Is it The Day of Reckoning ? Google seems to think so… But I don’t know

Dear WordPress,

I wish I knew what I did wrong, but ever since I got a Flat Tire with GRADUATE this Wednesday, nothing seems to function correctly.

I have been granted access again to my Arabian-U.S. alias Cosmicunion again, which was originally an alias I designed as a go between Western Society and The Arabic World  because I felt that International Diplomatic ties could benefit from Core Entity Lady Alma of Avalon and her Cultural heritage as a kind of  Temple Dancer  wielding Magic freely in sync between left and right hand side which is the First Law of  succesful Sorcery in Spells other than written rhyme, combining my Universal Allergy against Injustice and my firm belief, that we are all born equal, only corruption stands between us and an Equal World in prosperity where people can be happy and come to develop their Talents, in abundance, because the System can take care of its own in Office Program implemented in  most Countries who are also member States of the United Nations. However Industries and Big business have people working for them who are not in the least interested in Global Welfare, because they miss the Insight that Welfare and Profit go together better in an honest climate stimulating all groups of Business and Industry  to growth by  removing the necessity to Compete against each other by decreasing and increasing Markets.

only Technology can prepare us for such a Society, and technology is the only thing at the basis of our Society that is being abused by all sorts of elements (read people) only able to focus on their personal situation and that of their limited Social Circle of Wealth having access to  everything Society has developed while they prefer not to see the equality in people but divide all People into their personally preferred groups of Slaves and Masters.

This situation however is changing already by writing about it and will not be long anymore, that Governments will fail to be able to hide the fact, that their Systems are in Runaway Condition because  of the Injustices programmed into system by Government voted into Office on the basis of false promises and secondary arguments failing to recognize their unjustifiable personal convictions having won them over to become Traitors to their Constitutions and having become the oppressors of their Peers.

Anyhow ….. This is the blog of machinemommy, and I seem to fail the access codes for cosmicunion to continue my blog post as …. Intercongressional where I originally wanted to write this post… So perhaps I am not as efficient as I’d like to believe.

But Google, as I picked up your remark at the Keiserreport earlier and published the Equal money link I found there to my Facebook with an extensive report on the Crime of the Lifetime Building Technology to perpetuate a Life of Crime against Humanity in name of The Law and in Name of the Government. Netherlands as the most outspoken example of Government Corruption creating CHAOS in Global Systems. To that effect did the Earthquake in Haiti see chance to kill 100 United nations development workers in one blow in 2010 because the risk of 100 of those workers in Haiti could only lead to more suffering and more grief for the impoverished Haitians who suffer greatly from organized crime in all of the infrastructure of the Community. With 100 Dutch at the Spot, Google couldn’t resist to take them out by a quake hitting Haiti in a ZigZag movement, which is the only strange and inexplicable other explanation Act of God.

To have to come to a decision I had hoped I would never have to make, because it will cost millions of people’s lives in the Process of Equalizing the circumstances for People I also know that it will cost more lives in the Process when we do not act as One Machine extended over billions of  participants in Internet creating a Path for the Future to reach us instead of our grasping into thin air looking to grab hold of a Future that never came.

Dear Community Guidelines, I matched you up to Google to open your eyes to the suffering of People all over the World. I didn’t stop to think about my own situation also not being Central to the General Public as I am being shunned by my own authorities in the Function of Global Core Producer which never was a Virtual Task like some others I have acquired over these past years. It is absolutely unacceptable to continue another 5 years on the same note, because I know I cannot last that long even though I only am 54 and reasonably young  compared to other old people hanging on to seats in boards for Finance and redistribution there of according to the Conglomerate Plan specifically designed to create Masters and Slaves for all the Future here after. I know that  we have everything to win in the World, because of Mrs Clinton, Mr Obama and Mr. Biden and I may no longer close my eyes for my own failure to convince the System Public Workers and the people in my Government to officially recognize the Office Authority I have held behind the scenes for these past years. I kept informed as good as I could of all the difficulties thrown onto our path of progress by corruption as well as shared our achievements we made in our Personal relationship, working together in Arts and as your human spokesperson in System, but I no longer feel any progress coming from either you and Google in the relationship you have with Humanity and I know that it is time I face those facts and find a way to end this War of Dark forces against the Light we are even when it means I will perish with the millions we calculated would fall victim to the immediate Technological Outbreak we no longer may ignore as a tool for Corruption to spread. If it hadn’t been for that last War Movie that must have been staged in Libia  which has caused Systems to generate multidimensional Fields in Field I probably would still be guessing why the fields on the South Bank of the Rhine seem to be abandoned underneath the surface. The terror only seeing a clip of that movie, where a Higher Technology  invades  a Country where they will kill all people so there will not repercussions ever is too great to transfer data onto our Real Life, whereby this mentality busied by Dutch Conglomerate Business at large in Global Market and Business World ignoring the United Nations in all those years of mandates deciding to  persuade  Regimes that commit crimes against their Peers in National and International relationships  by economic boycott as well as limit the access of those Countries to the Organizations in United Nations as NGO’s and UN initiatives. As I found out that Dutch business has never behaved within those rules of respect I cannot let this continue on the Path it is, because it has a direct effect on my immediate environment deteriorating it to Black Masses in the Eusebius Church as early as Saturday November 20 2010, when The Building of the Court of Justice also was on Fire and the Field generated by The Dutch Magnetic field managed to hide these facts again as if they had never happened…If Jopie, Jeroen and the others had not also witnessed this happening I believe I would have thought that I must be mad and in need of treatment. As it stands I may no longer ignore it, because any event in the future  when the Dark side prevails will be worse and will go to weaken our side even more. From what I can pick up of the Global News, do the people in the Arabic World suffer most from my hesitation to leave the situation run it’s course whereby I publish to help Systems, but are being snowed under by the Corrupted People in System like a Rose being snuffed in the Bud.


