Father Tony Flannery

Fopr reason I would like to call Universal Spirit do I take up the Gauntlet against Rome for Father Flanner from Galway Ireland.

I too must admit having reservations about women preaching, but as the driving Force behind all families in case we do become ordained into Motherhood, which is not such a Natural flow as it just to be as women do have more chances and more ways of finding fullfillment in their lives which not necessarily also contain becoming a Mother in this day and age, I too prefer to listen to the Gospel where it comes from a Pastor or a Male Preacher.


In the second instant I also commend Father Flannery for his stand towards Homesexual members of Congregation and Parrish and I dare benedict in Rome to do what he believes is his right.


The Body language of the Pope speaks books of active homesexual  practise which is something I cannot walk just passed without noticing the double standard being practices here where he has threatened to excummunicate father Flannery for his stand and his liberal thoughts towards contraception as Pil and Condoms.


Where would we be in ireland today when we have no right to plan our families as  it most certainly has a lot more to say for itself when we speak of planning because our Children are like God and deserve the best we can give them.

I am afraid I am not such such regular writer at the moment. but I hope my woprds will strengthen father in his plight against Rome and I wish him all the best for the time to come.

I count as a Sp[iritual Power House. I only want to say I do not feel all that high in my works. I do what I do which is mostly writing about subjectas that  gather a lot of controverse and opinions and many people will not be my friend because of my ideas but I  only mean well and let it be said that defiance against authority can also lead to better understanding.


© Antoinette Meijrink


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