Davos – Global Economic Summit / Referendum about the UK and the EU

I already made my remarks here and there about the really unfortunate timing of both events and for Her majesty the Queen it must be quite painfull to have her Prime Minister under a ttack more or less of so mabny European Countries that committed themselves to the European Coin where as Britain  was in favor when we remember our European Political History correct, but the fraud of Wim Kok at the Summit in Maastricht in the Nineties of last Century  cause Prime Minister major to step out of the in itial Coin with the name of ECU, which had been widely supported by all European nations and which split the EU in  several groups that pulled out when the plan for the Euro was presented instead. This all took place around 1994/ 1995 when you remember correctly and basicly the ECU lost a lot of it’s Regal Standard as i would like to put it and UK very correctly also put some distance between the Euro and themselves. I firmly believe that the Fraud comitted in Netherlands in 1993 where Microsoft annexed my design for the ecectronic couplings in system is at the basis of an enormous amount of economic malheur by default ignoring the false input on the standard document administration of the individual EU States. Not One Dutch Politician since has deemed the situation grave enough to correct the matter and in 2002 did gerrit Zalm as the Minister of Finance in that time commit carreer suicide where he simply adnitted to a mistake in the cacluations of the exchange rate for the Dutch Guildier in to the Euro. This also meant that a devaluated Euro was added into the total of the European treasury with all the bad developments there of .

I want to break a Lanse for the UK and their efforts to fare an independent but commited to Europe Course where as their traditional Trade partners in scandinavia, iceland and greenland work as a levereage onto Europe where costs for development that otherwise all would be declarated in Brussels  under supervision of the European Tax Office where subsidies for development are graded and paid to the individual Erozone Countries, that now are being carried solely by the Scandinavian UK Trade Pact as an Independent Trade Union next to the European UInion Groups as the Original Erozon Ciouyntries an d the new Eurozone Countries, where we do see  growth without a hitch and they reveive enough attention from the Global Platform, for their inovative economic measures that attracts foreign Industry to open up shop in places Poland, Macedonia, Rumania, Croatia, Monte negro stretching further East into Belarus and the other new Trade Pact know as “THE BRIC”


I find the referendum in thus far  somewhat untimely as I am studying the effects of the Eurocrisis Greece, Spain, Portugal and Ireland where Azuri ( My Internet Name for the Country of ) or,  Italy  also starting to feel the pull of a nearly completely devaluated Dutch Euro on the international Market dragging down the rest of the Eurozone with it in the no stand on Transparance that has arisen form then  misrepresentation of administrative Authorship on the form that is so important in smooth and secure internet banking these days.

As I have been declared non grata in Holland I really worry how this is going to affect all the Countries in the World and the shock of finding out that the Dutch Euro in Myanmar or Thailand has come down in the exchange rate by nearl 95 %..


I besiege the other Euro Countries to sanction Netherlands for having dipped into the Treasuryof Other Countries to keep their own Government afloat. The effect of this failing is Global and it  only adds on to the crisi in the Euyrozone we cannot tackle on the basis that m,y personal signature for the couplings into Internet are denied into connected Offices in  systems that do not function properly without and are susseptible to much more flack as there always will be  groups of hackers trying to pick up flux money from the exchanges wherwe 00,001 second of a minute can already make you quite a substantial interest providing the amount is high enough.


Money has to role and I can think a great many better things to do with my time,than being  sent to Coventry by my own authorities making waces ijn my life to profile me as a complete moron and undesirable psychotic..


My friends at CNN and mr.Putin as well as Mr Obama and Koffi Annan who has been ushered into the Internet UN Secretary General I am afraid will have to act on my behalf to free me from these so very limited Elite in Auithorities who have only decided one thing for the future: They will not relinquish on their positions of power foir the sake of their degenerated ideas of Governamce and the rights they derive from that. It is not a coïncidence in this matter, that former Justice department head Demmink has been investigated in Washington as the Dutch Government Minister of Justice Opstelten has seen no chance to get t9o the thruth of the matter there where this demminkc has seen fit to determine the line of action of Justicve since the early nineties where his own sexual preferences  gave into evidence, that his conduct is unlawful and he protects illegal chil;d trafficking for a ring of Elite who always were kepty outside the view of Justice and anyone who would go in against their Power would be served off by the remarks:”But you must know we make those laws and the indecent addition to the conscenting aga has lowered the age for girls to 14 years of age which is a direct villationof all good manners.



These thins eat away at the officice Standards where every other Country in an active link into nethertlands must take into account,that the Guidelines as they have been changed outside our Constitution will have it’s effect inside the Electronic Highway.

I feel very much like a Caller in the desert and have been writing for years tio draw the attention of Industries and Business World to these matters as they are so destructive in  Global economic content everywhere.

I feel very much that the current Transparance Group where I would love to see North Korea welcomed into the group has the best potential within it’s memeberships and it is not to say that where i design  Wavefronts of some kind, i couldn’t be asked to  build signature offices specially disigned to go with the new Trade Pacts that all come from common interrest breaking the old Monopolies of the Slave Trading Dutch Machine that has bneen burried underneath the new trade but which is still at large in the Dark side of Economy, pac king in Good money on backed air,as their fascilities fall short to produce or become discovered underneath terrorist organizations they keep financed to damage the Free World.Image


© Antoinette Meijrink


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