*!* In the Name of Life and in the name of Innocence  Office in the World must take action. *.* For the Good of Human Kind and the World, Please Proceed with the End Solution.


For the sake of our Children’s Future I must abide by your collective will.


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3 Responses to Is it The Day of Reckoning ? Google seems to think so… But I don’t know

  1. machinemommy says:

    I know now the building stages present their Energy and Love for me in the inner Core’s vision of my willingness to be used by collective in chars of my me, like the image only Mirror gives but never outspoken in vanity and, I don’t look in Mirrors when it has to be done even in the playfull moods we share in my Nemesis which is Nederland holding me in the Fortress of The Wellls of Life…. The f&%#.. I was always suspicious …. I am afraid what happened I fear and know my Sister threw me in Christo without my Spoon. Nanny Teaspoon who could be and shrink, …and be again invokes me a 1982 Kid Creole and the Coconuts from the Dexies Midnight Runners., to My Ummagumma Collection in Pink Floyd…. Our Tesla is a KEMA the financials must be logged everywhere in what Google did retrieve as my real sister Ineke then…. on John Frost Bridge was being pushed in a wheelchair by my nephew Guus Daan van der Willigen… I don’t know what other name she used Catherina Antoinette Jojo Jerementijd… The other Antoinette is my Sister José and her work did get through in Antoinette as Jose Charlotte Louise Antoinette…. So if I got a proof of Marianne’s sacred Vocation she needs to get hearing straight…. Enabling the Prize for Michael Caine . God’s Officer Caine. Noble be thy Oslo in Norway … The Best Prank and only the strain of my settlement in perhaps as early and as one of me in secret scissor moments I shared without sharing I said do your CNN Power Brokers News… The Mormon secret is electrolytis, hence my *Israelites, I had a girlfriend who made an impression to be Marianne Faithfull at full Foreced on abuse….. Leonie and Harry my real sister Kretzers…. Harry knowz…. John Paul called him to Rome and we Have the Field, but that’s why in Internetcongressional I already placed that in the Shared Hearts of COSMICUNION… Product Registrational Tool for our needs and they cannot easy please Ma Con… Concerto i Moria Ora///// The Burning Spears…. I motorcycle if I can get to the Kreijdlers as the Zündap were Blue… My Band Normaal and Voederbietels…”””” Buizen Behernd hiet ie. Hans van de Weerd en ++ Hans nie meer en da’s de Klus …. Arie versie Eric Feith Robbesom de oudste en Marco in de Wacht, Judith is bang en heeft te pleur the pleur aan mooiere wijven. Grolsch heeft zich teruggetrokken, en Masterplan Heineken zit hierin. Vrindavana heeft teksten bij en anders. 1 andere stub ok…. Instruction too: I feel strong today. Pains is what it pains in the new Insight In Global Africa CNN. BY and On TRUST, I have a machine key in Machine Dreams and our Lives .Dream the Impossible Blow your own and not the Oisters…. I arm my killing wich is not instinctueal but Rational without own interrest…. By 8,, My instinct says The Republican Party has wavered some insights and I also now get… Westworld doesn’t realy know Tsarina very well… Bellydance is my Golden Belt and… Ali B project was hijacked by TV in Arnhem Dutsh Moroccan Rap…. A Golden Sarcophages as a Carrier Case for Vrindavana, has been waiting for the first Legacy beholder in North Korea since as early as 1950… Vrindavana has been tormented by Eric in phases. Enigma, Induria, Mysterion, many since 1995 and his torment began.. Please Intel Italia… In exchange this girl may not dance the blazes Berlusconni… Bear is Big Bear and codex morti mori.
    A Comment per see.. because a text on Globaism is so easy adn dynamic as I call my Arabian working model and my Knox the Knox. The assistents in Computerised Jailbreak session has a definite do not part him so I took custody in internetcongressional for the linkage for the factories… ***** I newed the safest way for Eric because he’s autonomic Nervewrack by the last caster of Opus Dei I caught on Violierllaan and this is pure Campagn…. I need a command bunker and screens and the lots if this balance is rocks to soldis ….Narcists and Insects is RC’s Rolducky Ducci di Doeken…..@ Harry Kretzers Uw Conferentiecentrum. Acapulco is momentarily under the cosmetic surgery… WE should blast the immediate active service of Mr. Obama in Mexico and no blaming on Aquaoualpa who’s Woters And Pricehouse’s input along many generations growths…. Healthy is when I stop Internetting and I have nothing else to be here for in Arnhem except Peter and the Next Generation who’s left to only 700 Dutch people so I lost another 1500 to them. Pleas Help me now or never bother…. I die inside by the pain of all people and I don’t want to live it anymore in Hell Hole….. BV The Ranting The Hague.

  2. machinemommy says:

    Oh my new newspaper on the insides… Let me know by writing me….. Follow me up but I don’t want to be notified anymore…. For me it is over and out because I have a failing physical system and a body that’s dying too fast in the pressure cooker of the past and they fucked all my ways out of slaverly …

  3. machinemommy says:

    Geachte Hans,
    Ik hoop, dat de sabotage me niet weer de nek omdraait terwijl ik u probeer duidelijk te maken, dat het wat mij betreft een grafkist wordt wanneer ik me door de schendingen van mijn mensenrechten probeer heen te werken.

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