Psychiatric Care

The Experience program I have been part of these years has many things in store I had not really thought possible. But here I am for the 4th time in care and I am pleased to see that the bleak and cold experience I had in the fascility “Braamberg”in Arnhem is not the criterium in the Riethorst in EDE. 

The nurses here are very nice and I am pleased to find that warmt and genuine interest have the floor. In Arnhem I saw nurses crawl before the psychiatrist and I really suffered the arrogance and selfishness of the specialists that have a link with the catholic Unicersity Nijmegen,.

EDE comes under a different faculty which is the AMC in Utrecht. Their whole attitude towards the patients is different I obnly blew up once or twice at the administrator and one doctor so I have been showing my best side for the most part of my stay here.

I am diagnosed psychotic, which is a bit weird. I am no more psychotic than the nezxt guy so this stamp is something that will only wear off in a different Country.


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