Davos …. The agenda and the World Economic Forum

Just the other day i caught a few moments of an Interview Christiane Amanpour had with Jonathan, the democraticly chosen President of Nigeria Image, entrepeneur and artist

It was good to see him in Davos where she caught him to talk about the real problems Nigeria has. 

As the chosen president of Nigeria has he had the foresight to come to Davos to look for Answers and give of a profile of Nigeria we rarely see in the news. We all know that problems as corruption have landed Nigeria in a less beneficial economic stage as was to be expected, but “hee when we all believed Shell was a respecable way of operation, Queen beatrix would no have so much on her plate ensuring the inheritance for orange towards the future.”

I am glad President Jonathan came straright out with it, that to his calculation an amount of 400.000 Barrels a day still end up in the black circuit. I must say I had not expected the inquest there to have reached such conlcusions yet so in many ways does the new wind in Politics in Nigeria do a damn good job of mapping the issues.

It makes me proud that My TV and media way of following the news, way of life if you will presents me with these people that I  like to follow on their path seeing the work they put in and the results they harvest.

It somehow stems me less pessimistic towards my own future. I see many things happening on the World economic Poatform and I am glad her Majesty’s prime minister David Cameron also sees passed the referendum to notify the World that we have plans brewing and expect them to make waves where Holland has broken so many, it hurts to put into words how many good opportunity’s already have been missed over these passed  year as where i live under a press ban that still hasn’t been lifted.



I was photographed not 10 days ago by a local Paparazzi, but to our horror it didn’t make the press again…. “Can you imagine what i am up against? Tryin to make it and hold the Masterplan Fort here all on my own”.


I hope my stay in hosp[ital again has not  broken off countless threads that were weaving all around the set center of my New Hewlett & Packard terra large 3 or 5 Core … ready for implementing a larger economic Platform and work from there. in Core technology.


Then there are the several different  ®® Masterplans in the collections that need to  find their perspective destinies with all the seperate  flavors of Arts for Industries.

As Eric and I proceed towards renting a Caravan on a trailer park that has opened up for homeless families, you can imagine I also must pursue this Asylum thing.


I can not even remember other than prisoner exchanges that Dutch people ever were going for a new Life somewhere else.


i am not even considered Good enough Inside the System to warrant me a witness protection change of identity and i wonder what a real working girl in Arts and Computer has to do to qualify in this neck of the Woods.


Anyhow  Thanks to CNN and Alex jones do I still see a lot of people I like to share their Space in media with and I am proud tohave been part of the remote viewer Station in two way Vision for this long.

Only trouble here also is that i would have expected to be hand picking bnext Cabndidates for these jobs as i also realize not everybody has a  range of subjects and aspects as varied and wide spread  as I have been fortunate to test along with all else.


Have a good day there in Davos and count on the event next year where I can be present in my capacity as your global Core information Producer and safe layer underneath all your successfull ventures




© Antoinette Meijrink


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