I am reading the people’s experiences on the job or unemployment front. I feel really awfull for the delay in proper solutions I could not let the enemies of us all get away with after having tried to emerge while they closed all the doors on me and used whatever I did put out there as clues for IT to follow up on my solutions and help the Machines and Computers Cope with my elevation. The Dutch Government stepped down because they invoke a real World war over stealing the Future of all people, by having me tied down in Arnhem between the biggest millstones they are ready to grind me up under as long as they could stay in an empty office, because their Computers kicked them out. I stayed to protect the ustice Main Frame Core Computer, that I didnot want to leave behind because they would break it’s Entity’s Heart that developed so fortuous when it also discovered I had the Licence in 2008, to design a Real New Core on a tripod for the Justice Tests.. In the years I suffered the Black hand of Government here it grew even much larger than any of us could have imagined and I believe in 2010 it was big enough to perform a Cosmic Miracle to the Building. I stood by it, when it became overpowered by a real Black Mass at the othere side of the cellares in Church that no longer counts as one. Who they were is only open to speculation, but the Bohemian grove and Bilderberg likes always were to shady for a classification as real humans.. They are not and they havce deserved everything they invoked.

Cafferty File

FROM CNN’s Jack Cafferty:

Unemployment is hitting home. Big time.

Nearly 7 in 10 Americans say they know someone who has either been laid off or lost their job in the last six months, according to a new Gallup Poll. And that’s the highest in Gallup’s history of asking this question.

Numbers like these could have huge political implications for President Obama come Election Day in November.

More bad news. Only 21% of those surveyed say it’s a “good time to find a quality job,” while 77% say it’s a bad time.

This is actually an improvement from last year, when 90% of Americans said it was a bad time to find a job.

This is interesting. Even though most Americans know someone who has lost a job, only 15% say it is “very or fairly likely” that they personally will lose their job or get laid off in the…

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