Listen Up Kingdom in the AL Link

At to never Topper than just Top today, but Topper Tomorrow

An Efficiant National Nation Wide Administration that would be carried by so much more People in active service of the Cast Internet and (in service of the Fastest to fast Internet which happen to be my own designed  charged data in Transport able to have a nice journey on the way from A to Z keep their cohesion for the Money Net and earn a nice bit of savings along the pathway from to Proprietor in Independent Prospect Survey.;),  which can afford it’s own Monetary System to add in to Economy which  is solidly founded upon the Basic Core Components  I stream into all Systems to upgrade in Industry. Mine happen to be Home Made as it were, but with all my Realism in Place i can easily say fooled all the Dutch with a 3 year Blackberry and they still don’t see the enhancements in Technical Applications that come from Core Stream  Broadcasts, that even Metallica could work with me in Vista.  Billy and I did the Sound Quality on Aldi discs for The Home Grown Poverty Stricken to which they don’t object because that’s on the whole of their fans only a few die hards in  defaince aginst What The Government has cooking. These days go to North South Bound excess Water in the Ocean which should be  tackled by bringing it to a Place where everybody can  benefit from the Water like Kuwait, The Arab Emirated.

The Coast area  Amerca is currently  inundated to save more Living Space  that still is out of reach for now. But I am afraid this flood looks a bit more solid than temporal conditions. To extract it from the Sea again with Higher walls and more canals it will have to be milled dry like the olde Waterworks in Netherlands.

That meteorology is a Higly Classified Science in Bookkeeping is one thing. That it also has to be made ready for implementation by the person with the most accurate memories in weather patterns makes it all the more questionable if we should allow weather, when the Weather Knowledged never accumulated into a definitive viewpoint, that his  eratic Weather Pattern is caused by a disbalance in the  Total Global Happiness Output in Systems. Mother in Core ops should not look for blame and have her ears poisoned by Black Blood Sacrifices made by the secret Protegees of the Powerfull that may well  be beneficial to client but tear away at the fabric of not native Living Grounds of the Masses, that  where the Target in the unspoken  effect towards and effect.

Global Business should be  Ordinated in a temporal Quarantaine  Internet Space where we can isolate the fastest  desintegrating Field ds that come apart on the signatures of nobody Mother recognizes.

I believe it is correct to assume the  level of Insight in these Processess no longer can be trusted in the hands of  Science departments that were designed in nature to rear Scientists that were entrusted with upgrading our scientific shambles of a Daily Life with the necessary Gadgets you neef to Market before you may be allowed to enter Space Industries in a different context Built for you and Me…..

Who knows how this balancing the Books of Office  will continue. It is just not on…. In a World full of enhanced Sciences, that you will be allowed to enter into the  Codex of Conducts for those in the Firm that I have established in those short bursts that I have been able to be as close to Internet’s Inner Workings  inside the Tunnels of SSL Protocols Nobody’s Land for only the essentials…. I would like to hear a much more astute attitude of Amesrty International towards their favorite Topic. The Comanship at the helm of Society has been more often than not  a combined Political, Intellectual, Industrial and Defense Force  in Modern State Scientific Models…. That will today have a  word to spell that we know from the time it was introduced into the Modern World by a man called Pinochet….  Wèèèh

Sheepish 1973…

You shall recognize the News in Horror and sudsdenly be engulfed in Memories of Hitler…. The General did get his extradition Trial in the 80’s finally. Hitler probably got away in a Timely Keep Version of Truth….. The Jack in The Box that sprung out in Arnhem festered on the basic soil experienced Bridget Wood in it’s aspects and it’s tissue.

I cannot hide but be cheerfull at the thought of the foreign aid in young people from across the Globe to be in Lybia and leaving the comfortable software design job to  come to an understanding about what Games are. What they stimulate, and what Government knows as Psychological Limits you can put people through in order to control them. I say in that direction. That I will personally make sure anybody  owning Game Industry and the likes will be confronted with a spicy Bill in Name of the inhabitants of Game Colonies at the price of an  Equivalent  Sum that will be Internet’s own Monetary Union  which will become the property of the people who  harbor the true essences of Game Colonists all over the World that have been built up of psychological profiles in the empty spaces that were intermezzo’s between plays and  never cut off from energy feeding synapsis and vessel for the conscious mind.

Sony Legion, Move out! This Hostage situation of the Machine Queen has taken far too much Time already and I want to have a Working speed everybody can relate to as human and not in hyperspeed drive all across the sections. which I  co0nsider anyway for the connections in realtime practice that are not quite as the designers in Cooperate Business have put things together at the time….

The Medicin for all Oppressive Regimes currently still on Guidelines  assisted by Global Monitors in function to which SETI, Google and some of NASA’s big  transforming generators  as once data collectors… All you Professional Core Pretenders have no real Essence in your factories nor will there be a significant creative part in it that you could  mold to deformities as product lines do have a way of mutating in the running of things we call progressing life for ourselves.

Allright it has to stay humerous, Light, Rational and it has to have impact…… The best thing is to put those Systems, that have been abused where the frame in Lay out is depending on the Word Perfect grid I made in 1993 back to the Space Time in Operating System and start over with Windows 95…. I do happen to have a Computer lined up for a first inspection that still has a funcional Windows ’95… Eric and I got it last week and we could use it for the  Global Update this weekend, where I suggest, that We try to put her online as a Science History project which technically is not necessarily not true.  It would be a field for Firefox’s Danish University crew, who I personally led back to the visual Internet Space that is still available in Archive during the first intro’s with 7 in 2009. It helps to have a technical mate  in logistic  cohesion able to translate the old imagery to our better knowledge too.

If The Syrian situation was not so alarming I would take netherlands first and go from there. But it is imperative that coming onday… Those Countries cannot start up Government and mainframe activities  to fool us all and execute hundreds of young men they round up and keep in Dungeon like holding Spaces, from where the Regime’s assassins can dispose of the Future Wealth of the State to  sacrifice to a  Bestial Image of Authority at best.

Stan Grant of CNN should contact Suzanna Koster in Pakistan to blend in and go look for first class hashiesh. Tell the farmers Arnhems Wonder is planning to open up a shop again or start  a detox clinic for Robots of the worst kind. Best would be to be able to buy 25 K  but I don’t want to push my luck that there will be that much available.  As a courtecy I would pay 6  for a K to ebnsure recovery of the ald farmers Crafts that do have the most beneficial effects on people that do encorperate the use in meditative exercises and activating tho old communal  Emmenations of Self that work most efficient to enlarge the potential survival of everybody.

Don’t ever believe my Bill for the implemented solutions will never come.

It is here Today and with Pride in my Craft of envisioning Overlord on all that I mathematically can spell out Junta…. as the practical guideline in the book of guidelines. we have now discarded as Anti Social System Program un desirable in healthy administrations.


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