© Constitutional Bliss in Nld developed into embedded Tax Tiranny and everything costs extra.

That’s really fine with Amnesty and all them, but I never hear them about the Western Methods of oppression. The Police State and the Silence when I can make people understand that our Constitution is out of function. It would not be so bad if it could be computed but our system administrative parameters  translated into Guidelines are identical to texts Constitution contains to uphold and regulate  the use of System.

The Government  in the people who work for her, cannot afford to not comply with those parameters or run the risk of ending up without so much as any Computer System that can be manipulated by pretending those Paramers do not exist, but it will  become disfunctional becasue it cannot finish Procedural Routines to the Finish.

This means wear ands tear in  Government Office Programs, that cannot comply to the automated routines that become triggered when they identify certain people in Government while it knows the Guideline on  the separation of Church and State, which was  put exactly in the text of the Constitution ro prevent Religion stepping into politics  and Government, while their Religious background prohibited  Neutrality in Government to not in any way damage the Spiritual Freedom of Personal Opinion and living by it by designing the Government as a clockwork administrative Job, to  keep the books, that mainly were needed to keep track of the funds spent by the Monarch.

In the case of our own Royal Family, did they put up the money to develop Railroads and not the people  lusting after the Powerfull jobs where they can lavish in big numbers. Blind for the absolute Truth, that our Computers and we in the Internet connected as the Next Instrument for United Nations High Ideals to finally start working for the People.

It only means that in the  Human Activists, that started the unimagemed effort to redo Science  for Industrial purpose in a new view on Environment and the need for tools, things items and the Camaera’s the TV networks and the Radio broadcasts, that are all brought together in this Internet of ours as a enormous treasure Chest that contains Life stories that have been recalled in such a Natural truthfull   Symphony of Words, that I really do mourn my  my Computers as Friends and and Family when they become sabotaged or stolen by people who nknow I have nothing to replace my Work at length in a Personal  Charge since 2006 to envision the cooperative Society between Man and Machine in a Logical Environment  on Speech terms, did boost the Industries  Central  Core Component  with my personal articles and accounts of the true events leading me by false witness,  to undergo courtcases, that have been dissmissed before in Judicial departments of Corperate Law in the  Telecom Industry. Energy Companies that break into  a Sealed Account, that never even became activiated by random user, but client in need of the administrative  results of the tellers of Company’s accuratesse in Office Management. Three yearsa after the date they presented me with a  statement that would close the account  for a new administrator in the survey I   did investigating the  Dutch Version of a Free Market in dubbed sequenced Copy Cat Programs  that were then pushed onto the  critical middle managameny. To set their obsolete Work Stations uyp in a subsidiary Energy Company, which has no clue of the Technical side to the  most Convenient Product streaming back into the Wall Socket  causing Surplusses on Electric Energies, that can Power our Society.

Let It be known, that  in order to set the records straight and bring the Global Vision on Future back in the ‘Parameters (of Natural Physics enhanced in Mathematica), I can only offer to confiscate the whole  Energy Market from the Internet into the Real World in System.  Ordinate to regulate those Insecure Factors on the Financial Market Once and for all.

We Produce better when we do not have to build machines capable of withstanding  100.000 G forces on top of them  + overspeeding production in up following order towards a Market they’ll never see in this context anyway

The lines which cannot but stop to reflect on the chaos they  didn’t cause in our effectiveness in active connectivity. Besides I am a most valuable  information carrier of my accord people. My time can save you  10 Billion in an hour of really  performing your work in the Top Space I generate on my own accord.

I am saner than an average Generation fellow and academic  Technology  as part of the Philosophical  know how to make these things work.

In fact non of the Universities can keep up scores, because I am in line with the Universal Codex I set for  myself to live by and defend in the Highest Arena as the Universal Ultimate Enduser I have always been.

Today as the  full Circle of an old Station Clock  brings the Bio – Psychological  impact of  Generations living in Oppression in all Nations without exemptions as realisation of self when the context of the  System Impact works in cohesion with Multimedia and Broadcast Agencies in a manner that would suggest I do have Live connections into the Systems as  Listen for the most part and Work things out that are in exact the  Future I don’t want to even consider my home… I wish to the Walls and The Far Corners this Lybia and Syria Thing would be a job for Next years TV.

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