When will I win?

Where it comes to Twin Towers and the event  in 2001, to me things are Logic and on that particular Demolishion day, did several interested parties opt in to become namned as terrorist while the Fire insurance also got ripped off.

I can live with all the ins and outs. But trying to tell Dutch how communication takes a the central role in forensic Science asking the question:”Who all had a hand in it? “and “Who stood to gain the most”, always run into blind walls of disbelief and pointing to their foreheads.


Will I ever overcome this? is more of a matter for psychiatrists pointing to their foreheads while in my optical view things Christalize out in neat nackages of information where my sense for Logic and peacefull inner meet. They feel themselves dumped into a chaos and i get the label Psychotic.


When will I ever learn to keep my trap shut on them and salt it up untill it is time and i am free.


Will I ever?




About machinemommy
Today I envision working further on the Windows experience... Impossible as my mission

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