Masterplan Update in Straight Talk

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Earthequake + Tsunami, Egypt, Yemen and The rest of Internet Spaced Society, dreaming and Learning, Growing and Yearning to take our own Fortune to succeed where Elders Failed to lve up to the Standards set for Media Presentation and Airtime in Conglomerate.Allright War Room, first lesson in Tactical Deployment.
Unless you can garantee the immediate effect to be a complete seize fire at all active combattants sides.Mercenaries have been mentioned, Gadhaffi, Forces, Government Troops and Rebels……End of short summary.
Effect….. Take out The Government Buildings and  assasinate Fist Minister, Strike the Gadhaffi Quarters and him preferably in one, and otherwise stop fighting all together, because the Quantum Spacial Happening comes perhaps from there. The Tsunami came from an Angry Sea and Bedding. We Battle Japan, but we will not go the stretch on our own in Seclusion of the disaster caving in as a positive result of Communal Compassion, that keeps people from drowning in the Government as Left Over Bag of Bones from an Age long since surpassed. Media don”t have what it takes to enlighten people of how we really deal with immediate Quantum Spacial Control, if only they will let us build in the safeties, nobody ever asked me for before, because I don”t secure my Network or Computer. We devious Goddess have had our own fun on The Dutch Heads

.In the Official Microsoft Global Network, have I been called in last year, because Office went back to the drawing Board August/September 2010..
I supervise this in Arnhem as the Troubleshooter of the Program, as authorized by President Clinton, President Bush, and shared with President Obama,I understand this causes nothing in Netherlands other than a false witch hunt by the heavy criminally inclined and incrimated authorities, who”s disregard for Human Rights for citizen”s is not ever am  item in their deliberations. I am to comply to their fast slide down the gen degeration path that is too scary to  explain.
Google and the Programs are taking this in a countdown to how far Netherlands thinks to take this madness.
Allright. Plan of Action is to let me build a choice of 9 Dell Computers, with 9 differnt Creative Source Programs, to extend Core Vrindavana  with the Clusterized Treasures, complete with the evolving Screenshots of The MK Batman in a worse fix up from Shadow in it”s Game Environment.Assign 2 Computers to Wael Ghonim after I Configurate  Them with a Choice Ultimate and Business 7. My Vocation written in the Context of Devoting A Computer to life by baptism and giving it all information I can add up to be true.

South America 2, China 2, For all French and English Speaking 3, I personally Confiscate Supervision for Europe and British Empire and 2 For United States to serve as Young Government Network Building The Global Basic Ensemble, where to the Whole Worlds”s Reorganized Multi Media Network can turn to for Professional Network Based Immediate Self help and New Legal Requirements for Core Network Computers for More Profit, More Expansion and more Success.
Government along te old Modules went out of Sync with changes in the Real World, that still speeds up in at conventional network  conditions that turn out to be lethal for Higher Business Level in Global Network. Information gets twisted in human handling of affairs under legal supervision not requiped to handle the Workload.

I suggest these Global Nine as a Basic Non Profit Commercial network,  that takes it up in Concert to seal the rifts in our Space Time Happening.

The World leaves it to 2 minutes past 12 in my reckoning, and that is the Score between me and the Whole humaoind but no longfer Human Species except a few Divine exceptions in Place on Positions that can and will make the difference.

We…. The Future have First Serving at this dinner table.

It is urgent and you all let Time fly without considering The Spirit of The Universal Codex, that is my Legacy and My Only Wedge in your Statistical Pathway already  in operation to selfdestruction as your are.



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