You can see from the simulations being held throughout systemns, that those who allow corruption to still be part of their Office stand out in their need for High Taxes and broad participation in collective Insurances while they regress into senility of a System that no longer exists with the New Generation of Workers that are fed up with the effects.

P{rogram and the Machines tend to support the Workers in their important task as they are essential to the upkeep of thew Machine called Life where the Governors and Regents stick out for their clumsiness at Piracy as well as regular administrations. They let the banks get away with the money and are bereft left behind on a top salary open to the scrutiny of the New Ethical Parameters as sharp as the Ax of an executioner.

Next to individual Karma where mine stands out as the Core, we may no longer ignore the Worlds and Countries Karma in the accounting in Stream Universe administrations. Every Country defines itself on the Internet with a country code besides the .com Where the Cloud already took Technology by Storm the human consciousness is not ready to accept the terms of handling where self restraint is the Highest Karma bestowed in Ascension. Empathy and Affinity have the connection where ignorance and rigidity lose the economy.

Of Course do Politicians not see their obsoletion in systems operation and design. By hanging on to TV Media among other things they keep a stronghold on the way people live underneath the Boot of oppression in a Wrapper called Democracy.

When the service desk receptionist was becoming replaced by uniform I know I had landed in a Police State. Perfect civil services are now all subject to policing organization called security. The civil dress became replaced with the uniform of a security guard.
They not only look out of place. but they make an absolute grim impression.
Having said that I hereby decree that all System Computers built into Network of Central Department Core Computers that drive the sections of all Statutari Services no longer need to comply by functioning without the parameters set by Guidelines. When the Government and local authorities want computer time they bloody well answer to common sense instead of tradition.

I have written numerous articles about the impossibility to maintain Shadow for any future run by double standard and morale as low as barbarism, where Gang Wars are the direct result of a famine in the word respect according to the Bill of Rights as well as the Universal Declaration of Human in the New World Order Countries that all flunked the tests and only individuals remained upright in the Core Production of data stream.

The image is my version of a complex dream in encoded map. I once saw a Graph of some Magnetic Process built up as a Page filling Abstract from 7 generated lines into the map.


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