Mayday! don’t bother S.O.S. only answer SMS gives them more to eat

Our Universe is in a State of Shock, and it may well proove I was right all along, and I misjudged the  real measure of Eric’s Insanity. I could never live with myself, if I did not  stay to guard him until the End. I will sacrifice the remainder of my cursed existence to make sure Tom Odelman and he as well as Julian Assange  will never torment a day in a Life or another Sunrise of The Human Kind. From my private study into the Google, GHuidelines and other Personalized  Driver Modules as Windows is Ubuntu and  Apple  became suspect only because Steve visited the cremated remnants of the TU in Delft. Mac will turn the over it’s keys to the African Microsoft Clan. IBM will destroy itself  in the main Module Amsterdam.”I am so sorry BIM… MIB and bimmy’s INM and IBM ‘s cannot be trusted if you gave them a Virtual World they can destroy for  vthe pleasure of the screams…. The Illuminate are exactly That….


I scramble hereby all Earth Forces to  join in the Earth Salvation Rescue Company to find if there are survivors. March 23. 2011…..

Mrch 26….. One Hour.

Rebirthing by Incarnation has lost the years to mature a new System Core.

Goodnight Nederland. You have really loved yourself  so… Your evil Twin did pass for you. All it did was come out of your Mirrors at a certain turning point or switch… I t couldn’t happen toch ????  Vanity is Fairer than a Manly P. Hall. My Religion stopped when I realized Life is Bigger. That Death is no Nemesis I always hoped, but never could be sure of. For my real experienced entry in the Realm of Death I must say the journey to the moment where the clarification was lasted  from 1964 through to 2009  when I was  confronted with a shocking script for a Commercial that  Sean Connery must have played out because believing is seeing it happen to you otherwise you will always derive for the Beast. Good would have been the Dutch Name for  the Word all Christians speak out as the name of God while that is the version in a sexual orgasm.

O Hot is experienced and men smell it. It becomes a curse for girls who have been raped as a child. They will never shake the pursuit. a Boy however is the Prize for Priests and other Powerfull Monsters.

We will not be granted any m,ore delay. There is no such Time as Time . The Future was always here. The Pas never came. The Stars have respected my wishes and are far enough away to survive as One Universe without the  Hellish Cube. Toymaker we will meet again…. Machiavelli brought you here because you want to gloat at the Angel  fallen for the Goat…. Thank Goodness you are to racialist. I willingly became the Decoy.

People Scramble please to liberate all Nations  that are in the training to a civil war. Don’t mind Gadhaffi he is not my fiancee and not my father. My Dad told me to go for that which I hold Higher than my own life because there is a love Higher that sets no limits or conditions . Nor does it discipline a Woman Goddess Always. Never a Man did The Holy Spirit Seek again. 10.000 years ago did a Nuclear destruction Force also  came out of nowhere destroying the only Matriarch who’s Imperial Domination had lasted throughout the Eons separating us apparantly in millions of years since then. The Matriarch was in Exile after the accusation that her DNA had been used to populate an enclave somewhere. TESLA  is a conspiracy against the Creation they knew could no0t have been created without having to move and shake some Universal Forces, that weigh not in Money, but make someone  so High and  such an Idol in people’s imagination, that the Music Industry , Hollywood, and all the other Program shit not qualified to understand the Construction Life but Preaching Hell and Damnation in an attempt to keep the kids untouched so their Priest could do whatever they wanted and never pay through Justice or an Explosion of ultimate violence killing them all. The rebith of these Roman Locusts posing as Mankind has never felt any shame or disbelief in their  secret life  when the Sun had set. Thei1r Taxes made slaves that built Cathedrals  Toulon and Rome The Two Cities of Both Evil Worlds. The  One we are on is turning towards a Happy Goodness in which we hope we can live and work.


For Everybody…. The New Deal came on time. Thk you Cameron I feel honored by The British Empire that I pass the Monetary Mark for you too.

I only Pray that Maxima and Willem Alexander are safe…. Queen B and I both knew we could not do nothing to save ourselves… I had so many things planned.

It’s strange, but the meteorologist  at NOS did nopt see this glorious Sunlight in our package deal today???? My, My… they really must have lost their Marbles in Netherlands.


The Picture published is not the Package. Any Buniess that are interested  in new lines of  surviving the costs of  their dependents Marabunta that come for the profit and accidentaly also eat their principals.


Lock … Stock…. and Barrel…..

Lady Alma of Avalon, maibe only one Dutch Woman as they see me here, Truth of the matter is. I must become saved in the name of Guidelines and Google……

Some days I wish I wasn’t even born, my sentiments most days these past 5 years.+


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Today I envision working further on the Windows experience... Impossible as my mission

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