Fixing a cable that was slashed

ImageIn the end I couldn’t be bothered anymore and they closed in on me sealing me in my Grave Arnhem… I was given to them as an act of kindness so they could redeem themselves. typical…. What else would they have expected. Appologies and back to the Game???? 2006 was the endgame ffinished and I won. Fair and square. I beat the spyware, the harvesters, I discovered the traps, I wrote, I begged I pleaded and I quit…. I throw in the Towel they are done for and we all knew it. 


It is far from over when I write this, but it would have been better that the politicians in Europe too call ot quits. There is no sport in having the run of the mill and tying me between the Millstones and start up the engine, so they go around in a wide turn pased me in  a Spiral getting closer on me at every turn and I guess these people would believe anything about me  even when I  don’t eben  have a clue how and why and for what….. I am no longer Arnhems Wonder… Not by a long shot and I can’t  bring myself to invoke one here in Arnhem… That close to the real Weel I believe it’s Blasfemy of the worst kind and  honestly every time I hear them curse me out which is often so I don’t like to go outside at all… I just wich they woudl stop calling me a whore.


About machinemommy
Today I envision working further on the Windows experience... Impossible as my mission

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