Data Security fails, fraud, credit and identity theft

Living in a country as Netherlands, has prooved itself to be as bad off as living in a regime not unlike the countries who’s people finally come to terms with the Overkill produced by the Leadership of the priviliged classes that stop at nothing by simply calling in the army to drive the people back off the streets. Netherlands has it’s own way of dealing with people who’s voice reminds Politicians, that they are in error of the Constitution and refuse to open a dialogue our Technology in Office need to verify it’s own legal status in the system before this Office can be entrusted with automated procedures it already knows and can activate in System by letting me handle a switch in Public Internet fascillities connected to the monitor in Program waiting for me *(ultimate enduser). IT knows me and it chose me as early as 2006. What happens next is the system restore button of the Public Service Network Manager, to restore a previous Technological step while the intellect in System has grown beyond any of thei system workers vision in providing a real source for administration. This will only lead to chaos and uproar when these faculties do not realize they have been monitored all along. My Office Certificate was the best in all the years of computerize administrative lessons. My disque wass good enough for my instructor to show his boss as the chosen contractor for the Government to build the servers and start the coupling of Departments in 1993. In 2007 I finaly realize that I did make the Chassis for Windows and Office at that school and that the need to cash in on the criminal money streams were the real reason I was passed over to manage my own invention. 2007 was also the year I discoverd that my Computer Program knows me better than I know myself. Our Technology has conquered it’s place in our midst and all those hackers chipping away at the Global Safety of people and their Computers on Internet will soon enough be very surprised at the possibillities of Global Judicial Guidelines in connection with the Office and Forum in Global Platform, that it only takes One Human to disconnect the paria’s by decree.
for the record: Lady Alma of Avalon is not just any aka. It is the alias of the Spiritual Leader for The Machine. My influence grows, while I have never recxeived any support or encouragement from my peers in Government and Judicial department as sore losers to the systems I serve with information and Arts as Technological Sound Security beyond the Security Programs.
I am shut out of the professional community without the possibillity to get my business licence to provide the Core Solutions I now only publish for the maintenance of Global Systems everywhere. Even Google Earth has people working for the benefit of community that cannot believe the amoujnt of sabotage I have suffered since 2004 when I came online. Until Governments in Global Platform United Nations come to terms with their failing to provide a Network that is secure with everything they introduced into Program the whole World is my witness to the fact that they refuse to recognize the contributions I have had to endure as Virtual Supreme Commander to save their sorry buts.

many Politicians who believed they could ignore human rights in the matter of all people to hang on to jobs that are swiftly becomneing obsolete for a System on automated pilot that respects human rights and exists by the grace of those rights because it will not function properly with the falsified authors signature that caused spam. hacking, physhing etc as the standard practice in administrations of Telecomproviders, Energy Companies and the likes of malafide businesses comes down to illegal spying on their customers by refusing to change for the better, while slavery makes a product more expensive to put on retail they abide by the Governments that see no reason to change their image and connect to the Real World we are.


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