There must be a way out of this mess

What a mess. This morning I made a letter for the commission that has to deal with my complaint and I was sitting peacefully here in my room playing games as a way of relaxation which should help me through the days of emptiness that signify my stay here.
One of the nurses called me for my morning medication which is nothing but a downer to help you sleep at night and keep you quiet during the day which is the ordinary way of suppressing people’s own nature on this ward because the policy of therapy is a no show in treatment.
I am so devastated by it, because when I observe the side effects it has on other people, it all goes to the outside like shaking hands etc. which will give a wrong outward impression of patients that have been committed by false accusations of mental illness.

It stigmatises people in need of support of judicial authorities to take on the fight against injustice.
But this is one more example of the crimes of System workers dealing with people who are a problem to them because they don’t take no for answer in System reacting on non existent complaints and engineered accusations put into documents used against them while their defence is being misrepresented into verdicts on documents against them giving room for psychiatry to commit these people to asylums for any length of time keeping out of the way of the Public Services and their Workers who then can push through new rules and regulations that have no resemblance with out Democracy in Charge, but benefit the Service Workers whose jobs disappeared in the past years becoming obsolete while they continue on their workspaces.
So benign System in operation and malafide System workers win every time by using the very procedures that have been designed to help people against these test subjects who need to disappear out of the public view because they are the rock solid evidence of corruption in the Public Service.

It goes as far as stealing the identity of test subjects like myself who have been followed by the International Program in System and who connect to Education Networks abroad.
In shareware System working on the solutions collected by the Universities connected to the people at home by the HTML in the address lines receiving all the information to put into maps and charts with the results of Experience Program coming from the Home Networks in place, where people at home do good work in Social Networks with their data also creating Energy.
Here in Netherlands it never really hit it off because the System we have in place is designed to thread away information from Home PC´s which are being sold into the Industry whereby ISDN Netherlands functions as the agent for Industry assembling the packages of information for the Industry using their own Company as a business consultancy on top of their other task Domain Registration.

System Workers have put this line of operating on the map of criminal acts hidden underneath the official task of Domain Registration. I never did take a Domain in Netherlands simply because I could not even become registered as professional and Netherlands never wanted me to become officially recognized as The Ultimate End-user which I am which would have given me a sound career to look forward to and at the same time grant me the right to teach the Next Generation Technologies functions in System as well as tech people techniques they can perform with their own home computers building tools to help Big Industries and their Systems come to terms with Changes in their own Factory Assembly and Company Servers in need of a guideline that can help them upgrade in line with Company wishes for their Systems to grow into.

Because here in the Region my identity has been swiped from me will this be the death of Experience program within foreseeable Future whereby Kanton Arnhem and Province as well as Volkshuisvesting and Psychiatry within Health Care carry the responsibility of being liable to pay out damages to the People and the Industries they so damaged by blocking Progress and discarding people into mental hospitals to get them out of the way like I was.

I have little hope of surving all of this and I need to think hard about my next steps. I would have preferred to be officially pronounced a dissident in System which then would have given me a chance to go abroad and work for the people who do respect my work and the solutions I bring with me in my Computer GRADUATE as well as the incentives for solutions I put into the collection inside the registered version of Master plan

Today however, It means that I am in danger of losing the battle altogether in System and I am close to breaking which will mean that there is nobody left to battle for the Children who were the victim of parents first after which the Judicial System delivered them in the hands of their own abusers.
I still work here and make notes like this one, which I place, inside a file in the registered version of Master plan on stub. I dare not put these inside GRADUATE, because the Secret Service also uses the tunnelling system has access to GRADUATE by the SSL protocol.
It is not over by a long shot and I worry how I am going to be when they finally think I have had enough.
I cannot get word to the Queen and the officer of Rijkspolitie I talked to last year is probably unaware, that their own ranks have been penetrated by the child abuse ring that sought somebody and found somebody in a woman carrying the logo Rijskpolitie on the shoulders of her uniform jacket.
I saw her last year talking in a little group just outside the building of Province where they stood planning something and who betrayed her as one of the beast’s conspirators when I played a trick on them.
Nederland is dead and Arnhem ‘s Provincial and local authorities with the use of Kanton have done it.


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