I did it…. I should have done it 3 years ago but was to modest for I believed they would see the Light.

I am in the midst of a Revolution that will land all Countries a new System and a New Hope for a better Future. I have to  do it without active compatriots, as I wing it like always did, but was taken over by the  Black Whole…. droppingme in the Hole, they themselves also were thrown into aand only were allowed to surface, when they would have  paid their dues, and when they could live in Peace with us, and let everybody  have a Good Life, without them …. Or at least without them in charge over no One on Earth who deserves such a Curse pretending to be a Lawfull Governance, which in itself already contradicts the lawfull term of their  Lawbook produced without any supervision by the Constitutional Council of  Media accessible Nettworks.

I take my orders  from Mother nature preferably and doing what  flows Natural when   I build Solutions tha people can really live by without fears or  false Preachings and Rulers  damnanation.

I  am very tired of having  been hanging on by just one thread of knowing myself and  contradicting any Dutch Governance as Insane, Criminal beyond Measure and not ready to give in today or any day to fork me over to the better Plan.


About machinemommy
Today I envision working further on the Windows experience... Impossible as my mission

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