Palestine a Subject a Trigger and a confusion for innocent bystanders caught in the Minefield of conflicting interrests

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When I visited today, the video became only audible showing the codes. In the light of our Communal Goal which is Liberation from the People in league with Evil Incarnate or perhaps by now being Evil themselves I can only comply in solidarity.

To all Necromancers in defiance of Truth and Prosperity. You need Me to enter Office of The Future…. I on the other hand do not need you or your money to put Office to Work there where I see fit.

If you believe for one moment I haven’t figured out who you are, what you are looking for and what you seek to destroy you cannot run, hide or escape fast enough to prevent the Rise of The Conscious Mind.

While you were creating strife amongst the People of the One Tree, I outcast hid in plain sight waiting for this moment to arrive.

You!!!!   Necromancer, where are your Powers now? Have they not left you to burn when they saw me coming????

Do y0u recognize the  Powers  populating my Shadow cast from the same Light as the Future you lost when your Shadow left you standing  bare with0ut your Future now joined with mine.


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Today I envision working further on the Windows experience... Impossible as my mission

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